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Today makes 6 weeks post op for me. (let's start...

Today makes 6 weeks post op for me. (let's start from day #1)

August 26, 2013....was my surgery day. OMG!!!!! When I tell u ladies that I was in so much pain from the time I opened my eyes, would be an understatement. I woke up in the recovery room (with my garment on) on my stomach. And I cried for more pain meds, which they gave me. Shortly after, I went back to sleep. The nurse woke me up, felt like 10 minutes later and advised me that my blood pressure was low and sat me up. About an hour later I was released into the care of my husband. On the ride home, I was in the back seat, on my stomach in an out of sleep ( in pain) I could barely move....y'all. I was not prepared for the amount of blood that was coming from the incision sites, although I had bed pads, I still messed up my sheets. The very next day, I had to return to the doctors office so they could change my garment. The only thing I was able to do was brush my teeth ( day 2 I couldn't even take a bath). At this visit, I was usable to walk so I was placed in a wheel chair. The nurses removed some pads that were stuffed inside my garment, that were filled with blood. It was a mission for them to unhook the garment....because I was in so much pain. It felt like they should have put me to sleep. At one point I screamed at the nurse...(telling her to cut the sh## off) I also remember grabbing the scissors myself and attempting to cut the garment off before they stopped me. After that visit, the next few days were HELL. Sleeping, walking, eating and using the bathroom was VERY difficult. Since removing the garment was not possible, I was urinating through the opening of the garment ( thank God I didn't have a bowel movement within the first couple of days). My first massage was scheduled 3days after my surgery. I tried to take my garment off to take a bath in preparation for my massage...and ( Nope, couldnt do it, had to take a bath with it on). Who knew that a massage would HURT sooooooo bad. (I cried like a baby). The following days were hard, but was better than the day before. I noticed that i would get winded very quickly from walking or doing anything that required movement. I asked the Doctor and was told that from the surgery i would be anemic for a while, and to take my iron pills. 2nd massage was during my second week of post op, although it did hurt....I didn't Once my 3rd and 4th massage came, I began to look forward to them ( they do help with the tightness within the lipo area making u feel much better). During weeks 3-4. Swelling has gone down a little, my butt isn't hard like a rock like it was early on and I'm walking around more,( although slow) ill take it. I can now sleep on my sides and lift my legs.....( thank God). I'm still in pain, but the pain is not as bad. I developed a blister on my butt, not sure why, but it's heeling.....

I'm doing this post a little late, just haven't been in the mood lately. Dr. Salama and his staff were great. I have no complaints in that area. It's been 6 weeks for me and I'm still recovering. I havent been able to return to work yet. I was thinking that I'll be up and running within 4 weeks..... :( . I hope to make a full recovery soon. I'm tired of being home, laying on my stomach,it's just depressing. If your reading this, just be prepared to be down for more than 4weeks. My ass hurt and I can barely sit down....STILL. I'll add photos later and write about my results soon

Fat Nacrosis.......

It has been 1 year and 2 months since my surgery. I have had some complications, which is; I've developed fat nacrosis. I started to notice that about 2 or 3 weeks after my surgery, I had a few hard spots in my buttock area. I spoke to Dr. Salama about it at which point he suggested that they try the ultra sound threapy ( which he wasn't sure if it would work) but felt it was worth the try. Of course I was for it because the mere mention of me having to go through this surgery again was unbearable. The first 3 treatments were free and I was expected to pay for anything after those were exhausted. I paid for about 4 more sessions at $80.00 each session. The massages were a bit painful and I got burned with the machine and decided,okay! that's enough, cause I didn't see much improvement and it was experimental. I went back in to see Dr. Salama and which point he saw no improvement. I had indentations, lumps and discolorations in the area that the fat nacrosis had formed. Dr. Salama was at a lost for words. He suggested that I try a topical creme, which was a bleaching agent to try to get the discoloration under control. I tried that for a while and that didn't work with the discoloration. I went back in to see Dr. Salama and this time he gave a creme that was used for varicose veins. I used the one tube he gave me and called into the office to get another tube about 2 weeks after (tube was very small) and was told that I had to pay $80.00, for a trial? something that probably was not gonna work... At this point I'm feeling like enough, is enough. I went back in to see Dr. Salama and advised him that nothing has worked and its obvious that a revision needs to be done. He agreed. Dr. Salama advised that he was not sure how he was gonna fix it, because my skin has stuck to the scar tissue meaning their is a spot on my ass that if you tried to pinch, you would be unable to, it has stuck to the tissue inside my ass. However, something has to be done, my ass is still sore and discolored because of the fat nacrosis. I still have to sleep with my boppy pillow. I look nice with cloths on, as long as they are not too tight, because you'll be able to see my indentation, however; I cringe when I see myself with my cloths off. Thank God I'm married. My hubby understands my story. Soooooo.....that same day ( a Wednesday) I was asked if I could do the revision surgery the following week on a Thursday......or on November 18. I told the ladies to give me a few days to work out the logistics with my job, because the first surgery I was down for 2 months. By the time I worked everything out. I called the office to confirm the surgery date and was told that the date was not available any!!!!!! So the next available date I was given was March 18 2015. I was later contacted and told that Dr. Salama's calendar for 2015 is being rearranged, so they will contact me sometime in December to let me know a final date. Needless to say; I am a little annoyed..... I really, really, really don't want to have this revision done, but at this point it's a need and not a want.
I hear some people complaining about the volume after the surgery wasn't enough. I was just happy that I woke up, so if my volume wasn't enough I would've had to just take it as it was......however I got fat

Side note: I do get ALOT of compliments and stares for both genders, but I am self conscious about it because I know the indentations are visible if you look hard enough. Although it might appear as my underwear is 3 sizes to small....

My current pic

Revision is set for 2/20/2015

Boy I'm nerves, but I'm hopeful......I pray that
God sees me through this surgery.
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