Feeling beautiful again! New date! Switched to 7/2/13 from 1/28. Perfect!!!

I have a consultation on 11/14 with dr Salama, and...

I have a consultation on 11/14 with dr Salama, and I am not sure what to expect just yet. I am petite, about 5'1 at 110lb. I do have some butt, just not as round as I would like to. (Will post pics soon). I am also very active - I have a little bit of fat in my tummy - just hope it's enough! I am also hoping for a more minor procedure than the typical BBL since I don't want my butt too big - I already have some and still want it to look natural. Just want it round, juicy and bubbly!I was thinking maybe 500 units (or whatever those things called), but not sure if that would be enough. Also, what are the prices can I expect? And how was recovery time? (That scares me the most!!! As well as being under anesthesia!

Also- what kind of questions should I ask? Things that scare me are (1) being under anesthesia, (2) recovery time, (3) when can I come back to work?

Had my first consultation yesterday, and already...

Had my first consultation yesterday, and already put my deposit. So i am doing it!!! Apparently I don't need a mini one, but about 900cc each. That was shocking on how high it was as I thought I am already starting with something - I got ass, just not as around as I would like (see pics). I am also fat enough, and only need to gain 5lb..which was also shocking because I exercise a lot and because my body fat is about 18%. When I suck in my stomach - I have a little four pack. But dr salama told me to stop exercising 4 weeks before surgery. I am 5'1 about 112 now, and the majority of fat will be taken from my love handles and stomach. Getting so nervous! Its only 2 months away! Posting my pics now (as of yesterday).

Gained another 3lb - thanks to thanksgiving and...

Gained another 3lb - thanks to thanksgiving and all debauchery around it. Now I am at my fattest at 116lb! And i am a small girl at barely 5'1! Nothing fits! Now I am less than 60 days away, and starting to freak out about anesthesia, recovery time, work, pain' and, sitting at my work!! Can any of you ladies tell me if I can sit for an hour comfortably say after 3 weeks after surgery?

Also, anesthesia - scary! Is anyone else nervous about this?
Good luck on your journey :)
Thanks you too! Everything is happening so fast already! And I'm still nearly 2 months away - just had my consultation 2 weeks ago. I'm seriously re-considering rescheduling this for maybe May....more vacations time!
Whatever works best for you honey!! I am thinking of pushing mine up to may, right now my date is June 28th. But I think you should go with whenever you'll have the most time off

Just wanted to update my preop measurements and a...

Just wanted to update my preop measurements and a new pic from today. as yuu can see on my last pic,I'm so fat now, I have cellulite on my stomach! I hope it's enough fat thigh though, as fat as I feel, I keep on eating!

Chest 34
Waist 29
Hips 36.5

Ladies Im scheduled on 1/28/13 which is Monday. I...

Ladies Im scheduled on 1/28/13 which is Monday. I need to find someone to switch with me to a day that is either Thursday or Friday..or even Wednesday. Works better for my work. Any takers? Thanks!! Definitely willing to postpone to a later date!!!


Id agree but I'm march but with ghurani

Hey girls! Still looking to recdhedule. Spoke to...

Hey girls! Still looking to recdhedule. Spoke to cinthia yesterday, and still no luck. I'm not ready mentally and with work. But just in case, I bought all the vitamins that I am planning to start taking in a week and half of so..about 4 weeks before the surgery, esp. Iron and vitamin C.

Let me know if anyone is interested! Any later date with Salama should work.

Added the wish pick - want heart shape I think....

Added the wish pick - want heart shape I think. With more fullness on the bottom. I am a fairly petite girl..super short at barely 5'2, and afraid a big buttunkadunk might make me just look shorter and fatter.
Welcome to BBL sisterhood! I think your wish pics are very realistic and match your body type completely. Great choice! I'm a Salama girl, too and Salama is very popular on Real Self so you should be able to find someone that is willing to switch with you! Good luck :)

Hi Eve,

You could take a look through the BBL forum, there are always ladies in there wanting to switch to earlier dates.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks Kristi!! Appreciate your help and tips in my inbox :)

I was browsing today, and totally randomly came...

I was browsing today, and totally randomly came across someone's review for BBL that is done though NIL laser. Does anyone know the difference between the two? NIL laser claims to have less down time, but same results. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you ladies!

There is one surgeon doing it here in ft Lauderdale at Elite Body Sculpture. I'm just trying to explore this thing since I have never heard if it. They use lasers for fat extraction instead of needles, and local anesthesia.. Then transfers the high quality fat into your butt. It says no down time, just 48 hrs instead of 6 months for typical lipo. What the $:8/8:$38/$:)???!!!!!!!
Thanks girly! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Omg - your date is so close! I will be sure to follow you! I'm sure you are thrilled!!! Ps. I see you are from Canada - you will love the weather down here :)

So happy. Nancy made my day yesterday. I've been...

So happy. Nancy made my day yesterday. I've been trying to switch for weeks now via RS. July works so much better, especially around July 4th - more vacation time to heal. Now I can be prepared more physically and mentally. The only thing..gained so much weight for this surgery. At my HEAVIest - at 118lb. I'm a super short girl, so it's a lot for me and looks awful - like a cellulite on my stomach. Now I have to lose it all, and gained it again lol. All this eating for nothing lol. But the timing is much better, so I am happier. Thank you Nancy! You're amazing! It only took her few hours to find someone! Thanks to the gal who switched with me.. Whoever you are! Nancy said she was super thrilled..it was also super spontaneous. With only 4 weeks left, so she can start her preop regimen right on time! Perfect!!!!
OMg sorry , i just read ur height. we are also the same height. i started as 110 pounds and now i m up to 118 , never been this heavy in my entire life. i do however use a waist cincher vest in the regular basis so u cant really tell i gained so much weight unless i take my clothes off :) . well good luck and hopefyully we can be in touch. happy holidays
what is ur height ? we are the same weight ., i gained close to 10 pounds for thhis surgery. My surgery is scheduled for July 18th. :))))
Good for you!!!

Second-guessing my decision to give up my January...

Second-guessing my decision to give up my January 28 date for July. I think I went overboard with preparation in December. I was preparing myself for the Jan 28 surgery since I wasn't sure if I would be able to switch to a later date. Spent $200 on vitamins, started taking iron and vit C, and most importantly stopped working out, AND was eating my ass off to gain weight. Now I am feeling fat, at my heaviest! Not feeling sexy..not comfortable in my own skin. Nothing fits! And yet my surgery now us 7 months away!!!! Ugh.

I feel that physically my time is now, while I am a fatso. But responsibly, July would be better with work. Ugh! What a difficult dilemma that was! Shit! For the first time in my life, I don't feel comfortable parading around naked in front of my bf..lol.

Started working out, and planning on losing 15lb, but then gaining it back for the surgery. Not sure if I'm been realistic. But thinking to lose 15lb ASAP, then start gaining it all back starting in May. Ugh..Nye is coming up, went shipping, and seriously hate it - nothing fits right.. My belly us huge. Have nothing to wear, and feeling so not sexy. :(
Buy the waist cincher :) believe me it makes a huge difference .,,
hey girl! That sucks you are so uncomfortable now. Definitely go back to regular eating habits and such for now - i would hate to feel overweight for so long too, But it's gonna come quicker than you think it will!!
Thnx hunnie - I will. I am about 7lb heavier since you last saw me in FL :( mom was in town, cooking all that fatty Russian food..lol. I swear I stretched my stomach - eating less is so hard now! Hope all is well, and can't wait for a new update. Happy new year babe! And thanks for all the advice you've given me :)

Feeling much better than my last update. Had been...

Feeling much better than my last update. Had been working out, eating log of protein and healthy foods, got my abs back, and my body is finally hard (my legs and my butt). Bikini season in FL- actually look forward to it for once. Idea of BBl is much more secondary now..I think because I am so much happier with my body. Been working out my butt a lot - it's still small, but got rounder.. Somehow these men started complementing me on my butt (some women too) over the last few weeks..and I am like...smh - do I even need bbl.

But there are some other days when I go down toMiami, and see beautiful Latinas with big round booties - I am like..hmmm..want one too. Lol. Now though, it is not a nessecity, but more of a nice enhancement. :)

Hope all is well ladies!

Posted uodated pic (will do more) of a progress...

Posted uodated pic (will do more) of a progress from training / weights. Still thinking bbl though, but not as obsessed with it :)
I'm curious to see your results! I'm excited for you. :)
well i guess u r one of the lucky ones that exercise will do for u :) enjoy it mama.. enjoy the nice weather we have in fl /
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