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Hi everyone ive been postponing this idea of the...

Hi everyone ive been postponing this idea of the BBL for over a year now and afterall my day is coming up soon :) . I started of at 110lb, trying to gain atleast 15lbs by my surgery date so with that being said im constantly eating and the protein drink doesnt owe me anything (there working just wonderful) . My nerves have takin over as the date gets closer but i have plenty faith so everything will go well .Let me not forget to tell you how nice and comfortable Mrs.Norma had me she the BEST :)hIS REVO


hi hun how are you liking your results..can you keep us updated how youre doing now
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Welcome! I felt that same comfort. Nerve wrecking is an under statement. Like jbooty said, we must pray and ask GOD to guide the hands of our surgeons and any affiliated staff during the entire process and have his angels covering us as we're recovering. I watched a YouTube video of the procedure and almost had a fit watching the doctor jam the poor lady like he was basting a turkey :/
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Surgery coming up soon .; Im ready
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Searching thru RealSelf, looking at different review and Q&A's to say he has only been on this website for 6 months hes doing pretty awesome . His before and after images has spoken for themself.

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