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Hi Ladies, I'm traveling from western Canada to...

Hi Ladies, I'm traveling from western Canada to Miami for the bbl procedure in September. I 27 years old with a 17 month old boy. I will be having my surgery performed by Dr.Fisher. I don't intend to stay in the recovery house after the surgery, will stay elsewhere. I'm scared about the 8-9 hr plane ride back to my province.. Any tips? I don't want to ruin my costly investment. My son is coming as well as a friend, she is leaving after a week and my baby and I will stay an extra week, how were you girls feeling during 2 weeks post op? Do you think it would be a problem looking after my son? I really don't feel it will be and I hope to take him for short walks to keep him busy. Let me know any suggestions please- I need to take him with me so I don't want to hear "leave him home" lol. Thanks ladies take care.


If you can I would also suggest Marian for your lymphatic drainage appt. she charges much less than vanity and she's so kind. Medicalmassageprofessionals.com.
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I am two weeks post op as of Thursday. Your bottom will be fine by then to fly back. My main concern Is the numbing pain and tightness of the lipo on the side of my abdomen. Arnica gel helps a lot. I used a boppy pillow on the plane and stood as much as I can. Good luck on your journey. I went to Dr. Fisher I can tell you from my experience he's great. I will definitely go back to him when I can for a breast augmentation.
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Hi there I just returned home to Fort Lauderdale from Ontario Canada about a week ago. My plane ride with 3 hrs. I dont know if you are taking a direct flight or not but it sounds like you have a layover in another city for a few hrs. Fort Lauderdale is about 30 mins north of Miami. However Miami airport would be ideal to fly to from Canada because it would be closer to Dr Fisher's office. Dont know if you have booked any hotels or if you guys are staying with a friend but for the length of time you are staying, you may want to look into privately renting a house, townhome or condo. As beautiful as Miami is, Try to avoid bad neighborhoods such as Liberty, Overtown Area. Sorry my fellow south Floridians if you live in these areas just want her to feel safe post operation. Besides, I visited Ontario in July for the 1st time and to travel internationally is scary especially when you don't know the city or anyone there. Good news though, if you are flying into Miami Airport, south beach and bayside is just 15-20 mins from there. Good luck with everything.
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Let Me Clear Something Up

If you are flying into America from another country it is RECOMMENDED that you stay 10 days (as per Dr.Fisher's suggestion) which is understandable. I have read reviews where girls have left 5 days or so after surgery to recover at home (which I would prefer to do only because I live soooo far away). My friend is staying 7 out of the RECOMMENDED 10 days, leaving the night of my 7th day (post op). I will be flying home on the 9th day (post op) so I will be by myself for 1 day and a few hours after my friend leaves (I don't think I'll be struggling to care for my son) however I do have family who can come help out when/if needed. So the help is only a call away- glad that's taken care of and I have support, I'm not staying with them because they live far from Vanity and the airport.. and I'm not putting myself through so much booty sitting on my way to and from Vanity for my massages. Oh btw, I called my local airline to check there policy for standing up on the plane (I know) and they say as long as you are out of the way when snacks are being served and sitting when the seatbelt sign is on, or the plane went through turbulence, they don't have a problem. I do have a comfortable infant nursing pillow - most people on here refer to them as "boppy pillows" it's the same thing. If you are flying for a long time I suggest to speak to someone in customer service from your local airline carrier to see what their policy is, because I did read one review where a girl was told she wasn't allowed to stand (unless going to the bathroom/getting luggage) and try to book the very back seat(s) if possible or the seats by the emergency exit (more space), and requesting wheelchair assistance is free (don't know about all the airlines), which I will request (baby on lap in wheelchair is allowed). Everything seems to be going well. Hope this helps someone. Take care ;0)


Good luck!!
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Gd luck
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Hi! I'm glad everything went well with you and you are happy with the results by Dr.Fisher. It helps build more confidence in him as my doctor, thanks for sharing that. I also will look into getting my massages through the link you provided, every bit of help is appreciated. Also, thanks for letting me know how your feeling coming on 2 weeks post op. I was told the most uncomfortable thing is the lipo which also takes longer to heal then the actual buttock grafting. Are you able to walk normally? and how does it feel on your abdominal when you bend?

Bleach Spray, anyone??

I've been going through the list of "things you need" and bleach spray in on there to use for wiping/cleaning off yourself during the time you can't take a shower. Is "bleach spray" regular household bleach that's diluted? Or is it the actual name of the product? And where did you purchase it.. Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but I would like to know. Thanks.


Welcome to RS ! You will need a friend to stay w you for the first four days out of the 10 days or seven if u choose to stay only seven. Yea it's ok if u stand just as long as u are in your seat during take off and landing. Do sit sideways more on ur hips to take the weight off of you butt even on your boppy pillow ! Then let the flight attendant knw if there were a row that's empty then can u lie on ur tummy if ur only getting a bbl. Your medical note from dr fisher is very important cause it will get you a wheel chair, on the plane first, special scanning thru security due to your garment and it's a plus w ur bby on one hand and a challenge on the other but I do understand ur circumstances ! Best wishes luv take care! Enjoy your journey!
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Surgery SEPTEMBER 2014 !!!!

I'm so happy my bbl surgery procedure is paid in full (although the Canadian/United States currency conversion is a killer- I've paid hundreds more just because the Canadian dollar is weak :0( my surgery date is set for September, I'm getting 5 massages done by Marian before I leave Miami, my living arrangements have been booked and confirmed... my plane ticket will be purchased next month.

One tip is to start purchasing your post-op care products once you put your deposit down - and your mind is 100% set that you will continue with the procedure. Buying all these items at once is expensive.. if you pace yourself and take your time you can compare prices both in store and on line to save as much as possible. There's so much to take into account it can get overwhelming. Keeping a list helps you maintain order because you wouldn't want to forget anything.

I'm excited to say the least ladies, I just want to get this surgery done and over with so I can put this experience behind me (pun intended). I'm not a curvy woman, I'm rather tiny (5'4), but I've gained 30 pounds for the procedure...I stand in the mirror trying to imagine what my new figure will look like.. did I mention that I'm excited?? lol.. take care lovely ladies!!


Gd can't wait to c the pics
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I just got mine done! I'll follow your journey (: I'm also worried about flying back after surgery but I'm doing my best to research the best I can and b over cautious to not ruin my butt on flight. Some docs say stand every 10 to 15 min and walk and take boppy with you. Good luck
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Surgery next month with Dr.Fisher

I have purchased everything I can possibly think of carrying to Miami. My suitcase has been packed for a month and a half now lol.. I'm just so excited. I'am not longer taking my son with me to Miami.. (God willing) after I heal, I will be able to take him somewhere special.
I was hard at work researching the possible problems that could arise from the bbl surgery and it got me paranoid.. EMBOLISMS are NO JOKE!! I'm scared about developing a clot during my long flight back home, I've researched various foot/leg exercises that will help keep blood flowing through my calves and foot, I also plan to be the most annoying person on the flight - because I will be walking down the isles every 15 minutes or so, or as much as I can without getting in other peoples and the flight crews way.

I was debating whether or not to have my inner thighs done.. my legs just started rubbing together at the top of my inner thighs, as I have put on 30 pounds for the procedure. Yes it provides more fat for the buttocks, however I've come across some pictures of girls who have really skinny legs then a big bum and on some it looks rather weird. I don't know if it will look weird on me-but it very well could.

I just want to get this over and done with to be honest. I place all my fears and anxiety in Gods hands.. I sometimes feel like I'm being ungrateful towards God for wanting to enhance the size of my butt - He ultimately knows my genuine desire for why I want to go through with this..but I definitely need the Holy Spirit to help me develop [healthy] self esteem, both before and after the surgery. On that note, I will end the update here. Got to go -talk with you all later.. best wishes!!

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Hoping for this outcome in 3 weeks!!

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Surgery on Sept 30 with Dr.Fisher

Oh my word... I'm nervous BUTT excited!!! also, ladies I know there are so many negative reviews about the staff at Vanity.. with long wait times, scams, lies, and messing around with girls and their money. I must say that I thank God, that I never once experienced ANY BAD attitude or lack of professionalism this far.. and I paid for my surgery 2.5 months ago. The only headache I had was waiting for the initial response after I had sent my first email to them about my decision to have the bbl. Jessica was my coordinator, but failed to meet my expectations off the bat, from the first email- so another girl (Selena) stepped in and has been my coordinator ever since. Friends, I highly recommend her to look after you. she has been great to me.

NOW as that is said... my blood work is on Monday (which is a follow up blood test- seeing that I live in Canada, I did one over here a few days ago and had the results faxed to Dr.Fisher).. AND my surgery is the following day..so let's see how everything plays out. I hope I don't have to write anything negative about this place... and that they have their stuff in order, I don't have time for unnecessary anxiety and stress about my procedure. I want to get this over and done with asap. Will keep you updated. **will only post pics once my surgery has been completed, and the Lord brings me out of surgery alive and well.


Any updates....hope all is well...
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Hope you are doing well sweetheart
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5 days post op & update

I haven't been able to post since I've had my surgery, sorry ladies. Will do a proper update and add photos once I return home. I'm just not in the mood to do anything now. Meeting Dr.Fisher was exactly how everyone describes. We talked about the City in Canada where I'm from, (while he was marking me). Then he educated me about my body and the places that I store my fat and what the lipo would and would not do to those areas. I showed him 3 photos on my iPhone that I hoped to achieve. I did not want a lot of hips/ wide hips or hips that appear high. Luckily I have full thighs and some hip..he told me he will remove my lower love handles and fill in the dents on my natural hips to give the shape I want.

He said I was in a good place to achieve the booty I wanted but the girls overall body type and mine are different- but it will work. I woke up laying on my stomach in the recovery room with a few other girls. (one of Dr.Hasan's girls had to be taken to the hospital- don't know why, but the girl besides that whispered it to me thinks she lost to much blood). I just need to pause and say Thank You God Almighty, for it being Your will that I made it through this procedure with spared life!!! Anyone of us can take a turn for the worst. Moving on, I was the last person to leave (at midnight) because I was dizzy and weak from hunger. There was only 1 nurse working the recovery room, let me tell you ladies she is such a beautiful selfless person- she obviously could only see one person at a time and we were all very needing of her attention. She did not become flustered even when she had to call 911 for that girl- she calmly spoke to the girl and the girl was rather calm herself. While she was assisting them a very ignorant woman is there yelling at her because her pain meds wore off. Honestly we were ALL in pain - I was quietly waiting - like do you really expect to have intensive surgery like this and not feel once ounce of pain (kiss teeth). The nurse asked someone (staff) to bring her soup in the recovery room so that she can divide her LUNCH for us in little cups to help our dizziness. Super grateful for that. And guess what the ignorant woman is also greedy..she sent her friend back over to drain the girls soup!! I was highly annoyed but the nurse was telling me I have to wait 1hr after I wake up before I could attempt to get up. I was finally able to do so and she kept calling my phone to ensure I was alright.

I DID not take any medication Execpt what I brought from home (which I showed Fisher) 1 hr prior to my massages with Marian. Nothing for vomiting and no stool softener. I bought soup and ripe fruits and pineapple juice, 3 days post op I pooped like a baby..on my own. The only thing is I didn't know how to wipe my butt lol..Hott mess but I'm getting better.

My neck hurts from the prone position 24/7. I have pain where my drain tube comes out of my abdomen.. The tube is super annoying and it comes out on Oct 7th. I got my period- which is not good in this situation. Marian (message lady says it VERY normal/common). I hate the thong garment (not the one Vanity gives you) I bought this myself and it hurts my crack.. Even though I put something there it's just so tight in the area cause my butt is sensitive. Overall this journey is painful, frustrating but worth it when you look in the mirror.


what garment would you recommend? I know you had the thong garment that hurt. When did you switch to your stage 2 garment? And what type/brand did you get?
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The best garment is the one with the light padding on the booty. That's the one Fisher gives you. I'm still in my stage 1 garment I bought the same size so I can switch for washing. The thong garment I order from the vadette store and is a size 38(L).. It's a perfect fit and a beautiful garment but the thong will hurt. My massage lady actually also told me after I'm done with this dont wear this style anymore cause the circle cut out around the butt has left impressions on some girls cause their tissue forms with the ring. So I put pads around the cut out and I'm not buying this type of garment again.. The butt shaper helps keep the shape.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely wonderful! Listened to my concerns, polite, easy to conversate with, told me what to expect from my bbl procedure. Told me that RS is great for information but not to do silly things that will threaten my life like rolling up yoga mats and things and putting them under my thighs.. Will increase risk of blood clot. So do not take everything girls say "works" on RS and do it.. He's a happy person.

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