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Hey lady dolls I am new to realself yay!!! Lol let...

Hey lady dolls I am new to realself yay!!! Lol let me introduce myself I am Jay and I am 21 years old I have been researching to find the answer how I am going to get me a bigger butt from butt injections which was defiantly out the question, implants which does not feel natural. I wanted something more natural looking and that felt great in mine ir my man hands lol so I came across BBL and I fail in love with it getting the fat lipoed from areas I dont want it at and place into where I do which is that a$$ oh yes im on that. So I started doing a lot of research with pros and cons and planing on the day of surgery and whi will be the doctor. I have been trying to find the best doctor to do my bbl I live in dallas but was not really falling in love with the DFW or Houston area of doctors. I first wanted Wilbert Cortez from Houston Tx got hooked on his youtube vieldeos where he acytuall video the whole surgery and he was the guy u wanted because I seen the butt grow right before my eyes. Although his patients have one of the nices bootylicous a$$ he had some bad reviews which mad me back back. I have been recently going though the doctors in Florida and must say I do like some of there work. I just need help starting off I am torn between Dr. Fisher, Dr. Ghurani, Dr. Hasun


Hey Jay, we are actually considering the same doctors for our BBL. I've had consultations with both Dr.'s over the phone. Honestly the ladies at vanity really discouraged me from choosing Fisher or Hasun for several reasons. First, they appeared to be really pushy to get me to book today. I received a call from one lady at 8am to begin my consultation. I'm like ok I know they are a hour ahead of me so I'll let this pass. Especially since the lady I spoke with was so nice. She requested I send her pictures so that they can give me a better quote (this is where everything went bad). I sent the pictures and called the clinic back to confirm if she got the pictures. This time another nice lady answered and she states she didn't get the email and told me to send the pics to her phone :/. I'm thinking WHATTTTT? But I sent the pictures anyway. While waiting for the 2nd lady to call me back the 1st lady calls me and quotes me a price of 7500.00 for everything. But the (here's the 2nd thing) None of the 3 Dr.s I want can do my sx I would have to go to the new guy. I'm like what????? I'll call you back. Now the 2nd lady calls me and quotes me a price of (are you ready for this) 8500.00. I'm like somebody else just gave me a quote for the same sx at YOUR office for 1000.00 less. She's like oh but that offer is only good until Monday (this call took place on Friday) strike 3 I was done. After this I spoke with the 2 other ppl I know that got the sx at Vanity and both told me they had the same experiences. My sister in law made it all the way to Miami from chicago and was scheduled for Ghurani but the day of they told her the dr had to cancel luckily she got Dr. Salma (sp). My other friend said after they took her money they treated her badly. Vanity is out of the question for me. The next day I sent Dr. Ghurani a personal request for a consult and received a email from his assistance right away. We scheduled a phone consultation with the Dr. And he called me on time as planned. His price for my BBL with lipo to the thighs and arms was 8500. I inquired if he was still at Vanity and explained what happened with my interaction. He said he was no longer there (great news) and had his own office! Dr. ghurani made me feel really comfortable and answered all my questions. He is the one to beat in my book. Please keep in contact with me we can be each other's support. Have you consider going to the DR to get your BBL? And How soon until your sx?
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Well I am happy that all yhe bull sh**t you had to go through is over now. I have many time consider having Ghurani do mu surgery. Even though my boyfriend does not really support it right now he will when I get the fatty lol. I am seriously considering doing my BBL but I do mot know how soon because my financial situation has been crazy and I dont know if I will be able to save up in time. I will defiantly keep in touch with you and dont mine being your support because I know I am going to need some myself. I am sometimes feeling sad because my body is not where I want it and I cant talk to my boyfriend because he does not understand. Keep me updated with your journey. I know I might be asking you a lot of questions lol I am still overwhelmed with confusion
Whats Dr. GHURANI contact information? Thanks
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