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Hey everyone!! Thanks for all of your reviews...

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all of your reviews & pics they were very helpful in my decision making process to get a bbl & tt. I chose Dr. Salama his work looks GREAT & he has GREAT reviews! I hate my body shape Biggie big on top & small on bottom I have no ass at all... damn shame. Im having a bbl, tt & lipo of the inner thigh in June! Im 5'8 and 208lbs but thank God I don't look that bad I Pray once I get the surgery it evens my body out Nice & Curvy Hourglass Figure!!! (I PRAY).. Im soo excited!

Dr. Salama

So far so good everyone seems very nice can't wait until June to meet them!

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I am going in June also!! I am so excited!!! Best Wishes!! I will be going to Dr Campos. kp us posted on your journey!!!
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Gud luk im one of salamas june booty babies too lol
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I'm sure you will get what you are looking for. I hear Salama is the man. Congrats and good luck.
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. When in June will you be having surgery?

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