Will be landing in DR tonight!!!!!OMG It's finally here(freaking out)Team Yily 3/5 - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello BBL fam. I'm soo excited, I finally have...

Hello BBL fam. I'm soo excited, I finally have my consultation scheduled Feb.1, with Dr. S. I have so many questions for him. I'm wondering about a tummy tuck. I've noticed alot of women on this site are fairly flat in their mid-section. Not to much hanging skin. It seems like those women didnt need a TT.

I have 5 children and a fairly flat stomach after a LONG year of diet and working out. I do notice some loose skin. I DO NOT want TT. Do you have to have tight skin for the BBL to turn out right? Has anyone had the BBl with losse skin and didnt get a TT? How did it turn out?

Hi Mizznewbooty,

I am also getting a bbl, but not a tt. I have two children and they stretched my skin pretty good. I'm having my surgery 22 Feb so you'll be doing yours before me. Please let me know how everything went for you.
I actually have my consultation scheduled for Feb.1. I will know then when he can do it. I hope the price isnt too high! I heard he has went up on his price:(

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Please keep us updated on how you progress!



Hello ladies,well I finally had my consultation...

Hello ladies,well I finally had my consultation with Dr. S. and gave my downpayment. I was concerned about a TT,but after talking to Dr. S., I decided not to do it. I didn't want to anyway,I just wanted to hear his recommendation. He did recommend a TT. My skin is loose from 5 kids.The last pregnancy with my twins really messed me up. I'll be fine with a flat stomach and a little bit of loose skin. He said my stomach will be flat for sure but I will have loose skin. (minimal) I already have plenty of stretchmarks. I'm not planning on wearing a half-top, bikini, or anything showing all these strechmarks so what's some loose skin gonna hurt!

I haven't set my date yet. I was thinking around...

I haven't set my date yet. I was thinking around October. I want to do it earlier, but I need to take of some issues first like time off work,school,someone to care for me for a week,ect...Awww soo much to do. October will be here before I know it.Dr. S. is booked til July anyway. I will post before pics soon. Talk to you ladies later.
Thanks lovely12, Ill do that
You and I have the same concern...I didnt want the tt at first but then decided to go for it being he advised "best results" statement. I have a little skin not tight as well. Im scheduled 07/27, I wish I could go sooner. I have care package and air mattress w/hole in it (for the butt to go thru) its called the pregnancy bed another girl on here told me about it. But I have the same question, how bad will it be if only get the bbl. Let me know if you find out. keep me posted.
Hey Teresa8296,I will keep you informed about this TT subject. I hope I made the right choice by opting out of the TT.But he did make me feel comfortable that it wont be that bad if I can deal with minimal loose skin. He's an artist @ what he does so I understand him wanting his work to be perfect in his eyes. I had already made my mind up when I went in there that I was not getting a TT because of the scar. If he made me feel like the scar wasn't gonna be that bad, I would have jumped all over it. But thats why I like him because he's so honest. He told me exactly how big/dark the scar would be for MY skins condition. everyone is diffrent. And the results for me was one I wasn't willing to live with. I've seen GREAT results from a TT's that Dr. S. has done, and I'm jealous. I wish I had good skin that could handle scaring well.He said I could always have the TT later if I change my mind.

If anyone would like to switch thier March 2013...

If anyone would like to switch thier March 2013 date for my January 2013 please inbox me. I would prefer a later date due to babysitting issues, but I can't hold off to long. I've waited long enough. I think March would be good for me. Please let me know if yoour innterested. Thanks
Yaasie is asking to sale her Jan 21st date. Mybe you can hook up with her. I don't have an appointment I'm keeping my my finger crossed for someone to sale me a March date.
Yea I'm trying to switch my January date for Febuary or That would be perfect. I would hope someone wants an earlier date. Thanks for your responce. Good luck, hope you can schedule in March
Typo: Febuary or March would be great

Please please please someone switch dates with me....

Please please please someone switch dates with me..I need a March date asap! I'm going to have to wait a whole year...freaking out....don't knife what I'm going to ...do

OMG!! I'm reaching out to ANYONE who would please...

OMG!! I'm reaching out to ANYONE who would please switch dates with me. I am scheduled for Febuary 8th.. I desperatly need a March date. My income taxes were paying for this procedure. Unfortunatly IRS has pushed the E-file date back to Janusry 30th. That means my pay-out date has been pushed back as a result I won't have the moneyin-time for my surgrty!!! (I've already filed,just waiting for my deposit OMG...As all of us know how LONG of a wait it is with Dr. Salama (1year or longer) I have waited a year already I think I would Litterly DIE if I have to wait another YEAR.. I'm worjing with the wonderful staff at the office to see if anyone cancels but no luck so far and time is ticking. I'm in tears writing this PRAYING for a blessing . If someone wants to switch PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE inbox me or message me.. Thanks girls for your help..

I'm getting depressed..Is anyone going through or...

I'm getting depressed..Is anyone going through or has experianced what's happeninig to me..I really need some encouragment. I just been rying and crying cause I'm so scared I'm going to lose my date hve to wait a year and Lord knows what going to happen in a year!!!!I have the wrst luck EVER!!!!!
i understand what your going though, just keep praying try looking at the calendar and inbox anyone that as a later date. If you dont mind waiting til April or May I think I seen a few ppl wanting an earlier day however I do not remember their names.

It's geting down to the wire and I'm SOO scared...

It's geting down to the wire and I'm SOO scared I'm not going to have my $$ and lose my date... My nerves can't take to much more. Praying for the beat. Please pray for me ladies...I waited LONG enough:(
Have you called the IRS to see how long for refunds?

Hello ladies....I'm feeling pretty down today...I...

Hello ladies....I'm feeling pretty down today...I gave up my Febuary 8th date because I know I'm not going to have my income tax money back in-time. Now I have no date!!! I'm just on stand-by waiting and PRAYING something comes thru. I didn't want to hold on to that date once I figured out that I wasn't getting my money. I would rather let it go and bless someone who's looking for a diffrent date. That's what I'm praying for, a diffrent date. So if anyone is reading this and want a Febuary 8th date,it might still be available. I talked to them this afternoon so call A.S.A.P. Good luck girls and please pray for me that I can get a date sooner then later.

I had to give up my Febuery date due ti finanacial...

I had to give up my Febuery date due ti finanacial issues. I won't have the rest of my surgery money until 2 weeks after my scheduled dated . I didn't find this out until about a month ago. I immediatley called to try and switch dates with someone. I've been looking ever since. It got down to the wire to where I had to make a decision. Be selfish and hold on to the date praying for a miricle or be realistic and bless someone else looking for a diffrent date. I chose to give it up. Why waste a slot for someone to use. That's what I was praying for. Someone to bless me. Anyway I told them I couldn't make that appointment and to reshedule me. The only thing they had was AUGUST!!! I almost died right there on the phone. She heard t in my voice. She promised to continue to look for cancelations.. I'm so angry..
Ive already waited a year, now I have to wait another 8 mths. It's pissing me off cause I was so close to having this done I could feel my new ass already.. If it weren't for the IRS moving the filing date back I would still be having my procedure on the 8th. I'm feeling so discouraged like it's just not gonna happen for me. I don't know what to do..Trying not to dwell on the negative and get all depressed about it. Trying to stay positive. Pray for me ladies and wish me luck.
We have the same day I'm going in with salama on the 5th
cant wait to see your results.
Hey hun how are you? I really would like to know you're experience w Yily. Hope all is well!

Well I never gave my supply list for you gorls and...

Well I never gave my supply list for you gorls and since i'm flying out tomorrow I was thinking of last minute things and 1 of them was posting my supply list. So here it is:
percription pain meds/antibiotics
baby wipes
T.E.D. hose (anti-embolism stocking) for swelling/blood clots in limbs
gauzes (all sizes)
Bio-oil (scaring)
non-slip socks(hospital socks)
hospital tape
Arnica Gel(pain)
triple anti-biotic ointment
anti-itch cream
antibacterial soap
alchohol pads
womens laxative
large size panties(boy shorts,i went up a size)
travel size toothbrush,toothpaste,deodorant,mouthwash,facewash,bodyspray
cocoa butter lotion
tums(for upset stomach)
combination lock (for my suiitcase)
maternity pads (underneath garment)
shower hooks (drains)
5 maxi dresses
8 t-shirts(under garment)
head scarf( weave LOL)
Hope this helps you ladies.Pray for me and I'll see y'all on the other side....muah!!!
Hope ur alright nd healing nicely
goodluck girlie!! many blessings!!
Hope all is well with u sis!! Update us when u can please.. GOD BLESS !!
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