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I'm a mothers of 3 getting a bbl jun 9 I'm really...

I'm a mothers of 3 getting a bbl jun 9 I'm really small only 128 lb I hope I can get a big but and big hips , I'm go to vanity in fl with dr fisher he have lots of girls on here , I'm a little wiry of how things are going yo go but I'm here 2 more he before I can have my dream booty and hips , I'll let you all know how everything works out !!!

Dr fisher

Omg so I love dr fisher he was so nice but the girls that work there not so nice !!!

3rd day

Ok it's my 3rd day I feel a lot better !!!

My before pic

Sorry girls this are my before pic

Booty pic

My 5 day in

Hi girls here are some pic I feel better today going in for a massage :)

How long after bbl can you be shore tfat you are ok

I girls I
Wondering how long adter you get bbl done you no your no longer in denger from blood clods or enything like it ?

1 week

Hi girls so today is one week I feel so much better no to much pain but let me tell you is soooooo hard to not sit dawn omg I feel like I really need to but I'm doing hood I was shopping today at the mall no pain meds and did ok for like 7 hr that I was out the house to everyone that is getting a bbl it's hard but you can do it :)

2 weeks post up

Hi girls sorry I can put lots of pic do to all my tattoos but I'm doing really good my but is getting soft no pain and back to my normal life I will be going back home today :) I love my my but and waist :)

2 weeks post up

2 weeks post up going home :)

2 weeks

2 weeks pos up going home !!!!size 6 stretchy jeans lol

3 weeks

Hey girls I'm 3 weeks post my but it's smaller bit I love it I hope it stay this way :)

Going out on my bike

Hey girls so I'm going out ridding in my motorcycle with out my lipo fome or tabla under my garment I'll let you know how I feel after :)

Out on 2d

3 weeks post up wen out on my bike an I was good no pain

2 weeks

My but keeps getting smaller I hope it stops :(

4 weeks

Hi girls so today it's 4 weeks I feel really good I think I'm going back for part 2 for more hip dr fisher did a really good job with my but :) ii love my but jest need mite
Hips I'm still a size 6
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love love him , so nice so profession and gave me my dream body :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What hotel did you stay at?
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Your body looks great!!!! Did you retain any fluids or have any problems draining?
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Pics pics!! ;-)
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God bless you your going for another round. I'd die lol
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U look great! Your true shape will come in at six mos !
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Where did you get the chair please? Trying to find it in my area (palm beach) is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thanks
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You look beautiful! Twerk Worthy Lovliness!!
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That hottie on the bike! Fui fuiooo
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yesss bishhh yess bishhhh yesssss!!!!! work work work, thats poppin need i say more !!!! happy healings on the other side
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Love it. Do you have a better before pic. Doesn't look like u had a lot of fat to offer but fisher did his thang!!!!!
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Yea he did I'm only 128 so not too much fat :(
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I'd give you my hips if it was possible .you look great
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Thanks love :)
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Still going down? The butt?
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No I think it stop by now lol
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How are you doing ?
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1 week post op today & I see a difference but my butt is not as big as I wanted. The problem is ortega does not do drain after the surgery unlike fisher who does so because if this we saw our results later on as fisher girls see it right away.. Dumb huh but not sure why he dont drain but I had marain who's a sweetheart drain me twice and give me 3 massages for $105. She said as well as ortega I would see my body within months which I hate but I'm glad I had some drainage work done! Trust me if id not put all my money down before I knew about fisher id be a fisher girl! Enjoy… but some swelling is down and my stomach is flat im definitely improving so I'm grateful for that! Happy healings xoxo.. Dying for my hips to go. I hate them.
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I seen a girl he did with drains as she stayed at the vanity facility and she looked great right away..
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Really he did not put drains on me or lots of girls on here I wen in to get drain 2 times
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I saw her pic with the two balls in her maybe she had a TT and I misread it.. But she looked good
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Yea maybe lol
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The swelling is probably going down and after about that I believe you'll start fluffing. Dr. from mia mentioned that you should go back to normal diet after 6 days post op. This will help keep normal weighr and prevent weighr loss during the early post op phase (first 3 months). But, it will probably fluff back out after all the fluid has released from your body. Get your massages and another Dr. Mentioned using a dough roller to smooth and push out fluid from lipoed areas. Do that daily
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Ok love thanks
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Thanks love for the inf you don't massage your but ?
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