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Today makes 6 weeks post op for me. (let's start...

Today makes 6 weeks post op for me. (let's start from day #1)

August 26, 2013....was my surgery day. OMG!!!!! When I tell u ladies that I was in so much pain from the time I opened my eyes, would be an understatement. I woke up in the recovery room (with my garment on) on my stomach. And I cried for more pain meds, which they gave me. Shortly after, I went back to sleep. The nurse woke me up, felt like 10 minutes later and advised me that my blood pressure was low and sat me up. About an hour later I was released into the care of my husband. On the ride home, I was in the back seat, on my stomach in an out of sleep ( in pain) I could barely move....y'all. I was not prepared for the amount of blood that was coming from the incision sites, although I had bed pads, I still messed up my sheets. The very next day, I had to return to the doctors office so they could change my garment. The only thing I was able to do was brush my teeth ( day 2 I couldn't even take a bath). At this visit, I was usable to walk so I was placed in a wheel chair. The nurses removed some pads that were stuffed inside my garment, that were filled with blood. It was a mission for them to unhook the garment....because I was in so much pain. It felt like they should have put me to sleep. At one point I screamed at the nurse...(telling her to cut the sh## off) I also remember grabbing the scissors myself and attempting to cut the garment off before they stopped me. After that visit, the next few days were HELL. Sleeping, walking, eating and using the bathroom was VERY difficult. Since removing the garment was not possible, I was urinating through the opening of the garment ( thank God I didn't have a bowel movement within the first couple of days). My first massage was scheduled 3days after my surgery. I tried to take my garment off to take a bath in preparation for my massage...and ( Nope, couldnt do it, had to take a bath with it on). Who knew that a massage would HURT sooooooo bad. (I cried like a baby). The following days were hard, but was better than the day before. I noticed that i would get winded very quickly from walking or doing anything that required movement. I asked the Doctor and was told that from the surgery i would be anemic for a while, and to take my iron pills. 2nd massage was during my second week of post op, although it did hurt....I didn't Once my 3rd and 4th massage came, I began to look forward to them ( they do help with the tightness within the lipo area making u feel much better). During weeks 3-4. Swelling has gone down a little, my butt isn't hard like a rock like it was early on and I'm walking around more,( although slow) ill take it. I can now sleep on my sides and lift my legs.....( thank God). I'm still in pain, but the pain is not as bad. I developed a blister on my butt, not sure why, but it's heeling.....

I'm doing this post a little late, just haven't been in the mood lately. Dr. Salama and his staff were great. I have no complaints in that area. It's been 6 weeks for me and I'm still recovering. I havent been able to return to work yet. I was thinking that I'll be up and running within 4 weeks..... :( . I hope to make a full recovery soon. I'm tired of being home, laying on my stomach,it's just depressing. If your reading this, just be prepared to be down for more than 4weeks. My ass hurt and I can barely sit down....STILL. I'll add photos later and write about my results soon
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Good luck
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I mostly certainly hope you are doing better and that you are loving your results, that is what happens when a doctor lipos the hell out of youv lol. I have had this procedure done before( just last Jan) by a surgeon that was not aggressive and a few hours after my procedure I was up walking around Walgreens SMH and I hated my results. I am scheduled to see Dr.Ghurani and I am hoping for just a little down time. Again I hope all is well
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hope you are feeling better by the day love! just take it easy!
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Girl you are scaring for real....and I feel really bad that you are having a tough time at your recovery, but in the end I have no doubt you will believe it was worth it. Congratulations and may your recovery get easier and be completed faster. Get well and best wishes baby!
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Sorry that ur recovery was rough....good luck
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Thank you.....same to u
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wow! very different twist from what i've been seeing on these posts lately.. thanks for the post and honesty regarding the pain..sorry to hear your ur experience was uneventful... wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Oh no problem. I've read plenty of post on here and did my research, looked at YouTube videos about the surgery, so I thought that I was pretty prepared; however, I did not expect this much pain...and I'm not a ( but damn....:). Although I love my new body, I'm ready to get back to work and get back to my life. Ill be going for a post exam soon.....wishing u well on your journey...
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I hear you about reading posts YouTube and blogs everywhere! I've been doing a lot of that myself but I don't want to get too caught up in it cause I know everybody else is different. Trying not to psych myself out. As for your job I'm hoping that you don't get in trouble 6 weeks is pretty long time! Were u able to convince them to give u STD??
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Can't wait to see your pics ! What would you say you bought that was very important for your surgery
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I purchased a few Sun dresses, you'll need some pads to put on your bed. and get u a good supply of soups. It was hard for me to eat and the soups were easier to take...
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