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A little about queen b I am 34 ,5'8 190 pounds...

A little about queen b I am 34 ,5'8 190 pounds ,just got married to an awesome (no perfect)lol man ;-) like most of you I've been stalking this site for 2 years now,last year I Had br and Tt and now I ready to complete the process of becoming. The best me I can be,I have chosen Dr Fisher in Miami to do my BBL O process of becoming the best me I can be in Columbus had
Welcome to RS! Congratulations on your vows! U chose a great PS ur going to look awesome ! Enjoy ur journey!
Welcome! *hugs*
Thxs right back at ya hun. Which dr. Did u choose

sorry i did my review on my phone

As I was saying last year I had br and a tt in columbus ga with dr naman,he was an awesome doctor,however I couldn't go to him for my bbl,so I chose to do a lil research and I found fisher ,great work at great price ,I can't wait ,I will post some pics in the nude soon

my wish pix

So at the time I saw these pix I had no idea they were of the same person ,so I guess that means I really love the shape of her body
HI! Welcome! I just scheduled with Fisher for September 23. When are u looking to go? I had a tummy tuck too and we pretty much have the same build so I'm gonna keep my eye on u!!! Lol!!!

here I am ladies

A few pix of this body please be honest and share your thought in my wish pic for my body
Thanks love
Your wish pick girl loks dam good in my bikini lol I wish you the best. with your sx ;) you have a nice shape&I'm sure he ca. shape you nicely.I
I can't go till January ,

can you believe this

Hi dolls,so I told you guys that I had a br and tt last year,well yesterday while I was at work this lady walks up to me and say 'yea you cute but you still ain't got no ads so don't be walking around like you fine,lol ladies I am humble most of the time and this time was no different bc the chic is fugly so I felt no need to respond but,on the real it hurt my feelings ,why do females try to find your insecurities and pick on you I,she is old enough to be my Damn mother ,it's all good soon to be fisher doll


She has a really shitty life and could tell that whatever you have is better than hers.

illusion butt

Soooooooooo ladies what I mean is if you cover the top half of my butt ,ppl can be fooled thinking I have a Lil sum lol

sorry for the dirty mirror

I was doing my hair , and decided to take pix real quick, soooooooooo its hair spray on my mirror
Hey girly i had a similar experience to yours with a woman making a rude comment. I was in school a few years ago and a classmate said "girl you would've been a 10 except you don't have no a$$!" I could not believe she said that especially in front of other people. I was angry at first but then i realized that she was just insecure with herself. People like that will look you head to toe and try to find something mean to say about your toes, or eyebrows, hair, whatever. They really are just unhappy with themselves when they look in the mirror.

more wish pix ladies

I want to be thick but sexy as he'll,I want the women to envy me ,and the guys to wonder what the hell did my husband do to get me lol ,you see ladies brothers are always saying they don't want sisters to be with someone o f another race ,well my hubby is a sexy white guy blonde hair and blue eyes ,and yes the brothers be throwing bull s sometimes and I don't even have the ads yet lmao


Ass not ads but you guys that is auto correct
Love your update! ALWAYS gonna have the HATERS Doll. Women,girls,men&boys! Keep your positivity you're gonna need it. Let them throw shade. HA! Rise above the BS! I always think of it this way.when people are talking about me,i am even MORE relevant and obviously on their minds! I was telling my guy friend i 'HATE" when men stare or look at me ,he said Bella WORRY when they DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UH HA! SO,you see take this with a grain of salt or look it this way. :) Happy Thursday Chica

i know this may sound crazy

Ladies I am like a Damn junkie ,I wake up looking at realself,go to sleep looking at butts,hell even at work I am always checking for updates ,my husband said I need to go to join a support group:) I responded by saying I DID realself lol,but on another note does it sound crazy that I am hoping to just be thick wit it ,,,,,,I want to slim my waist down but leave some thick curves ,so ladies please tell me what you think of my wish pix compared to my body if it is realistic or not,,,,,,I have thick skin so please don't sugar coat it

this is just what i need

Wish wish wish
Have you set a date yet for surgery?
No I have not I will be doing that in the next couple weeks, but it will be in January
O see I want to start making payments to vanity but I want to have a consultation with fisher first. Are you staying at a recovery house

just a little sum sum

Ladies I have yet to set a date my date , there isn't a lot going on jessica is my coordinator ,and she is not that great but is ok for what it is,I am staying at the recovery house bc there isn't anyone that can go with me,yes I know that a couple ladies didn't like it ,but then t here were several that did I saw pictures and I didn't dislike the views ,I know it's a ranch but drum rollllll........ I live on a ranch horses,cows, ex. Lol so it's fine with me but I will have my own caregiver after the first night , 2 garments 5massages, pills,7 days transportation and the foams and tablets for compressions 1000 is not bad
I am not sure if they still have that special but you can ask
I wonder if u can bring someone with u to the recovery house to help u at no extra charge like your husband or something because I heard that they really don't help u at that recovery house
Yes they ask if I wanted two beds

going on a diet ladies

Ok so I know it sounds crazy but I have been trying to save my back fat for my booty ,but after recently seeing dr fisher creative work on this really small female( no I am not insulting you) I figured that I should at least try to lose 20 pounds :) so ladies wish me luck my bday is Oct 19 hopefully I will get that treadmill I ask for fingerscrossed

o yea

O my price changed they were running a special and I ask if I pay 500 dollars that day can they change my recovery house price to the special she said yes sooo that's why it's cheaper

this is why I don't mind the recovery house

Had to go check on the cows yesterday lol ;-) I am not this damn country but the husband family is
Good luck on the diet.
Hey hun, I am seriously considering Dr Fisher next year. I also had a tummy tuck this year but know that doctor can't give the ass I really want. Many of us are rs junkies when we seeking something we desire. I must have missed it somewhere in the review But when is your sx date?
I don't know hunn you would have to call them I'm not sure I talked to them last week..they might still have it

where I am now

Ok ladies I wanted to update some pix of me as of today so you guys can get a better idea of what I am working with
Lol right cause I have no ass at all...fuck it I'm just gone buy me one Lol.. Naw but good luck on with the diet!! I been on mine for a while I was 210 now I'm 185 I bought a big thing of muscle milk protein (powder) I mix it with milk...it pretty good I make a whole 16oz in my water bottle in the morning and drink on it through out the day & only eat dinner I lost 2 pounds in 1 day...sooo imma see how this gone go

damn ppl can be rude

So if you are reading this ,the title must have peeked your interest,well I was reading some reviews and I notice just how rude ppl can be ,,,,,,,,,, why do ppl feel the need to comment on a person's page if you are going to insult them ,and then say btw you look nice ,,,,what the hell ......... ladies please remember that words hurt ,if one is happy with themself them who are we to judge
Hey I'm scheduled for Jan 9th it would be good to stay in touch. I'll be arriving on the 8th
guhhhh I thought somebody was fckn with you, I was about to hop in the car and head down there!!! lol.. but honey the internet is another world of it's own and unfortunately cowards dwell on it, all I know is I wish a biih would come out her neck sideways and insult my post op body, hell I don't even allow that with my pre op body!!
Thanks,I hope soooooooooo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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