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At6er 2 years of thinking about BBL, i finally set...

At6er 2 years of thinking about BBL, i finally set a date with Dr Mendietta, now I realize some women felt they didn't get enough size and projection. Everybody seems to be going to Salama., not many with Mendietta.Did I miss something? Did I make the wrong choice?. I am not looking for a huge increase in size. I am more concerned about shape, although of course want to see inproviment in all aspects including the lipo. Please tell me what you think..I still have time to change my mind...I am 5'2 134 lbs looking to add some shape or roundness to my butt.


I did allot of research And decided on salama but you have to go with who you are comfortable with I like his results and price
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Alot ppl go with Salama for the price and how much he is viewed on this site. Idk much about Mendieta, I have only heard his prices were a little higher. Have you checked out any other doctors or are you sold on Mendieta? Azurin, Lagrasso and Salhauzer do great work also. Good luck on your journey.
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Thank you for answering. I am kind of sold on Mendietta because of the pictures on the website, plus he seems to be a pioneer according his book with an eye to beauty rather than just size. At the same time I learned, at least in facial surgery, a Doctor has proven him self when we, the people start talking about their good outcomes. Also for what I see Salamas price are very close to Dr M's( I was quoted 9850). I noticed that many BBL doctors are the it doctors for while than fade.I remember reading a lot about cabral, and others on MMH the they are replaced. Now i hear a lot on campos, ilya,salama and jimmerson.

17 post op with Dr Mendietta. After a challenging...

17 post op with Dr Mendietta. After a challenging 1 week recovery alone eating take out in a hotel room (had hired help for 3 days) which included an infected open blister on leg making my right leg twice the size of my left (had to have venous duplex to r/o DVT) getting a lot of stares and flight back home I can say things are falling into place and I am happy with my results so far. I am as happy with my lipoed waist and back as I am with grafted bootie and hips ,maybe the hips should get a tad smaller...hehe will try to get a better straight back shot. So far think i lost 1 to 1.5 around bootie. couldnt wear a garment for first week because of infection. Dr M doesn't hand holding but is very sharp and skilled. I couldn't have done this without the tips and heads up I got from the reviews as I got very little advice or tips from the office. Happy healing! ps my flight back was packed but I had 2 empty seats next to me so I could lie down.I truly believe that was a miracle!


Congrats on having made it safely to the ther side, ur result look awesome. I really love the hourglass figure u have. I hope u r healing ok...sorry u had to go through that the first week...xoxo!
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Thank You, you look great yourself. I love reading your review!
Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures with all of us. I am scheduled with Dr. Mendieta in May and I was wondering if you are satisfied with the care that you received? Are you currently satisfied with your results? Have you had any massages and or did he recommend getting any? How soon after surgery did you start to feel okay? I am a bit nervous for my recovery as my children will be with me. (husband too) just hoping to be of some help with our kids in the days following surgery. Thanks in advance for your time!!!
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