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Im so excited about this date. -----> 6/6/12...

im so excited about this date. -----> 6/6/12 :)) why??? because thats the day i meet the wonderful man that's gonna change my life. who??? mr.salama of course :)) i know that its only for the consultation.but its the start of a new journey for me. life is so short smh..after havin 2 c-sections. my body has endured alot of damage. from. strech marks to sagging belly fat.i love my babies. that are now 5 year old twins and a. 3 year old.now i just want my old body. back. my husband thinks im delusionaif my body is so perfect. he's a sweety but i just. ignore his comments lol.( more about my body) IM 5'7 178lbs most of my fat is in my mid section. :(... folks say I have a big butt. So why when I look in the mirror I can't tell? All I see is thick thighs, no hips and a fat belly ..so that's where Mr.Salama comes in :)) I'm gonna tell him to give me hips a nice sized butt and a smaller waist :))


Hey there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your consultation tomorrow, please keep us updated on your progress!

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Had a consultation scheduled for June 6 but I...

Had a consultation scheduled for June 6 but I never made it :((. I got called in to work ....I rescheduled for July 11th and nothing can stop me from going except death.....


Hello had sx n I like my results but can't tell much differ in size of my bottom send me your email I'll send pics
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Hello private message sent --->
hey girl congrats on starting your journey... after the consult will be the time you schedule that big day appt, too exciting...
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