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Hey I'm having my BBl but was stuck in between dr...

Hey I'm having my BBl but was stuck in between dr Sazlhaer or DR Salama but when I called Elite aka Dr SAlma they where so rude the girl who answered the calls she hung up on 3 times and was so rude so after that I made up my mind with Dr. S so I have my appointment on Tues Jan 15 2013 can't wait I'm so excited but thanks to those rude ppl in Elite made my choice easier an I made the right on because at Bal Harbour once you call they make u feel comfortable an at ease just imagine if they treat u like that wit just one phone call imagine te procedure thanks but no thanks #teamDr.S all the way


Que emocion!!! Ya llamé al consultorio del Dr. Cardenas. They're sooo nice! They also asked me to remind them your cousin's name to give her a Thank you reward for the referral. No tengo a nadie en Medellín entonces estoy esperando algunas recomendaciones de ellos para estetica, alojamiento y enfermeras, etc... Tienes algunas?
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Hey Colombia, I am going with Dr. Salzhauer also - I posted but haven't gotten any responses on my posting :( but I would love to stay in touch with you to help me with my fears of getting this done if that's ok! :) I am in living in ATL but originally born and raised in NYC. I have kids so I am feelin a little down about doing this for myself but it's my only gift to me for a change....How are you feeling!!! So happy for you!!! :)
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Listen Blanca you deserve this you really do u gave and you still give everything to your kids basically your whole life and you still will until you die so c it as an advisement to yourself you'll look great and feel great about yourself just because we are moms doesn't mean we have to deal with are mommy bodies remember you can't let yourself go because your not going to be happy and if your not happy then you cant give your all to your kids. I felt the same but trust me don't feel bad remember your more than a mom. Invest in urself and plus its not like ur investing in god knows what! You deserve it all your a super mom
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