Please Help..Seeking to Do a 2nd BBL.. Miami Florida - Miami, FL

I live in Miami ,Fl had a BBL 8 months ago, with a...

I live in Miami ,Fl had a BBL 8 months ago, with a Dr. Wigerin in Coral Gables Florida, I have been miserable ever since. my butt was lifted for a few weeks and then it looked as if I never had any work. I have always had a butt, I was seeking a little more projection and a lift. I am 32 yr, 5'4 137 at surgery date. I am very petit and this is the heaviest I have ever been. I gained 10 lbs for the procedure. The Dr. lipo'd my stomach sides, flanks and back. but I never got the S curve promised, in fact my stomach never looked flat. the Dr. said he took 500 cc's in each cheek, but assured me based on my small frame that I would definitely see projection, well after a few weeks it looked just like the butt I walked in his office with

the Dr, has offered to re-do the surgery at a discounted price of 3,500.

I would rather seek a good Dr, than take another chance with this Dr. again.

Can some one please help me with Dr's in the Miami, Aventura,or anywhere in South Florida area


Hello ladies, so i have decided to do my 2nd bbl with Salama. Im scheduled for May 2014. Im excited but hoping that its not to big. The 1st dr. Did 500 cc each side. So im hoping Salama goes more but that I dont get a ghetto booty. This site is addictive. I see so many beautiful anyway is anyone else going to Salama? When?
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Oh no! I'm happy with my results but scared they will shrink!! Is it that you get used to bigger butt and forget how small it really was or during recovery as sensations come back it just feels different? I really wouldn't be able to do round 2... This is it for me. Did you decide on the next step for you? Any before/after comparisons? Good luck!
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Constantino mendieta, Moises salama, Wendell Perry. I wish you all the best of luck
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Im going with Salama-May 2014

SO Salama it is. This is my 2nd round so I need it to be correct. I do need some advice on the best garments to get and wheres the most affordable place to get them. Also is anyone familiar with how financing works? I paid cash my 1bbl but Im financing the 2nd. Any advice on companies and payment options?

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photos. before bbl top and after bottom

If u can see there are really no true noticeable changes. Thats why Im going back for #2


I'm doing my round 2 with salama as,well. First time I got 1600 in each cheek. It went down so hopefully second time it stays
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1600 is alot and nothing stayed?? Who did ur 1st one? When do u go to salama?
I want a bigger butt too! i got 850 cc in each check but i want it bigger! after a year ill see what i wanna do! good luck girl and keep us up to date with ur journey
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Need an Earlier date with Salama

Looking for someone to switch with me for Dr. SALAMA...I NEED AN EARLIER DATE IN APRIL OR MAY........IM SCHEDULED FOR SEPT 15,2014...PLEASEEEEEE HELP....


Hey girl! Im doin a round 2 with salama may 2014 too!!! Im goin on the 9th of may! Will you be goin alone? ?
Hi. Sweetie. No i will be going with my gf. Can i ask. If u got financed thru care credit? Im thinking of financing. I paid cash for my 1st one and i dont want to go bck into my savings. I wanted to know wht the process is
Hey girl no I didnt wanna get financing... im jus working my "ass" off to save up.... im jus praying I get what I want cuz when its all said and done i would've probably ended up paying around 25g's for both rounds! What day are u goin in may?
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