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Hello to all of you ladies considering this...

Hello to all of you ladies considering this procedure. I have been on this website ever since I decided to go ahead with my surgery. I am a mother of 3 and am not having any more children. I have always wanted to do something to enhance the appearance of my stomach and waist. I used to be a size 0 before kids and although i in no way want to be that size again, i want to have a smaller waist and flatter stomach. After much research i decided to pay Dr. M a visit. I don't know how serious I was when I actually went to see him. None the less I made my appointment, paid my $100 consultation fee and went with my husband to my consultation. I arrived a little early and witnessed a patient leaving her post opp appointment in some pain. Kinda freaked me out a little. My husband and I looked at each other and said "RUN!!!"

We walked in, sat on the couch and filled out the paper work. Angel is my patient coordinator and she was very sweet and welcoming. The girls in the office were also really sweet. I was escorted to the room and left my husband on the couch. I took some pictures and waited to see the famous Dr. M. he greeted me and was very relaxed, laid back, confident, nice, funny...all the things I like in a doctor. He contoured my body on a screen and I of course LOVED my new shape. Of course, this is just a photo but I was still very happy with the possibility of what i could look like after surgery. I initially wanted to go in for just lipo or a tummy tuck but the doctor said i do not have any loose skin to do a tummy tuck. Then he explained what the BBL was and i thought "why not" I could definitely use a bigger but and loved the idea. The doctor left the room and my husband was brought in to speak with Angel and decide on date, pricing...etc

My husband and I asked all of our questions and decided to talk it over and not make a decision right on the spot. In NO way did we ever feel pressured to set a time, date or leave any kind of deposit. On the way home i told my husband I really wanted this surgery but wanted his OK since it was a costly surgery. I always wanted to do something but felt guilty spending this type of money on something so vaine. I decided I was worth it and the more I wait for the years to pass the less I am going to want to do it. I am 32 years old and my life is my children. I do everything for them and i feel its time to do something for me. I emailed Angel and we decided on a date. April 29 it is!!!

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Just got an email from Angel regarding a package...

Just got an email from Angel regarding a package they will be sending me giving me all the information regarding the surgery, vitamins to take and garment info!!! Can't wait to get it and look through it.

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Got my package in the mail today! A little scary I...

Got my package in the mail today! A little scary I must admit. They reiterate the potential dangers of the surgery. One of the reasons I never went thru all of this is because i have three small children and don't want anything to happen to me while i am under. I know they have to cover their a*@ but it makes it so real to read all about it. Trust me when I tell you I have done plenty of research and i am aware of all the risks, I just dont like reading it over and over. In the packet was information on the surgery, how long it will take, when i will be fitted for my garment (which is the day of my pre opp). They recommend you purchase 2 garments!! I know they're expensive so i am not looking forward to that. Also some care instructions and how many times you will visit the dr after your surgery etc. It was very informative. All i do is read stories and look at all the before and after pics of all you ladies that have gone through this.


Thanks for sharing.....great review!!! I too am scheduled with Dr. Mendieta in May. I also have three young children and question my decision to do this. I totally understand how you feel. You will be in good hands and very well taken care of from what I've researched. Best of luck to you!!!
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Thank you so much. Glad Im not the only one with guilt issues. I truly believe he is a wonderful surgeon and am confident he will do a great job. Good luck with your surgery and keep us all posted.
Yes, I will. Please do the same. Thanks!! :)

Got all my vitamins and have been takin them for...

Got all my vitamins and have been takin them for two days. Im not a pill person (hence my three beautiful babies lol) but i have been doing good so far. I am now on a road trip to Tenessee with my family for spring break. 14 hr drive!!! Definitely cant do this after my surgery :). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and great spring break!!

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So I have been thinking for a while now whether i...

So I have been thinking for a while now whether i want to do my inner thighs or not. Not sure whether to just stick to my abdomen, love handles, back...but if im going to go throigh with this finally i might as well do it all right? Ive heard your skin can get wrinkly/sag when you do inner thighs. Has anyone done inner thighs and liked te results or regretted it? Besides that i think i have all my questions answered.

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So I went and did my labs yesterday. $190! There...

So I went and did my labs yesterday. $190! There are many things not included in the price of the sx and this is one of them. Whether you have insurance or not you still have to pay because it is an elective surgery. I got there did some bloodwork, and ekg, x-ray and urine for pregnancy. Turns out i have mild bradycardia (slow heart rate) but don't expect it to hinder my surgery. Will keep you girls posted. 26 days and counting


Hello im scheduled with Mendiets also.Finally someone else is going with Mendieta. I thought it was only Perez & I. Im glad you said something about the massages cause none of his patients say they needed them. Im counting down your day's along with Perez cause then it will be my Good luck & please keep us posted.
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Yay that's amazing! When is your surgery? I am assuming I will need the massages. When i went in for my labs all the ladies there told me to get them. They also told me they have seen all kinds of patients but thise who go to Mendieta have by far the best results. Glad there are more Mendieta patients on here. I know he is expensive but when it comes to your body I only want the best. Good luck and stay in touch. Im curious about his patients and his results :)
Im scheduled for 6/10/2013 & Im soooo ready!!! I have a friend who had the procedure done & he transformed her whole body. Ass,curves,hips..Yeah he did his thang on her. Recovery was hell for her but she got through it. She didn't do massages either. He is one expensive doctor & everytime I think about it I smh & say to myself im doing it. Im working like a mad woman to pay for it. What hotel did you go for? I got extended stay & it's $900 for 10 days. Uggg! There rates are higher during the summer.But any who please keep us posted about the extra money that has to be paid. P.s.. It's really a $12,000 surgery when it's all said & done.SMH

So I am 13 days away and am starting to sleep less...

So I am 13 days away and am starting to sleep less every night thinking of what could go wrong and how i will be able to recover as quickly as possible. I don't want to be down too long so i can be able to take care of my children alone without any help. i know i will definitely start to feel guilty if I am laying down and my children need me and i can't help. :( Today is my pre op with the doctor. Sign all my forms, pay in full, get measured for my garment, get all my prescriptions and ask any questions. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I also get all of my lab results today which i am expecting to be ok. After the consult today I am going to purchase a few things such as the hibiclens, arnica pills/gel and any last minute things. I am usually way ahead of the game but i still can't believe i am doing this. It really hasn't hit me yet. I will keep you all posted. If you can think of any questions to ask the doctor please let me know. All of a sudden i have completely blanked out!

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I am back from my pre opp. You do not get to see...

I am back from my pre opp. You do not get to see Dr. M during this visit. The next time you get to see him is the day of your surgery. The staff is so nice and welcoming and willing to answer all your questions it really doesn't matter that you don't see him. You feel like you're in a spa when you are there. Everything is so peaceful and quiet and professional. Anyways, I got there and had to sign a packet of papers. Most of them were the ones included in the packet they send you, and others were new such as permission to use your photos, and a legal agreement of some sort for law suits and such. After I filled out all of my papers a nurse came and sat with me and went thru the papers and answered any questions I had. According to her the doctor places a catheter in you for the first 24 hours. He removes it at your visit the next day (which you dont see him just a nurse). They give you all your prescriptions to be filled before surgery. The prescriptions they give you are:

Hibiclens (to shower the night before surgery and the morning of surgery)
Trental (circulation med)
Iron Pills
Zofran (for nausea) - I always have this at home bc it helps with the stomach flu God forbid anyone at home get it.
Keflex - antibiotics
Percocet - pain
Valium - to relax and help you sleep

They also ask you to buy DMSO which is not a prescription but you do have to get at a pharmacy. It's about $50 at the pharmacy but I have seen it online for a lot less ($20).

You also have to purchase a garment. It doesnt necessarily have to be from them but I think it's best to get 1 of the one they give you and then buy another elsewhere cheaper. They gave me design veronique style # B1655. It is a below the knee compression garment. $268!!!!!!! I came home and found them online for $199. So now that you all know which one to get dont spend the extra $70 if you don't have to. They gave me one in black...I guess to hide all the ooze right after surgery. I will get my second one in a tan color so it is less noticeable or even the white so i can wear light colored clothing in these hot months. So ladies be prepared to spend more than just the surgery cost.

They also gave me the info to an after surgery care company. I was thinking of having someone take care of me the days after surgery so i wouldn't have to put so much burden on my family. The company is called "care after" and the owner is called Esther. Let me tell you this lady knows her stuff and is soooo sweet. I loved her from the second she picked up the phone. She will pick you up after surgery and stay with you for as long as you need. Even take you to your follow up the next day. She charges $20/hr and is well worth it. She has known the doctor for 20 years and she is great! Her phone number is 305.993.5445 I am off to get my meds and last minute items. Hope this information helps you all :)


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Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Stay positive! It will work out fine :)
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Thank u so much bottomup. Can't wait to have my surgery already!!

SOooooo excited!!! Just got my call from...

SOooooo excited!!! Just got my call from Mendieta's office. Surgery will be at 6am on Monday! Follow up appointment will be the next day at 10am. I am nervous and scared but at the same time ready to start my recovery! I see days on my calendar and can't imagine that i will have my new body by then. Everything is so surreal. I went grocery shopping and purchased a lot of fruits to make smoothies and well as meats (for iron) and other comfort foods. Hopefully i can find enough things to entertain me this weekend to keep my mind off of Monday. Good luck to everyone recovering and going thru the experience.


Is that all? Will you tell if you happy or not with your surgery, please....
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Hello Something 4 me. Thank you for your review. Very helpful. However it would be nice to see your results after all this time :)
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how do you feel? How did your surgery go? we had our procedures done about the same time. Mine was last monday! Hope everything went well, recovery is a little tough but it will be worth it!
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