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I have three daughters and my body is no longer...

I have three daughters and my body is no longer the same. I have tried every diet there is out there. And i was starting to give up when i started searching online and came across So as i started lookng over some reviews about brazilian butt lift surgery. Its was like a sign from GOD that smacked me right across the face. And i rey feel this would be the surgery that will change my life forever!!!!

Hi!!! I wont to have an bbl done but i am stuck on...

Hi!!! I wont to have an bbl done but i am stuck on my surgeon. I see alot of reviews about Dr.J. And i really love his work from looking at all of the before and after photos. If anyone have any advice for me please reply. I neesd info on Dr.J prices!!!!
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Im really considering letting Dr. J do my BBL!!!!

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I'm scheduled with Dr. J for Dec. 21 and am too amped up! I havent met him yet but during my phone consultation he seemed really patient, down to earth, & just overall nice & easy to talk to. As far as pricing, he is a bit on the pricy side but u cant beat his results & the reputation he has. The base price is $8,800 cash or $9,300 if u finance & that includes lipo of stomach and lower back with fat transfer to butt. Each additional lipo area is $900. I'm gonna get my chin lipo'd and depending on how bad off I get as I continue to gain about 25-35 lbs, I may need my upper back & the little fat pocket area on side of the breasts and under the armpits lipo'd as well. Its right there on side of the back and a very small area & Im already giving him so much money so hopefully he can just knock that out for me for free or at a discounted rate if i get the upper back done as well. Maybe give me them both for $1,200 idk lol. Anywho, welcome bbl sister & i cant wait to follow ur story & find out which dr. u choose!
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Welcome Dreika. I just had surgery with Dr. Jimerson. Feel free to read my blog on him. If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to ask. We are here for you. Good luck.
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Hey girl,

welcome to the bbl sisterhood... 
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