I am somewhat petite, 5'4, 129. - Worth It - Miami, FL

I have my BBL surgery in just a few more days,...

I have my BBL surgery in just a few more days, I've had multiple breast augmentations prior but still always get nervous. I did my blood work last week and all that looks good and picking up prescriptions tomorrow. I've switched the hotel four times since boyfriend thinks I'm trying to make this into too much of a vacation.
I am somewhat petite, 5'4, 129. I have a nice shape but my butt does not pop at all and after four kids I have enough pockets of fat so I'm really hoping to have a beautiful shape and a nice defined noticeable butt.

Before pics

Wish pic

8 hours post op

I had surgery this morning, got done around 1pm. I am very sore and the pain goes from pretty manageble to me whimpering like a baby. Had a scare because I could not urinate. Finally was a me to but it was not fun or comfortable to not be able to go. I'm draining a whole lot. Dr. Lipo'd my waist, abs, thighs, knees, flanks and I think that is it. Been able to eat and drink a lot of water. My knees are the most painful.

1 day post op

The draining stopped but I am so sore. I had a melt down trying to get into bed and my bf just looked at me crazy since I want to do things without help. I need a little stool to get into the bed. Took a shower today and it stung but not too bad. I Took a couple pics while washing my garment.

1 day post op

9 days post op

Swelling is getting a little better, still pretty bruised. Went back to work Friday, managed to not sit on my butt while working or driving. I dumped water in my chair to mentally remind myself not to sit back- weird but it worked :). I feel 90% back to normal pain wise.

9 days posr

3months post op

My waist and abs still look great. My butt has fluffed and gotten bigger. So far I love the results and my new body amazes me.

3 months post op

3 months in dress

3 mos

4 months post op

No complaints so far, maybe my stomach could be a little smaller. May want to touch it up at some point

4 months

Almost 5 months post op

9 month update

Well it has now been 9 months and everything is looking great!

9 months

1 year post up

The fat has all stayed. It actually has continued to get bigger. I gained about 5 pounds and it mostly all went to my but. Ladies, if you are considering a round 2, give your body a little time to adjust. It took six months to see my final results.
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I did not spend much time with the doctor ( I was only in town four days for surgery, surgery was Friday morning and I left Monday evening) His staff is wonderful and so far he did a great job and I'm pleased with my results . Tina the office coordinator made everything go smoothly and his nurse Belkis was phenomenal and made sure to spend plenty of time with me. Dr. Tachmes sculpted my body to not only make my butt nicer but gave me a beautiful figure. I love my waist line!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I'm schedual for Dec n I'm deg scared I'm not gonna get what I want but afterseing your review I feel so much better , I myse is small n u look amazing I hope it turns out great for me, how far did u have to go from the airport ?
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Are you seeing Dr Tachmes? I flew into Ft Lauderdale so not sure how long from Miami airport but my surgery was very early. We left an hour ahead of time to account for traffic and got there before they were open.
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Yes I am but coming from Niagara falls so all b flying in with a girlfriend, :)
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Your stomach looked like THAT after FOUR kids? You look great by the way. Is your butt soft? How are the lipo'd areas? I love the jumpsuit picture!
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Thanks. I was lucky in that area. My butt is very soft and so is the lipo areas. Just some scaring where the incisions were. But no lumps or bumps.
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who did you use for caretaker and transportation?
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My boyfriend went with me and we rented a car.
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You look amazing!
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Looking good! Keep up the good work post op!
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Girl you got it going on....you look amazing! How was your recovery?
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Thanks, first two days were hard and after that I felt pretty good
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Whoa! How did I miss this review!? I am going to Dr. T on the 27th of this month and I am so excited to see you wonderful results! Makes me so excited to get this done. :-) You look so gorgeous! Hoping I will be as happy as you are. I have the same kind of back as your before. I always keep this chub above my hips. I always thought it would be great to move that chub south and now I can! haha!
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Yeah! How your time is right around the corner. I love not having the upper hip love handles anymore. I hated those! Good luck! I'll watch for your update!
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You look awesome! I'm going to Dr Tachmes in Nov so it's great to see some good results from a patient of his. Love it!
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Good luck! Can't wait to see your results!
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YESSS another small woman with good results!!! love it!!!
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Yes, not as 'dramatic' of a change since I'm small but I love the results and the projection and shape. It makes a huge differnce.
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Plz show us your sexy figure.
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more pics plz
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Nice shape. Do you think if you were a lil bigger you could have gotten more ccs?
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Probably, I'm petite but the shape and the way it sits up nicely and my waist make a huge difference even without huge amounts of fat transferred. I like that it looks natural but still gets tons of attention
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Agreed! I really want a natural (but also attention getting :-) ) result. I really think he delivers on that. It's amazing the difference some strategic lipo alone can do for the butt, but I NEED some volume as well. Lipo alone just wouldn't do it for me. So happy for you!
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Ur gonna look beautiful once the swelling goes down! Can't wait to see update!
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Looking great! How many cc's did you get?
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I ended up getting 550 cc each side
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