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Hello beautiful ladies... I'm 34, 5'1 @115 lbs.....

Hello beautiful ladies... I'm 34, 5'1 @115 lbs...I'm scheduled for a bbl with Dr. Ortega on the 27th of this month. I'm flying in Miami the day before surgery and is only staying for 5 days. I'm now worried that is not long enough but I'll have to see how my body is after the surgery...if I need to extend my stay, I will do that then. Also, Dr. Ortega doesn't recommend getting massages til at least one week after the surgery, what do you guys suggest?
Good luck :)
Thank you scooby
Good luck. I would get the massages, two days after sx. Go through Marian from medical massage. She is knowledgable and affordable. I gave her a short review on my blog. She is sooooo supportive and knowledgable about recovery. U will feel a ton better afterwards. A tip - Dr will stitch you. You can ask him to leave one open or you can take the stitches out yourself if he won't. Better if you have someone there to help you. Marian will walk you through it. You will feel 100% better after massage getting all that gunk out of you.

3 days til surgery.

Wednesday couldn't come fast enough
I hope all went well with your surgery!!
Thank you diamond. Wow, pain was excruciating. Even with pain killer, it's very uncomfortable to lie and rest because there's no comfortable position whatsoever. I couldn't hold anything down for the first 5-6 hours.
I'm so excited for you!!!! Praying that all goes well and you have a speedy recovery girl! Can't wait to see your results.

The pain...

Today is one day post. I was in so much pain yesterday. After being awaken, I remembered screaming "in so much pain". My throat was dry and wanted something to drink most of the time but nothing stayed down. I was miserable. Let me be honest with you, I had a beast augmentation before and this pain is by far the worst pain I've ever felt. But a little bit about Dr. O...I absolutely love him. I didn't have to say what I wanted, when he first saw me, he already said "I'm assuming this is what you want..." I'm only 5"1 with limited fat to work with, so the result he gave me by far exceeded my expectations.

some pics after first shower

just 2 pics my care giver took for me after my first shower
How much were you weighing at time of surgery?
I was at 120...I gained a total of 8 lbs. Although I wanted to gain more, it's difficult for me to gain well

4 days post...

Pain has definitely subsided tremendously. But I still have problem with sleeping on my tummy. My back gets super stiff and my arms, hands get so numbed. My swelling has definitely gone down quite a bit compared to first day post op....I didn't have much fat to work with so he was able to inject 600 cc on each cheek. I'm loving the result so far, I just hope I don't lose tremendous amount of volume.
Pics babe!? Hope you're good !!

11 days post

all of bruising is gone. Most of my swelling is gone but my tummy still looks weird and feels really hard...I wonder when the feeling of hardness will go away....other than that, I'm loving how i look in clothes now..recovering from bbl is no joke...it's not for the impatient ones (I'm one of those)

full back

forgot to add this pic so u guys can compare the b4 and after of full back
How's everything? How's ur new booty?
I'm doing great. It has shrink a lot but I'm still loving it cause its a lot more than what I had. It's still a little sensitive when I sit on hard surfaces..The areas that were lipo on is still sensitive as well...wow, this is definitely the most difficult procedure to recover from
Hey there how's the bbl going ???

1 month post.

So, I've lost about 30% of volume. It's still very sensitive even after a month. Although it's not as big as I want it to be but my doctor didn't have much to work with. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my results because I definitely love how I look clothes now. I went to jamaica for 7 days and gained a few pounds, didn't go to the butt at all.. my waist was 26.5 before the trip, and now it's 27...and widest part of my butt is 38".
You look so good! Very nice and natural. Love it! How much cc did you get?
Thank you. I got 600 cc on each cheek
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