hi im a african american female age 26 looking to...

hi im a african american female age 26 looking to get the bbl done for my 27th birthday on march 10th 2014, i have decided to go with doctor johnthan fisher md, in miami fl. i have consultant with him and he has advice me, to gain 10 to 15 pounds. im cureently 5'6 and my weight is a 135 pounds. im really looking forward to my surgey, but i don't want to gain to much weight. could someone please advice me of what to do, also i was wondering if any of you bbl ladies know anythig about this md johnthan fisher?

Thanks Sexeeangle for the advice, I have been doing more research on the procedure and originally I was looking to have a BBL and BL done with doctor Fisher, and he told me he couldn't perform them both at the same time. As I continue to do research, I came across Doctor Yily in the Dominican republic, she look like she can deliver the results I'm looking for, I'm nerves about the procedure and also leaving the US. Have you heard anything about Doctor Yily? Thanks @Sexeeangle
Welcome to RS! Congratulations on ur journey and yes dr fisher isnt conservative on giving out the "booty "! Great choice! Listen to your PS if he says gain weight do just that bcz u want to mk sure u have enuf fat for bbl! You will loose it by him sculpturing you a new shape! Best wishes!

thinking of changing surgeon!!

As I continue to research the procedure for the BBL, I have decided to speak with DR. Yily in the Dominican Republican also, I have looked over her website and viewed some of her work, and she looks like she can deliver the results I'm looking for. Also she can perform the bbl and the bl at the same time and I'm thinking I'll pay the same amount for both that I'm paying just for my bbl with DR. Fisher. Have any of you BBL ladies heard anything about DR. Yily. Thanks
Yes dr Yily is great and also dr baez! Dr baez has her own clinic facility! All three PS are GREAT! Dr Yily scultpures the female S curve on point, not much projection, dr baez does give the donk w sculpture and dr fisher aimt stingy by no means on giving out dunks but multiple proceedures from MOST USA PS are or can be far few and in btwn! Dr J is only one i know of that still does multiple proceedures all on one visit and he does them very well but he's expensive! Whatever u decide on take your time and enjoy your journey and LIFETIME investment towards an enhanced you bcz you're alrdy beautiful!
Thanks Sexeeangle, it's looking like I'm going to be going with Dr. Yilly, I really do like her work plus she can perform both at the same time. I'm waiting for her to send me quote back and than I could really sum everything up!! I will check out Dr. Baez work haven't seen any yet, but I do know that I'm looking for that cocoa bottle shape and whoever can deliver that with good reviews will be my doctor!! Thanks again Sexeeangle
Great! Uw!

Yilly Doll!!

Hi ladies, spoke with Yilly today via email and she provided me with a quote of 4800, for the bbl with full liposuction of the whole back, flanks, waist, abdomen and arm pits. The quote also includes a breast lift with implants. With that being said I have decided to go with Yilly in the DR. Waiting to receive a email back to confirm my surgery date, leading towards March 10th 2014, so right now I am getting everything in order
preparing my body for the surgery. Planing on leaving the country alone, so if there is any ladies planning on going to DR around that time please let me know and maybe we could meet up.

me currently at a 135 pounds,

Currently me at a 135 pounds, haven't took my exact measurements yet, will post them son

me currently at a 135 pounds!!

As I was just saying I haven't took my exact measurements yet, but I will post them soon!!! Less than 2 months left, starting to feel excited, nervous and anxious!! Good luck Yily Dolls

me before sx


Hi Sexeeangle, OK thanks babe I haven't started taking my pre sx vitamins yet, I was thinking of starting February 1st. I have already had blood work and all the test Yily wants us to have, and everything came bk perfect my hemoglobin level was at a 12.2, and right now I'm just taking prenatal vitamins. Yily did not say I need to gain weight I'm currently at 135-138, and I'm paying a Lil extra for more lipo, so hopefully she can harvest enough fat for my big booty!!! Lol and thanks again Sexeeangle
Hey just an FYI, 12.2 US hemo result is a 11.2 in DR. You prolly wanna start the iron now to be on the safe side.
OK thanks 30'sDaNew20, I'm planning on starting February 1st. Hopefully everything comes back good!!!! Thanks for the information


So excited some of my things came in the mail today and I was also able to get some of my prescription's from my doctor!!! Some of the current things I have are!!
Boppy pillow
Lipo Board
Ferrous sulfate
Vitamin C
Folic acid
Going to do more shopping this weekend, hopefully I can find nightgowns with pockets!!! O my sx date has been moved to March 3rd, things are starting to get real!!!

Removed Pictures

O I decided to remove my pic, because I want to avoid all problems!!! SORRY I MAY UPLOADE AFTER PIC
Right girl same here, it looked so small on the Internet and when I got it was in a big o box!!! Looks like I'll be buying a new suite case!! Good luck on your journey too @MzBerries
HEY!! I JUST GOT MY BOPPY PILLOW IN THE MAIL TOO! LOL i didn't know it was going to be so big though :_( i wanted to use a smaller suit case now it looks like ill be using a bigger one. good luck with your journey doll!! :-)

New Supplies

Went to get new supplies from Walmart, so far I have
2 night gowns with pockets
Pack of 3 t shirts
2 sports bras that opens in the front
2 pack of dial antibacterial soap
Hand sanitizer
Bandage supply kit
hygiene products
Planning on getting the rest of my needs and the next couple of weeks, really starting to feel nervous and excited at the same time!!!

Only thing I think about is the bbl!!!

I really will be glad when this is all over, I'm starting to think about this procedure all day every day, even when I'm trying to go to bed. If I'm not researching it, or trying to find the perfect wish picture. I really would be glad when it's all over, counting down the days till I leave almost less than a month left. Hopefully I don't start to dream about it.

decided to post a picture of my flat booty!!!

Me no booty, flabby stomach
Hows the weight gain coming along?
Hey...are you planning on stay at one of the recovery house? I'm not sure which one yet.
Yes I'll be staying at upscale recovery house

started my pre op medicine today and having trouble gaining weight

So I started my pre op medicine today, and I'm having a hard time gaining weight. With almost less than a month left I'm trying to gain 10 to 15 pounds, I'm currently at 134 and I feel like I'm losing weight now. I started drinking ensure about a week ago and I don't know if it's working, ladies please help me out with how to put on a couple pounds quick, I really want my donk to be on point,I am spending 4200 on this procedure and want good results!!!! Thanks
Afterlife83, the weight gain isn't going to good, feeling like I'm losing weight instead of gaining weight, stated drinking ensure a week ago and hopefully I can gain at least 10 pounds
If that was only my problem I'm doing everything to drop 20 more. But on one of the dolls page I read where she used heavy cream and it helped her gain the weight she needed. Good luck honey!!!!
Thanks hun, I'm looking to go in this month on everything in sight, I'm gone gain those 10 pounds I want the best results possible. Good luck to you as well!!!

The count down begins!!!

So as of today I have 29 days left I'm so nervous and ready to get this over with. Going to get the rest of my items for my sx tomorrow, applies for my passport last Friday and yes lady's I had to pay 210$ for the application process them to take my pic and to expedite it, I could've save 60$ if I would've gotten it ahead of time, so don't wait to the last minute to get your passport like I did!!! O yeah I went in got a tattoo to get ready for my new booty!!! Lol, getting the other side done on Friday, didn't want to damage my booty, so I decided to get it done before my sx!!!

Finally done shopping!!!

So today I finally finished my shopping, I hope I have everything if not o well cause I won't be spending another dime!!!! Now all I have to do before my sx is clean my house , get my daughters situated, pack my luggage and wait for my passport to come!!! 26 days till I leave and 27 days till my sx.
Goodluck! keep us updated would love to see your results. Also thanks for the info.
She responded back pretty quick maybe within 1 week, but this was back in December I emailed her at drayilyplastica@gmail.com , I get in touch with her now through the recovery house I'm staying at, the owner of the recovery house is very close with yily.
Thank you I emailed her on Jan 21st and have yet to hear anything back.

Passport came today!!!

I'm so happy my passport finally came, now I can say this s*** getting real only 18 days till I leave to become a yily doll! So nervous only thing left to do is pack my luggage!! 3/3/14
We have the same surgery date :) wonder if Ill see you around. good luck!

11 days till I become a yily doll!!!

In 10 day's I'll be leaving to the DR, 11 days till the new me, so excited and nervous, but ready to get it done!!! Decided to post a couple more photos of my flat booty!!!
I just had my done last Thursday and man am I sore....I haven't posted pics because I'm still bandaged up...cannot wait to see my final results....blessings on your procedure :-)
Would love to see your post op photos :)! Wish you all the best and an easy recovery.
Did you have surgery?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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