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revisions ...How long do I need To wait it out....

I'm 22 years old 5'7 186lbs unhappy with...

I'm 22 years old 5'7 186lbs unhappy with my body and i'm ready for a change. I'm looking at other people post and wondering if I should get my money back if I can and go with some one cheaper?

I,m from Cleveland so now just looking for hotel n plane tickets.

1/24/12 My husband is paying for this and he...

1/24/12 My husband is paying for this and he thinks its a waste of money. He wanted me to lose 20lbs before I got this done but that did not happen...Now i'm having second thoughts about my doc he cost a lil more than the other docs... I want a tummy tuck also but they said it would be $16,000 total the $ 1000.00 I put down No refund What should I do....I want this done before my B-day (April) and to be heal before Girls trip back to Miami (MAY) I would love to wear a 2 piece...

1/26/12 I called to ask for a refund from my doc....

1/26/12 I called to ask for a refund from my doc. they said no refunds. I wanted doc salmas but he is book until march 26 I need this done so I can look good for my b-day (April)and also when I go to Miami in May.. Tummy tuck and butt lift I heard was not a good idea cause u can't lay on ur tummy or ur butt.

2/1/12 Its almost that time not scared at ALL...

2/1/12 Its almost that time not scared at ALL just hope I love my body and that my husband really likes it. I know for a fact he will be mad if he waste all his money on this and I do not come out looking good diet and exercise yea been there done that and will do it again later on but this is what I crave I want this sooo bad Hope all goes well.

2/2/12 I push the date back my Husband has to take...

2/2/12 I push the date back my Husband has to take his midterm.

Feb 27,2012 all this damn money my husband is...

Feb 27,2012 all this damn money my husband is paying this doc better do it right the first time around ... I want 1200cc or more I want him to take 6 or 7 liters of fat from my body ..No one wants me to get this done I guess they are afraid Im gonna die lol im Not afraid to die.. but they have to understand this is what I want and there is nothing they can do or say at this point im going to do it..Just pray for me please..

My ass is really fucking flat I cannot stop crying...

My ass is really fucking flat I cannot stop crying it's only been 10 days i'm going to give it a month but if something does not change My doc will just have to fix i..t shit all I think about is all that money $15,000 + more I haven't seen any family or friends and I know they are going to talk down on me about it

I ask the doc for 1200cc he only put 1050cc he...

I ask the doc for 1200cc he only put 1050cc he said my butt could not take any more.

Ok ladies i'm starting to see some shape thank u...

ok ladies i'm starting to see some shape thank u God thank you thank
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Wow!! I hope everything turned out better as yime went on. Im scheduled for sx with Dr. Salzhauer in May. Please update us on how your doin!! God bless
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hi PLEEEEEEEEEZ CONTACT ME OR INBOX ME i want to know what you think now? i may need to reschedule
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Hi- I am going to Dr. Salzhuar and now is that I am finding all of his patients lol how are your feeling now- I notice you don't get on too much buy maybe you'll see the email and respond to how you been feeling!!! Hope now a few months later your liking your results!
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Hello ladies, Ive been doing my research on BBL and i cant wait to get it done, but im not sure who i should go to Dr. Salzhauer or Dr. Salama i dont care how much they cost i just want my booty and body to look amazing i want "Ashley Logan" booty. I will be coming from NY to FL to get this done. I do want lipo from my sides, my stomach, my back side and my arms. Plus for the surgery and the hotel stays and the plane ticket, cabs ect... what do you think it will all come too? I will be taken out a personal loan from my bank and i was thinking 10,000 to take out, do you think that would be enough?
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Hi bambam I wish I had met you during your planning stage, sorry you're going through so much disappointment with your results I do understand very well how devastating you feel. I hope things get better for you.
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I have really researched this booty thing, and so far what I have read most people who are done right there butt is so big when they first have it done they want it to go down some. I know you have a lot of swelling of course at first, but you should be able to see the overall shape. You are still wearing the shaper wear? I am goingto Dr Salama, even though I want a booty I wanted a doctor who was the best in body sculptering. Oh yeah I am from Cleveland too but I live in Cali now.
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Hi I wear my shaper 24/7 it's only been 16 days post opt so I will give it more time but so far it just looks like my doc gave me a wide flat butt and that' s not what I wanted at all..
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Yes my doctor should have been more up front with me...I ask him how big could I go he said I can go as big as Nicki if I wanted too. He also said I would be able to wear a 2 piece swim suit in 9 wks since I will be returning to Miami for vac. All I wanted was 1200cc and I know I did not even get that I have no volume.Its like if I turn to the side ok I have a lil ass but if i turn all the way around it's just wide and flat.. I'll give it more time..
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pleeez tell me how things are going now! praying for you sis!
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Hey sweetheart. Sorry I'm just getting your message. Please send me pics of your post. I can tell you that in my experience my body absorbed more that the "20%" of body fat my dr. Said was normal so unfortunately I do have to go back.... My new booty did get me in trouble at home though... My husband couldn't keep his hands off weather I was satisfied or not so currently I am 4 1/2 months pregnant, which may be a blessing in disguise. My Dr. Said that I would need to gain weight for my second procedure and would need at least 25 pounds which I had no idea where I was gonna get it from. So thanks to my son I will eventually have the booty I really wanted. As a matter of fact now that I am pregnant I see the booty I should have had before I got pregnant... So I was told that usually a second procedure is common because your body reabsorbs the fat that was transferred. When a second procedure is performed it gives a more permanent result because the booty has a better foundation to build upon, and your body won't absorb the new fat. So all you have is straight booty... I'm looking forward to it!! But send me pics. I'll tell you what I think... Thank for contacting me. Ms. G...
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I'm also happy ur starting to see a difference for the better. I don't understand why he wasn't more aggressive with his lipo? Even through you are starting to see your body forming I would still stay on Dr.salzhauer about tightening up ur lipo. His reputation on this site can make or break him and I would also bring that to his attention if you are not satisfied. No one expects perfection but I do expect his best work. Well I'm sorry ur going through this and I hope your body continues to shape better for you
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OMG!!!! I just got my BBL done on Mar.9,2012. I also understand the frustration. Too want something so bad and your expectations are higher than the results, just really hurts and can really cause deep depression because I feel like my results should be better. And I was told by my Dr. That he was taught the technique from the physician that brought BBL to the U.S so you trust these people to be honest and through with knowing exactly what it is that you are looking for, and literally say yes we can accomplish these results or no we can't and suggest what options to take to achieve what it is that you want. Is shouldn't just be about the money, and how popular this procedure is. These are real people were dealing with here. And these mistakes can cause life altering issues..... Sincerely, still hoping for the best..... Depressed and all... 11 days in. Oh by the way I had very little swelling and I'm still looking for my ASS!!!
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i thought it might be the swelling very releived to see you are getting results.
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Im happy to hear your feeling better;)
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one advice girly Im 6 months post op different doc but always wear your garment 24/7 for at least 3 months it kept my booty round :) and not sat on my butt at all the first 3 months, eat standing up, watch tv standing up or on my tummy. I see a difference girl just wait a while :))
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Im seeing them too! I guess we have to wait for our swelling to go down!:)
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starting to see results finally
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there is a possibility that it may be swelling hiding the shape, the side view doesnt look too bad
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Continue to wait it out dear. And if it does not look the way you want it to look, then yea, definitely go for a revision. What technique does he use to lipo and harvest the fat? ( because THIS is a very intricate part in the results)!!! Also what are his pre-op instructions, because this also plays a major role in your results? If you haven't already, ask these questions, so that you know what to expect before your revision, if you will need it. So sorry again, but cheer up.
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sorry meant post-op*
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I just email them my 10 day post opt pics I told them I was not happy and I will wait a month to see if I see any changes but if I do not see any changes I would like to know what can they do to fix it. My husband told me not to cry any more and it's ok we will fix it he he has to spend more money it's ok just give it time ...My doc did say people do get depress fast cause they do not see their results right away ..So i'm going to try to stop crying and wait it out..I'm still very very swollen so we shall see..
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Im so sorry,Im here reading all of your posts and Im sad and upset at the same time,I understand the need for this and the need for the doctor to get it right the first time.I also know how you feel when it comes to your husband,BUT dont cry you still look good.Just relax with your husband.Then call that loser doctor and demand that he fix it.
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You definitely didn't get what any of us would expect, He didn't do the procedure correct which is very clear by your photo's. I would contact his office ASAP. He should be reprimanded by the Board of Certified Plastic Surgeons...
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He lied about how many cc he gave you
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