Had Brazilian Butt Lift: Miami, FL

I was not happy with my shape at all, The only...

I was not happy with my shape at all, The only thing I have is really nice legs so I wore dresses alot, but I never wore jeans or shorts because I was not comfortable. I came to the conclusion that you only live once and if you are not happy with something, then you fix it.

I was afraid at first and I constantly asked God to show me if i was making the wrong decision, but I am here in miami and everything has so far worked out fine. I will keep you all updated on what happened. :-)

Hi there.....congrats on your transformation...I'm also considering dr salama because of his summer special but would love to see additional pictures if possible. I'm deciding between him and dr markman which is almost triple dr salama cost...your pics would really help

I hope all is well. I'm having my BBL done April 2012 with Dr. Salama can you post some before & after pictures
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