Looking for an affordable condo or apartment to stay at.. Any suggestions ladies?

Hi ladies, I'm 5'4 130lbs I have wanted a bbl for...

Hi ladies, I'm 5'4 130lbs I have wanted a bbl for so long now.. going on about 4 years.I have considered many options such as going to Dominican Republic, going local, and going to Costantino mendieta. But I have decided to go with Dr. Salama, i love his work and he is more reasonably priced then mendieta.
I am looking for an hour glass shape and a big natural looking butt. I am doing lipo in my back, flanks and I'm paying an extra $250 to get lipo under my chin. I really want to do it in February or march if anyone would like to switch.


Good luck on Ur date girl just keep posting...try posting in salamas patients sometimes ppl don't get other ppl update in their e-mail .
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Great! I will try doing that. Thanks girl
Yup girl when u post on ppls page u start to get comments from that person ... goodluck girl things happen for a reason it's been two times I have changed my date but I still don't quit I'm having this done eventually ;)

So i am 5'4 and 130 lbs. i want to gain 5 lbs. i...

So i am 5'4 and 130 lbs. i want to gain 5 lbs. i eat like a cow and cannot gain. I switched to Dr. Ghurani and my date is now April 17th... I received my packet in the mail today ... I am extremely nervous and am starting to get cold feet. The thought of all the money I will be spending and that I may not get the results I want because I won't have enough fat makes me very stressed, plus the recovery process really has me thinking. :-/


Did you have the surgery? If so are you happy with results?
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Hey if you find an affordable place please let me know. I'm scheduled with Ghurani in late May and I'm struggling to find somewhere to stay
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have heard from a girl who recruits models in Miami and has sent a lot of models to Dr.Salama and then I started looking on the Internet and I love his results.

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