I just wanted to thank my husband!....

I have not had BBL done yet, but so looking...

I have not had BBL done yet, but so looking forward to it with the great results i see. Wow!! so happy for all of "US" knowing that we can do this. I have to also say that my man has been behind me ,no pun intended Just keeping it 100.
I am so hooked on on this site because i look forward to always finding new post and pics of girls who had there BBL done. So yes i will be a Salama girl just cant wait.

Just wanted to mention about surgery..

Hoping to fit 1400cc each cheek and 200cc hips. i know its a lot but been doing lots of research and have gone to Dr. in New York and was told you can lose quite a bit of volume. So i want to get enough so when i do lose i wont be unhappy,
i learned the hard way i had m Breast done 500cc and lost volume would have been happy with 800cc. YES i have boob greed. I have good at told by a Dr. in New York i get get that amount told by this Dr. but he's not the one doing the surgery so i believe they will say anything to get the client, but my heart is already set with Dr. Salama his results are AMAZING!!!!

5'4 143. Working out on my legs to get tighter don't want to lipo that area. don't wanna look like T.I 's wife.

Questions my siters about sitting..

i want to fly back to NYC after this surgery about 3 hours i hear the Dr. give you a letter to give to the air lines? What happen if the flight is booked or they wont give 2 $h__t about a letter, i know it can affect the surgery, Am i right ladies or is there a tip for this newbie sister?

Can any one of my sister give me a good before and after simulator app.

too many to chose from don't want to pick one that no worth it.
Thank you


I was at a store in Manhattan and i fell in love with a skirt, so i tried it on and the skirt made my ass flatter than what it already is ughhh!!! i still bought for work just need to buy support stockings. I can not wait for July to get here already wow. i See all the great results that come out of the BBL and it just gives me hope.

Counting the MONTHS AHHHHHHHH...................2014

I cant wait super excited i am viewing these great photos omg. i am so happy for the women who have had it done and are happy with there results good luck to everyone. Salama is booked almost the year of 2014 wow!

Hello Dolls Just wanted to to say.....

I cant not wait for my BBL, Sisters for those of you who has had it done, can you
tell me what you know now that you would have done different? Driving to Dr. Salama made the decision to do so. Spoke to my husband and he is down, From New York. spending half driving the other half in Hotel. Coming back, but I will help drive going. Thank you girls MUAH!

Sisters Can you help?........

I really want to prepare my self with this surgery and i would like to know the best Girdles (fajas), i notice that there are some that the buttocks are cut out and then i also see some that i covered, i am truly afraid of losing any cc because of that. I know its been an issue with some dolls so please for those sisters who has the BBL already, what can you tell me to get a more rounder plump. Don't want my butt to look flat after surgery because of the Girdle. Thank you sisters i am counting the days, you gorgeous amazing women have given me so much to look forward to. So many great results!! Just need to this the right way. xo

Losing the butt after SX Questions.................

I read a lot about the ladies going back for touch up, with sx are we allowed to get the cc's we ask for? I understand everybody is different i dont want to give my money like that and lose fat and projection either i rather go bigger so that when fat and volume is lost you at least get what you wanted to begin with. Really confused about this hold sx thing its alot of money and i want to make the right choices please help.
thank you ladies.

Hoping to get results..

I was not on for a while after reading review With dr. Salama yes he's great BUT after a few dolls posted openly that they were burned i guess it was because of aggressive lipo, i also received private messages from a few of his Patience just to be aware. Well, i thought for a while and i decided that i will have it with dr. Salz not only he has no drains but i have seen a few girls he's done and they really look great. Please don't message me telling me that Dr. Salama is great. Yes i know but this is just by choice. So THANK YOU. I have been preparing mentally as well as trying to keep my self active bike riding and lifting weights. If any one can give me any pointers what i can do to make this Journey any easier it will be appreciated. So i am 150 now and 5'4 and the Dr. said that enough don't go up any more, What i asked was that i would like 1500cc and 200 to 300 on hips. Will be staying at a rental home By. AIR BNB
and my hubby will be with me. Thank you dolls please feel free to leave me any info you can help me with every bit helps thank you. MUAH to all my girls at REAL SELF.

would love this result

2nd wish

wish pic

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Feel so heavy... JUST NEED TO VENT!!!!!

I hate getting undress around my husband, i personally don't like how i look and feel i go up the stair i cant catch my breath ALLLLLLLL do to having to gain the weight for the bbl. I really just hope the rolls will be gone after this weight gain

i have not purchased anything for this summer yet because i need to know what i will look like after surgery . i went into Victoria secrets today to buy a bra and i just was so sad with tears and praying that all this will be worth it. I really just don't feel or look good. Thank you dolls



End result i would like to have.

dr. Salzhauer patient

Another Salzhauer patient

Dr. Salzhauer other patient

Butt out garment???????

I know that the dr . Uses garment that compress that area in the beginning, I'm not a dr. But it looks to me from the pictures a bit tight. I want to keep as much fat in that area as possible. I also want to use the right board. Thank you in advance.

How to Increase Hemoglobin?

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I actually changed my mind the Dr. and his staff are GREAT i never had an issue with that..it was just personal.

Hoping to return to see and get a date to see Dr. Salamas again. Hoping to get a date very very soon.
Like yesterday soon. So if any one wants to sell there spot and its for this month please in box me.

Loving my husband so much!!! god thank you for him....

I have have read many great reviews with there husband being a great support and some not so great.

But really want to thank my husband for everything he has done for me, i have put him through a roll a coster ride, and i know thats just a part of a relationships up and downs. I have burned his ears night and day, But its funny because he will call me from work and he tells me " just sotted a girl and i know she had her ass done" lol " i don't want want yours to look fake" and he reads reviews with me and points out girls on RS who has had there's done and tells me " see thats nice i want yours like that'!

He makes sure i have what i need for this Surgery and reassures me that he will be there for me every step of the way. So i just want you girls to know that there are GREAT men out there and god has provided me with my personal ANGEL.

So Papi i want to tell you how much i appreciate you and grateful for a friend and a husband like you. Thank you :)

And to my sister on RS Thank you for all the answers to my questions. MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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Happy to see you so grateful. Some people take the simple things for granted. Salama is my nr 1. choice but I don't have the money for Salama so… sadface. I'm not going to the DR anymore so Ill have to change my username. I'm thinking Fisher or Hasan. Affordable yet banging results + I don't have to face the risk of waking up during surgery.
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That's great babe........thanks hubby got keeping Brooklyn's finest happy
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Lol girl.... Haha okay I mean hey it's in ur gut u love salama work then go for it. If u pay in full they will go over drive and get u a soon date ask them.
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Crossing fingers that i can get him back..lol i feel like the ex that regrets leaving a good guy. shit!!!!!by the way your results are banging girl.
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Salama will b all "I knew she b back ;)" haha
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Yeah he should say that. I let panic get the best of me.
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Good luck! Will stay tuned hopefully something is opened for you with salama soon!!!
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Good luck girl!
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Thank you doll not gonna use it I see what you meant. Just saw what it can do. Woooo
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Love those pics you posted! I can use them for my wish pics!! Where did you find them?
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I found old comments from recent dolls that had surgery. So happy i did because there are not too many pictures of his great work.
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Lmao I hve the same tiny pic on my profile, I DO NOT need to look like tht!!!!!!
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2 more days! Sprinkling BIG BOOTY blessings :)
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Tiny looks a HOTT mess! I know exactly5 how you feel, I think I avoided going anywhere for 2 months pre op cause I felt soo gross. This surgery had been hell to recover from my when I get dressed and look in the mirror and love the way my clothes fit, when I catch my husband watching me walk out of the room & says 'ummm baby, look at all that azzzzz' it makes it all worth it!
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Hey doll, YES! i know i avoid going everywhere. I can't tell you how many excuses i have given husband, people might say i' m vain but when someone is not use that wight for me its very uncomfortable. My surgery is July 30th, but thank you any ways i have to ask what for you has been the hardest with recovery? and do you see a change in size as time progresses. Theres so many of our fellow RS dolls that also see change and some lose more, so i question is there a method. So i asked Dr. Salzauer and he said theres not one. So i will take his word but i will still research lol.
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I had a delayed allergic reaction on my torso that lasted about 4 months, my skin was irritated and peeling (felt like I was recovering from 3rd degree burns) and made it hard to wear garment so I stopped at 6 wks. I have always had very sensitive skin & I had to go see my dermatologist several times. I hated not being local to Dr Salz during the recovery, I definitely would have liked to be able to visit him on a monthly basis, phone call with the nurse just isn't the same as a face to face with the doc. Another thing is the hardness & tightness of your abs & back that took about 5 months to soften. I'm 5 1/2 now and I also have a hard golf ball size knot on my left hip (not visible, you have to touch it to know it's there) nurse said the fat probably died in that spot) that will probably need revising if it doesn't dissolve not happy about that but plastic surgery isn't perfect and you have to be aware that you might have small issues after that need touching up.
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oh no! really!!!that sucks how are you feeling about that would you do a round 2? see thats what i' m afraid of not being happy and wanting a round 2. would you know what he charges by chance if a round 2 was needed? how many cc'c did you get and did you have massages? i spoke to a massage therapist and she said its the best thing to avoid build up of fat. i dont know if mentally i will be ready for pain when i'm already in pain from surgery to have these massages, she said the women in colombia have it done 12hours after surgery. So scared but i'm thinking now with what you said if i should have it done.
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I wouldn't do a round 2, I'm that that obsessed with perfection, improvement was my goal and I'm happy with my results. I don't want any residual issues though so I will have that looked into. I didn't do professional massages, it wasn't part of the aftercare recommended by Dr Salz. I couldn't even imagine having someone touch me after sx, I'm still sensitive to touch. Massages may help speed up the recovery but does not change your result.
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My dream waist too ;)
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We'll be getting sx the same week. I'm going 7/28! Best of luck! I love DR S office so far! I've gotten great advice and timely responses.
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Yes me too they have been great with getting back he himself has called me right after surgery. around 9pm. very surprised and grateful. Lots of luck and best wishes to you.
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Good luck! Good choice
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Thank you so much, i love your results.
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Hey Future, i will post pics of what i want tonight. In my heart i know those results wont be realistic without a little help from the gym. LOL no tiny for me. i dont think she even likes those results so odd.
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I don't think she likes it either but hey, what can she do about it now LOL I think that's what happens to people that genetically don't gain weight in their thighs in the first place but get it lipo'd for the fat grafting. For example me, I gain weight there easily so even if I were to lipo my thighs I would eventually gain weight there anyway so I'll be fine HAHAHA.
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