Today is the day for my new body:)

Im 21 years old and since as long as I can...

Im 21 years old and since as long as I can remember I have wanted to change my rear end! I have been searching for awhile on different doctors , I do live in the midwest and could not find any good doctors around my area. Any help?

I do think I have found a doctor in Florida but would love to be closer to home!

Yes, i agree with ritfat13 take your time...research research and if you have to travel then travel. This sx is too important and too much money to make a clear mistake.looking forward to following your journey.
Welcome Hun. I just was telling another RS sis. The next.. Take your time search more Drs reviews and also their techniques but Hun pls don't go with the first local Dr bc u can travel!!! Noo not good idea. Here in Fl are very good Drs Like S if u can't make a trip for now then wait. Ur time will come bfont make the same mistake I did. Good luck Hun. Hugs

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sure the other BBL ladies will give you lots of advice and support.

You can use this link to search for board certified BBL surgeons, throughout the USA.

Hope this helps!


I totally forgot to put my measurements on here...

I totally forgot to put my measurements on here and my goal weight:
I am 5'4 140 lbs.
Majority of my weight/fat is carried in my thighs and torso

My goal:
Is to have a curvier shape in my lower body and to be more proportionate
I will post my before pictures in the next couple days.

Also I found a doctor in Houston TX by the name of Leo Lapuerta which I have been emailing back in forth for the past couple weeks!
Have any of you ladies been to him and got a bbl. I saw some of his picks on real self and I love his work!
Welcome! Research is so important check all the sites you can. Also have consult with several Dr's to see who can deliver the results you want. Good luck!

My DATE is Getting Closer: June 17th AZURIN!!!!

I havent been on here for it seems like forever ... school, work and just life has been taking up all of my time. Well my date is approaching in less than a month and im starting to get nervous! Does anyone know if your allowed to wear extensions? I know its super hot and humid in Florida and i dont want to look like a poodle while being down there.
Your date is getting near!
I know I'm so anxious and ready to start the healing process...thank you do much for the support!
I can't wait to see your results! I'm with Azurin too!

Less than 24 hours until my new body:)

Im waiting on my consultation at this exact moment! A little disappointed about the waiting time...which has been over an hour! Honestly I thought I would be really nervous but honestly I'm just ready for tomorrow to be over and to start the healing process ! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the pain lol I know they say everybody's pain tolerance is different but I'm still wondering if there are any tricks lol ! Any whoo good luck on any of the ladies on RS who are getting the procedure done tomorrow. I'll keep all of you guys in my prayers!


So it has finally came that I'm getting the body I dreamed I'm sitting in the office now waiting for Azurin to finish with his other patient! For some strange reason I'm not scared at all...just anxious and ready to start healing ! Hopefully he giveS me the hourglass form I really want! I told him that I want the same booty I have now but enhanced and he told me could defiantly do that for me. My only concern is that during my pre op he said that I dont have that much fat ...which I'm shocked! I'll defiantly keep you ladies updated !
good luck! cant wait to hear back from you:)
Good luck! I know you will be fabulous! Can't wait for your update! Happy healing!
Best of luck and prayers be with you! Can't wait to see the new you! Happy healing!

3rd day post op!

Honestly the pain wasn't as bad as a I expected the first day was a complete blur besides be having to get up and pee a million times! The 2nd day was much easier I was stiff but still able to move around and such ....I was so scared of the pain but it really wasn't that bad ....I can honestly say the pain level was a 4 on a scale of 10. And I don't think I have a high pain tolerance...I will defiantly post pics when I take my first shower tomorrow. And I can already tell Azurin gave me the hourglass I had been wanting :) . Anyways i have to finish cheering on my HEAT. So I will b back later.
What....just left us hanging with no after photo:(
Happy healing!
Glad to know you're dealing with the pain well. My first 3-4 days were highly uncomfortable and I could barely walk, but I must admit that the pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either. I was off my pain and muscle relaxer meds by day 8. I can't wait to see you! :)
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Changed to Azurin!

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