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Hey y'all, new but not really new because I've...

Hey y'all, new but not really new because I've been lurking in the shadows lol I'm 24 college grad and I want to finally do something for myself that I truly want! Brazilian butt lift that is. I have an appointment with Dr. Salama and Dr. Ghurani next week

Wish pic

I love how much volume she has here.

I saw dr. Salama!

Well I saw him and he stated that I needed to loose 20 pounds. I'm currently 5'4 217 lbs. but I think I want to lose at least 30. He explained the procedure to me and all the ups and downfalls to the surgery. I have MS so he said he will not complete the surgery until I get clearance from my neurologist and once that's done he wants to speak with him before the surgery. That made me feel like I would definitely be in good hands because he looks at every aspect of his patients health.

His office quoted for 8,500 for the procedure. I want to have other options so I'm going to also check out dr.ghurani.

Pregnancy after surgery?

One thing that is kind of holding me back is pregnancy! I'm 24 and I have no children but I want kids. I don't want to get the procedure done and lose the bbl effect and sexy body. I'm kind of thinking I should wait after having a child......ugh ! Maybe get the procedure done towards my late 20s.....????????

To tummy tuck or not b4 bbl that is the question

I think I want to get a Tummy tuck before my bbl I think then I will have the body of my dreams!

UNITED STATES warning about low cost Dominican surgeries

Yikes, I pray for the young lady family. ???? cheaper isn't always the route to go....

Fisher... fisher...fisher

Haven't updated in a while....I think I like fisher's work more and more. I originally was set on dr salama but ehhhhh fisher may be the best choice for me. I'm going to set up a consultation soon for fisher

No one believes that I'm serious about getting a bbl...but I'm set on it. I mean I love my curves and my shape minus a few pounds lol. I have thick thighs, nice hips, and 40 c boobs but no ass and too much tummy. The bbl is just what I dreamed for when I was younger. With the MS that I have I suffer from fatigue I'm always extremely tired without doing much....and I hate it. Makes it harder to even want to work out and get in shape ugh and I hate feeling so tired all the time. I'm thinking about going to a weight loss clinic to assist me with loosing about 30 pounds. I know I would have to loose that amount of weight before a bbl.

I'm currently 216 and my goal weight is 190-185

So ready

I wish I could fast forward to having the money and medical clearance and the right dr for surgery.
Dr. Fisher


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He's book til April 2014 :( I have an appt next week too, Good luck
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I'm okay with that because next year is when i wanted it done. Gives me time to save some more and pay surgery off faster. And if I'm too anxious there's always a chance of cancellations and reschedules
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