My 25th Birthday Present to ME!!:-D

I wanna start by saying how happy I am to find...

I wanna start by saying how happy I am to find . I've looked at the page a couple of times but never really read anything b/c I wasnt really serious about getting work done until now. (Sorry, that was a ridiculous run on sentence tehe) I didn't know I needed SO much for a Brazilian Butt Lift. I was literally gonna fly to Miami, find a surgeon, have the BBL and fly home. :-\ I've only been to the hospital once. I gave birth to my twins, naturally, was back home before the week was out. Im pretty naive to recovery time. Im soooo excited to start following others and learning more about what i may need for my procedure.
If anyone has any advice or want to suggest a Dr PLEASE do so :-D

Me currently :-D

Initial Contact with Vanity

On yesterday i received a called from Vanity. I ONLY wanted a quote. The lady I spoke to was really aggressive. (No bueno) As a former salesperson myself I understand deadlines/ quotas/etc but the lady was so aggressive she made me not want to go to Vanity :-\ She quoted me, Dr Hasan Abdomen and Flanks for my BBL , at $3800. I then questioned "Well what's the regular price?" She answered $4000. I then said "So im only saving the 200$ I assume I have to put down today" She let me know i was correct. Smh I DO NOT like being pressured. Even after i told her id just started the BBL journey and havent done enough research she wanted me pick a doctor, run my credit to see if i qualify for financing ,choose a recovery house and pick a date all just to save a funky $200 :-\

Wish Pics

blah :-\

So ive decided to not rush to do my BBL. I might actually wait a couple of years instead of 90days :'( B/C I want to have one more child I believe I'll wait on the procedure. Im now looking into LaserLipo because this stomach has to go NOW! And hey... its only $200 on Groupon :-) I'm really hoping that it works as a temporary fix until AFTER im done having kids.

Little Less Stomach Little More Bootay

Plastic Surgery App

I dont wanna wait!!!

Getting quotes from different doctors. If I get one under 3500$ I'll reconsider waiting because I REALLY wanna get it done :-D :-D

RealSelf Stalk Mode

I feel like I spend HOURS stalking results on!!! I want my BBL sooooo bad. I wish I could just fly to the DR throw my money at Durans assistant then hop on the operating table LMFAO. I sent her an email like 4hrs ago and I'm like ugh CMon send me a quote PLEASE!!! Smdh Has anyone received a quote from Duran? I want a BBL &TT, Lipo from my Abdomen and Flanks (back)? I just wanna know how much money I need to raise in 1month lmao

Hola Dr Baez!!!

Beaz? Baez? I always spell it wrong and real self always corrects me lol. So I received my quote from the lovely doctor and for only $3700 I will have liposuction i from my abdominal full Back & inner thighs a BBL AND a full tummy tuck. Lipo TT and BBL for under 4G?? my only fear is that it is too good to be true. I haven't seen many pictures of the ladies who leave her office I looked at her website and I'm pleased so I'm kind of going off of what she displays which is scary. but I'm like the other doctors in the Dominican Republic Dr Baez responds to ALL of my questions with which puts me at ease and you can tell by the reviews that she genuinely cares about her patients and that's what I'll need. Guess i better put a rush on my passport :-D

Looking for Buddy

So im now ACTIVELY looking a buddy! Originally my ma was going to come with me BUT its starting to look like that wont happen :'( so in an effort to save money i need to find a buddy. I'm not dedicated to any particular recovery house and I'm open to sharing a hotel room or a condo. Ive been looking on and i see a lot of great deals there. Anyone interested lettme know. The more the merrier

Ish Gettin Real!!

Taking my Vitamins!
Sending My Deposit Tomorrow!
Applying for my Expedited Passport Monday!
Ordering Supplies Online!
Requested for the Time Off!
Ish is getting SOOOO real. Baez Barbie coming soon :-D

I felt like crying!!!

So my boss is not letting me get any more OT for a while soooo my surgery will be delayed! I feel like dramatically throwing myself on a rock and cry my eyes out lol. Now i have to wait maybe a month longer to get my SX. I wanted to be healed by my birthday still keeping my fingers crossed that i will be :-D
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Dag! Even though you may feel frustrated with this happening, remember that things happen for a reason. Maybe it wasnt meant for u to have sx at that time.
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WHAT????????!!! I will pray it happens for you Doll :) Stay Hopeful&have faith.
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Im so sad! Thank you for the prayers hun I need them regardless :-D
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I will stay positive for the both of us :) Happy thoughts&Great Vibes your way! OXXO
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I will definitely be following you we have the same body type and I can't wait to see your results. I'm going to Dr. Baez in February goodluck on your journey
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I just read your profile... wow our bodies look damn near the same. (I got a lot more stretchmarks lol) so excited for you doll
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Our booty looks about the same and I'll be going to her in February for a BBL so I will definitely be following your journey to see how you turn out.
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Yesss girl! Im ready to get this booty looking good lol
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How much time do you have left?
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Wow 29days :-) :-)
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Best Wishes for a successful sx and a Fabulous Birthday Wish come true.
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Thanks Hun! Im sooo excited :-D
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YHW! I can imagine :)
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Thanks for sharing, I will be following your journey. Keeping you in prayer. .
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Thank you Hun!
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Good luck on your upcoming bbl.journey.
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Thanks Doll
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Ur boyfriend is right! Ur butt is not so bad. Compared to mine. Lol. Not a lot to do on your body. Result will be perfect after surgery... good luck
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Thank you so much hun!!! Im so excited to get a new booty and flat belly :-D :-D
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Gd luck
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Hey girl how are you don't worry you will flip flop and and change your mind through out this whole process a few times like everyone else like now I'm 92 days until the day and I'm looking and considering a different surgeon... lol . good luck and I will cont to follow your journey
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Lol thanks Doll. I feel like a crazy person
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As I start getting everything together (supplies etc) I will post them so that you'll have an idea of what is needed. Omg u have twins, amazing! I want twins so bad. Don't have kids yet but I hope my first will b twins
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