Anyone wants to switch dates...Set for june 4th but wants lata date

Hey Ladies, Im interested in the BBL cause...

Hey Ladies,

Im interested in the BBL cause I'm unhappy with the way i look frm the back. Both my sisters got nice big ghetto Booty and even though i'm also pretty they would get most of the attention. So i said enough with that its my turn.

Since Nicki Minaj came out it seems as if Ass is what Matter. So now here I am tryn to get me a round, juicy, perky Ass. I believe Dr. S Is the Person to do it. I Love his before and after pics. And he have the best price since Im paying out of pocket.

I dnt want no less than 1000ccs pre Cheek. Can someone tell me how long before my butt will feel soft and look natural? Also how long b4 im able to sit? I SO FREAKING READY!! WISH ME LUCK!


Hey there, Im scheduled for March 29 th Ill probably see you there!
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Hi DarkNLovely,

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. The ladies of the BBL community here will take good care of you. Please keep us updated with your progress!


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Hey Ladies, My date is set for june 4th. Wanted to...

Hey Ladies, My date is set for june 4th. Wanted to kno was there anyone that wanted to switch that have somethng in july? The tyme if almst here and im not evn half eay ready. jus strtd this new job also so thts another reason so if so plz let me kno thankz.


Hey is anyone willing to switch for February I am looking for something july through nov. because next year i can not i will start nursing school im so sad im free to do it now and there is no dates. Anyone wants a later date like next year and would like to switch that would make me happy.
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just saw this--wow....DarkNLovely, i spoke to you over the phone and we were texting and everything. You said we were switching and everything was confirmed. I dont even know what happened. We spoke on 5/5 about everything. I mean if you decided to switch with someone else maybe because her August date was better for you than my July date, thats kool but geez, i wish you would've just told me that cause i had my medical clearance done and that has to be done within 30 days of the surgery date so i have to do it again or I'm screwed. That was such a messed up thing you did. You could have just told me so I could have not gotten done or something. Even booked my flight last night. That was really mean of you :(
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Thanks so much again for switching with me! :-)
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