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I used to be voluptuous. I'm 50 years old now with...

I used to be voluptuous. I'm 50 years old now with all my children, five, grown. I work out regularly - always have, and eat healthy. However, I've grown "square" in the back (I will attach pics soon). I would love to have my full bottom back and to get rid of the back fat! That is my dream! I want to feel confident in a bathing suit and dress again. I'm so hopeful that this will work, however, after reading some of the stories I am scared. Has anyone had a BBL with Dr. Salzhauer?


I'm scheduled with Dr. Salzhauer for 3/31/14. Wow. This is really scary. I have so much hope that I can proudly wear a bikini again.
Any advice ladies!!
Congrats on starting your journey love!! I know its coming up soon and I wish you all the luck!
Thank you so much! I'm hoping for the best. I've gained 15 pounds for the procedure and can't fit in to any of my clothes! I'm concerned about what's going to happen when I go back to my normal diet and lose the weight post surgery.

Before shot 3/25/14

A big congrats on your sx Monday! Dr Salzhauer is putting out some great booties and sculpted bodies. You are going to look fabulous. Good luck Monday. Please keep us posted on your progress..
Thank you!
Another soon to be Salzhauer Supastar!!! Welcome to the family luv!

Flying out tomorrow.

Flying out tomorrow. With the 15 pound weight gain my measurements are now: 40.5 hips. 36.5 waist. 46 bust. I've thought and prayed about this for years. I'm so happy and filled w hope. I want to feel confident in a dress and clothes. My dream is to sail on my own boat in a bikini and feel good about it!
Hey doll!! I hope you are doing well :) can't wait to read your update!
O my gosh!!! Good luck! I get so excited for you ladies next in line.. I hope to be brave and go down this summer. I get so happy and excited reading the reviews but am such a chicken. The same thing happened before my tummy tuck!! I was glad when it was over and said no more surgery for me. Here I am 7 weeks post op. Stalking the site in the bbl section..Anyways I. Wish you the best. Hugs and prayers. When you come back let us know the info for the garment they use.. Thanks :-)
Good luck mama! You are going to look great..

not worth it

6 days post procedure still in miserable pain. Staff at the doctors office is not very sympathetic . I have not heard from the doctor since last week although i called and specifically said i want to talk to a doctor! All they saying is take 2 vicodin every 6 hours.
Keep on your meds definately. UR just in pain it will get better. Dr. Salzhauer will contact you at some point it took a bit for him to contact me but he did and he gave me his personal info for emergencies. Give him time he is pretty busy and ur just in pain I'm sure if it was more than just pain he would have contacted u asap not to be insensitive. We all have gone thru it. It's miserable and very uncomfortable but keep walking and drinking fluids YOU CAN DO THIS!
If u have any questions I am also a Dr. Salzhauer patient, don't hesitate to ask.
Sorry to hear that! Yes, definitely stay on your pain meds I took mine every 4 hours for the first week. Drink lots of water and walk at least 15 min every 2 hours. I'm 10 wks post, if you have any questions feel freei will help as much as I can


Went for my one week f/u on tues. Dr. Salzhaeur told me I have a stroma on my right abdomen due to the lipo. He suctioned out 100 ccs of a bloody tinged fluid. Said I needed to come back Saturday b4 I fly home. I still feel the swishing around. Came back yesterday? Now I'm feeling it on my left abdomen as well.


I meant seroma. Not stroma - auto correct on these devices can b trying.....
Feminine symmetry please how are you doing? Did things get better? Did the Dr. Or staff called you?? Let us know at least how are you. Take care ..remember we're here if you need to talk
Pictures Hun ? Good luck
Wow, I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I'm praying you feel better soon. Iam very shshocked about your experience with the doctor and staff. All of the reviews I read are always stellar regarding the care for . Patients. I am definitely concerned. Have you called or emailed him directly? Thank you for sharing your experience.

2 months post op

I'm feeling back to normal and, for the most part, happy with my results. I still have this pouch that comes and goes on my right abdomen. Every once in a while I feel a tearing sensation there. I will call the office if it's not gone by 3 months.
Dr. Salzhauer is a true artist and I feel so much more confident. I'm glad I did the procedure, but I would not want to suffer through that pain again.
Ladies use ICE all over the swelling post procedure! Use the gel packs so you don't accidently freeze burn the skin.
I will post pics later in the week.
So happy you are enjoying your results! Hope you're about ready to sail on your boat in a bikini. Get it girl!
Hope your recovery is getting better! Its no walk in the park that's for sure!


I'm 2 months post op. I love my new curve! However, I'm really disappointed that my fat transfer failed -as you can by the pic. Also, the seroma is still there.
I will b calling Dr salzhauer in the fall about a revision.
Your back looks really good!! But not much difference on the booty (some, just very minor) :-(....But I love how your whole back. There is a big DiFFERENCE there..good luck and take care
Yes. It was nice and big, but the transplanted fat melted away. It is a disappointment. You can't see in this pic but my lower bottom does not look good. I'm going to wait the 3 months and then call the officr. I'm hoping dr. San hater can do a revision.
Auto correct is a pain on these phones! I meant to say Dr.Salzhauer - who is a wonderfully kind man!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My Skype consultation went well. He was very informative and reassuring. Procedure is this Monday - 3/30/14!!!

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