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Hello I'm 26 with three children . I've been...

Hello I'm 26 with three children . I've been researching bbl for a year now and finally! I found Vanity Center .. I was very uneasy with the thought of going over seas for surgery.. Who not me! My fingers -cross , half payment made .. Plane ticket booked . My sx date June 3rd thank you Stephanie (patient coordinator )two weeks I've been procrastinating with her . I'm very nervous but excited ( my plan was to go with dr pelayo but for some reason dr pelayo referred me to dr Hasan .. Pelayo said he's great and from dr Hasan results I will love the new me

Patient coordinator

My patient coordinator is Sheila not Stephanie lol idk where I even came up with Stephanie lol .. My price includes my room and care services after surgery .
Congrats ladies he's great!
Thank you Hun!
Welcome to the team HasanBarbie! I go next month. I'm loving the work I'm seeing him do!

I created a Group on FB

Hi ladies if you're on FB .. Leave your FB name so I can add you to the group thanks HasanDolls
Be careful he is not board certified a woman died having a bbl by him
What's your issue ????
im going with hasan also in July just waiting on my quote!

Link to FB group

Copy and search it should pull up if your login to FB
Hey girl I changed my date to June 6 with dr hasan so I might see u there but I am going to follow u and u r journey
Hello Hun ..Did you get your quote?

My transformation is approaching

June 3rd I will be a #hasandoll

The ladies on realself

All the Hasan bashing is uncalled for...... If your Doctor ain't Dr. Hasan stay off my page thanks
Hey bossmiami can you add me to the Fb group I'm having work done on may 2nd nervous as crap. Danielle savvystylist morrison
Okay will do
Exactly! Do that bs on ur own blog not someone else's! Ghesh

I am no longer considering Vanity

I have washed my hands with them and I am currently waiting on my refund from Vanity. I am considering Dr.Ortega


Ladies please add it is a cosmestic surgery support group. Share your journeys- Thanks
Can you add me to the group on Facebook? My name is Abiola Martins (I have a pic of miracle watts as my profile pic, from Chicago)
Good luck! Don't let anyone discourage you in any way shape or form! Your body your call!
Thank you hun..

I am very indecisive

I do have the money to get surgery in August 2014 maybe I will stick with Dr Hasan .. D.R. Just too much process for me
I am not a Hasan pt but I wish you well....
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