revisions ...How long do I need To wait it out....

I'm 22 years old 5'7 186lbs unhappy with...

I'm 22 years old 5'7 186lbs unhappy with my body and i'm ready for a change. I'm looking at other people post and wondering if I should get my money back if I can and go with some one cheaper?

I,m from Cleveland so now just looking for hotel n plane tickets.

1/24/12 My husband is paying for this and he...

1/24/12 My husband is paying for this and he thinks its a waste of money. He wanted me to lose 20lbs before I got this done but that did not happen...Now i'm having second thoughts about my doc he cost a lil more than the other docs... I want a tummy tuck also but they said it would be $16,000 total the $ 1000.00 I put down No refund What should I do....I want this done before my B-day (April) and to be heal before Girls trip back to Miami (MAY) I would love to wear a 2 piece...
i just wanted to tell you I know that your results are going to be awesome! You have a great doc and you def have enough to get what you want. Your gonna have a donk girl! Congrats and good luck on your bbl.
I paid 10,500 total for a full tummy tuck,lpo of waisst,back & hips, its been 1 week. Very painful, I havent seen myself naked but I definately haave nice curves through the garment I'm wearing. the price sounds about average. Im worried I didn't get enough fat injected into my butt for the big change I was hoping for, Ill find out soon enough....
Who was ur doc???

1/26/12 I called to ask for a refund from my doc....

1/26/12 I called to ask for a refund from my doc. they said no refunds. I wanted doc salmas but he is book until march 26 I need this done so I can look good for my b-day (April)and also when I go to Miami in May.. Tummy tuck and butt lift I heard was not a good idea cause u can't lay on ur tummy or ur butt.
It's ok still gonna have a cute booty after this can plan the next one hear this is
Hey...You're docter is great and unfortunately not doing any more BBL since I called to find out; I guess thats why he is a lil more pricier. I decided to go with Dr Salamas for a tummy tuck and butt lift and lipo of inner thigh for 8000; his is runnning a special..

Good Luck! Either decision you make will have great outcomes....

As far as your husband....I am sure he will change his mind after he sees that new

You already made your deposit so I hear you.
Hoping for a booty I put down my deposit I called and ask could I have a refund they said no

2/1/12 Its almost that time not scared at ALL...

2/1/12 Its almost that time not scared at ALL just hope I love my body and that my husband really likes it. I know for a fact he will be mad if he waste all his money on this and I do not come out looking good diet and exercise yea been there done that and will do it again later on but this is what I crave I want this sooo bad Hope all goes well.

2/2/12 I push the date back my Husband has to take...

2/2/12 I push the date back my Husband has to take his midterm.

Feb 27,2012 all this damn money my husband is...

Feb 27,2012 all this damn money my husband is paying this doc better do it right the first time around ... I want 1200cc or more I want him to take 6 or 7 liters of fat from my body ..No one wants me to get this done I guess they are afraid Im gonna die lol im Not afraid to die.. but they have to understand this is what I want and there is nothing they can do or say at this point im going to do it..Just pray for me please..
are you in a lot of pain?
Glad to hear you think it was worth it! The pain is what really scares me...
hey gal ,u luk great ,so do u know how much CCs you got ,more pics pls pls

My ass is really fucking flat I cannot stop crying...

My ass is really fucking flat I cannot stop crying it's only been 10 days i'm going to give it a month but if something does not change My doc will just have to fix i..t shit all I think about is all that money $15,000 + more I haven't seen any family or friends and I know they are going to talk down on me about it
hi bambam06. I'm so sorry you hate your results. Maybe you need to give it some more time in order to see the full results. Well I hope and pray everything works out for you. If it's any consolation, it seems your husband loves you either way cuz he paid for your surgery even though he felt you didn't need it but I know the feeling of wanting and needing to have the surgery. It seems to fill in a certain void in us. Well I'll keep you in my prayers and good luck.

I ask the doc for 1200cc he only put 1050cc he...

I ask the doc for 1200cc he only put 1050cc he said my butt could not take any more.
Continue to wait it out dear. And if it does not look the way you want it to look, then yea, definitely go for a revision. What technique does he use to lipo and harvest the fat? ( because THIS is a very intricate part in the results)!!! Also what are his pre-op instructions, because this also plays a major role in your results? If you haven't already, ask these questions, so that you know what to expect before your revision, if you will need it. So sorry again, but cheer up.
sorry meant post-op*
I just email them my 10 day post opt pics I told them I was not happy and I will wait a month to see if I see any changes but if I do not see any changes I would like to know what can they do to fix it. My husband told me not to cry any more and it's ok we will fix it he he has to spend more money it's ok just give it time ...My doc did say people do get depress fast cause they do not see their results right away ..So i'm going to try to stop crying and wait it out..I'm still very very swollen so we shall see..

Ok ladies i'm starting to see some shape thank u...

ok ladies i'm starting to see some shape thank u God thank you thank
Hey girl! How do you feel about your BBL now?
Wow!! I hope everything turned out better as yime went on. Im scheduled for sx with Dr. Salzhauer in May. Please update us on how your doin!! God bless
hi PLEEEEEEEEEZ CONTACT ME OR INBOX ME i want to know what you think now? i may need to reschedule
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