OMG! I gained 12lbs going back to vegetarian lifestyle

Hello BBL land! I am a 29 y/o mother of 2 and I am...

Hello BBL land! I am a 29 y/o mother of 2 and I am currently 7 months pregnant with my 3rd and last and final child. People always told me I should model, I used to be in top physical shape standing at 5'9" I used to weigh 158 lbs but after 2 kid and this pregnancy I am currently the biggest I have ever been at 230 lbs. Even where I was inshape working out everyday I never had the shape I truly wanted. I always had big breast 38dd but my waist never cinched in it was more of a straight up and down line to my hips which are narrow. No curves at all, and dont even get me started on my butt, flat as a board. The best shape it was in was when i was a gym rat and spent alot of my time on the butt machine there and even then all it did was gave me a lifted, hard muscular rear end. I could never get it to look big, round and feminin. And now that I am pregnant in my 3rd trimester its taken on a wide square box shape (spongegbob lol). Ive been lurking on this site and seeing everyones great results and finally feel like there r people out there like me who just never felt as if they can reach there personal physical appearance goal body wise naturally.

So I guess u can say this site motivated me to take actions into my own hands and have the behind and the shape that I've always wanted. My boyfriend and the father of all my kids isnt supportive of this decision so it kinda sucks. He thinks its evasive and lifethreatening and doesnt want no part of it. But its ok because Im doing this for myself, Im just so tired of being depressed because of all these pregnancies and weight gain and square butt problems. I have a 5 y/o, a 1 y/o goin on 2, and Im 7 months pregnant. So time at the gym or workin out period never really got to happen after my second child. I plan on having a csection in July. I was told that I must wait 6 months post delivery before I can have any kind of plastic surgery. So I plan on having my sx in January 2013. I want to have a tt and bbl with fat taken from back, love andles and stomach. I want a big 'ole booty. Im talking projection, shape roundness and shelf. I also want to have a more defined waist, as tiny as possible, so that it can make my butt look even bigger lol. I hope its doable, if possible I would want to have no less than 900 cc's per cheek. I've been doing my research since 2007 and since I live in Miami and absolutely looooooove his work, I most definently would want Dr. S to do my mommy makeover. Its seem as if everyone he does on this site looks stunning. Since my sx would be in early 2013 Ima use the six months alotted to loose atleast 30lbs (that doesnt include the nearly 20lbs lost right after giving birth) or so to get close to original weight. I hope to learn more from you guys and gain a great support group in friends on this site! Project Big 'Ole Butt is in affect. :-)

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Today I filled out that little online questionarre...

Today I filled out that little online questionarre for Dr. S, Im super excited I know its a bit early but I wanna make sure I get all my needed info n get all my ducks in a row before I make my big decision. I cant waite for his reply


Congrats on all of your pregnancies :)
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Hi Mellisa01,

Yea we r on the same boat concerning no support amongst the fam. When ever I start talking to my man about my plans about the bbl and tt, he starts pretending he is sleeping by snoring loudly lol. About the baby thing I have heard from a couple people on here that having a baby after the bbl messes up the bbl n they have to go in for a second and some say the bbl wasnt affected n they just go in for a tt. If I were you Id go for it unless u plan on having a baby real soon, like within the next year. You would prolly have to think real long n hard cause you dont want to get the bbl n then a few months later find out ur preggers.
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hey SandyCandy83- Congrats on your 3rd pregnancy :) I also have the same prob you have I HATE MY BOOTY/BODY!!! Ive been doing my research for over a year on a BBL and im getting this surgery. My family and my man do not want me to get this surgery but im getting it for myself, (but my man is going to support me through it) they hate me talking about it so i do not talk about it no more just to my BBL sisters on here lol. My number one concern is i do not have kids, but i do want kids im only 25 yrs and i dont wanna spend all this money and have it ruined after i have kids, few girls on here are telling me have kids first then get the surgery, then few people are saying it might not doing anything to your booty/body. but i already know im not gonna be one of those lucky girls that lose all the baby weight after having a baby lol so im so confused on what i should do. I do want to get the surgery the end of feb 2013. I do think i should have kids first but its like i do want the surgery asap lol ive already been buying stuff for it lol. what do you think would be the best thing to do? keep my updated on everything and likewise here!!!
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Got a response from Dr.M today, Before i found out...

Got a response from Dr.M today, Before i found out about this site I send out a little mini consultation review to him asking how much would everything run me and it turned out to be waaaay outta my league like $12,000 so yea, thats gonna be a no go. I believe Dr.S from what I see on his deals r much more affordable. Im stil lil waiting on his response. Man, I cant waite till I have this baby so I can have my body back. I love my baby n all dont get me wrong, but this baby has stretched my stomach as far as it has ever been, people come up to me saying wow, u bout due any minute from now huh, n Im like naw, Im 7 months pregnant, Im not due till another 2 months lol, n they're like oh man u must be having twins lol n Im like noooo, there is only one baby in this belly lol. So yea my stomach is GINORMOUS (spell check?) n Im ready to see my toes again


Give em to me, lord knows I need em lol, I always thought that when u have a big butt thick thigs always look better with them. Thats y i want to try to make mines thicker before I get my bbl so it can look more natural
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hey Sandy, congrats on your next baby. dont worry time flies and in no time baby will be here and u`ll be ready for your makeover. about big/thick thighs.. hmmm, u dont know how i would like to trim mine down for good..
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Loving ur wish pics, especially the last one.
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If anyone knows the name of the woman in my...

If anyone knows the name of the woman in my profile pic let me know. She has my ideal body and I was trying to look her up but couldnt find her for the life of me. Its also the 7th pic in my set of pictures. Thats the pic I'd like to show Dr. S when I go in for my procedure n I'd like to have different angles of her body. All I know is that the picture came from Mediatakeout thats all but when I went to mediatatkeout I couldnt find it at all. If anyone has a clue let me know


Congratulations, I am pregnant as well! Are you still scheduled for January 2013?
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Congrats on ur new bundle we r the same height best wishes on ur journey
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Hey, hope you had a safe delivery. I know you are just loving up your new baby. Wishing you the best of luck with your new bundle. Come back and chat with us when your able!!
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Hey lovely bbl gals, I know I havent updated in...

Hey lovely bbl gals, I know I havent updated in forever and thats because since I had my baby I have been overwhelmed as a stay at home mother of 3. I did loose alot of baby weight because I went from 226 lbs to 196 lbs but that all came off naturally. Im not at the weight I'd like to be before I decide to have my surgery. I have been through alot since having my 3 child. i never had any problems with my health before but since havin my last son I been having blood pressure issues, I was in ICU for 3 days due to my blood pressure being so high. My doctor perscribed meds for me to take since he thinks its pregnancy related and doesnt believe its going to be an ongoing problem but I hope that thos doesnt hinder me from having my surgery done. I have to more months before it is deemed safe to have cosmetic surgery after having a baby. I also no longer wish to go with Salama anymore because he isnt really giving the results that is right for me which is crazy because I live in North Miami Beach which is 2 mins away from Aventura where his office is located. Instead, I have decided to go with Dr. Jimmerson in Suwannee, GA because his results is what I want plus he sculps hips and it looks so natural. I dont have a date set yet because I need to get all my ducks in a row first before I can make my first move. It may take a while but I will get my dream body .


Hi congratulations on the sweet bundle of joy! And just wanted to say that I also had blood pressure issues after my last pregnancy and mine finally regulated itself after 5-6 months. So keep your spirits up and good luck!
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Thank you so much for your encouragement Im trying to do what I can to lower it aswell.
Thx for finally coming back!! So no for Dr S.. huh. Well i am still team Dr. J and his staff said that its safe to have surgery 3-6 months post baby. I'm do in January and intending for schedule ing for mid June. Good luck on getting all those ducks lined up. Keep us posted on process.
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So the other day I went to the doctors and they...

So the other day I went to the doctors and they weighed me (by the way I have no scale At home) and I found out I am now 12 pounds heavier which makes me 206lbs WHAT!? Well I must say I am not shocked because I have been eating willynilly lately n I think ots partly due to me feeling down lately because because I havent left my house much since having my third child and my boyfriend and father of my kids doesnt support me having this surgery. I dont work so I really need his finacial backing for me to do this. Anywho Im just going to waite for my income taxes to come in next year and thats how I will get it done by then I will be working and will be able to parcially finance this procedure. I dont care if he doesnt want me to do this this is for me not him. Sorry to digress anyway befor I havd my 2nd child I was a vegan and found that while I was pregnant I hated the smell and taste of vegetables and fruits so I went back to eating meat which made me over weight and since then I have been eating very unhealthy Im the type of person who believes what you ingest can impact the way you look and feel so I have gone back to being a vegetarian first and then slowly transition back to veganism (cheese has a stronger hold on me than I thought lol). I will also buy a scale so that I can weigh myself once a month. Im 5'9 and technically my average is supposed to be 145lbs and although I have been that size befor I dont like it Its a lil too small for my liking I'd like to get down to 160 for the surgery. Although this dream is still a dream for me listening to you guys stories gives me hope and motivation to make this happen.Thank you guys so much! Plan WILL get done :) thanks for listening.


Vegetarian helps my hair, skin and overall well being. Be sure to eat a variety of veggies. Sounds like u know what works.
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I'd like to think so lol. I hear people saying all the time on here that theres alot of vitamins that you have to take befor surgery but I've been taking vitamins most my life so that should be a cake walk for me lol. And I used to be a raw vegan (meaning I only ate raw fruits and veggies) and boy was it the greatest thing to ever happen my hair, skin nails, weight and overall health. Im tryinh to work myself back to that
Congratulation on your baby! Enjoy your babies they grow up so fast!!!
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I am no longer going with Dr. Salama, he does great work dont get me wrong but Dr. Jimmerson more of the right Dr. for the big 'ole "donk" that Im looking for :)

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