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I have waited forever to get the body I've dreamed...

I have waited forever to get the body I've dreamed of. This year 2-0-1-3 is officially 2-0-1-ME! I am going to Dr. Moises Salama. I had to schedule my appointment for next year 2014 but am on the wait list for an earlier appointment in June. (That way I can get the work done while I'm out of school for the summer). I'm soooooo thankful for this site. The before and after pictures, the reviews, the detailed stories, helped me sooo much already. What a great idea!

So, I got in on the $8K sale for the bbl before Dr. Salama's prices went up to $9K. I'm also going to get arm lipo, inner and outer thigh lipo (I don't want the hips - just the butt), upper abs, lower abs, upper and lower back and flanks - everything!

Can any veterans help me with

1) best place to stay
2) drivers/assistants
3) masseuses who can make house calls
4) any additional advice

Anyone have a June date they want to trade

Anyone have a June date they want to trade

I need a date in June and am hoping someone can...

I need a date in June and am hoping someone can trade with me. Please send me a PM if you're willing to trade your dates(s). i'm gonna be out of school during this time and am hoping that I can have this new body ready for the summer. Please let me know if you are want to switch - the sooner, the better

Hey someone named bootyfull on this site wants to switch her June 14th date you should take that she wants 2014
Call his assistants and ask thats the best way because im doing my surgery with him also and they just squeezed me in a for june 3rd yayyy
from what ive read... it might not be the best idea to get your arms done at the same time as everything else... as you need your arms alot to help you get up and support yourself thru ur bb... so if your arms are also in pain.... its gonna be even more difficult. ive read a couple reviews on here saying advising others not to get their arms lipoed same time as its hell.... but each to their own i guess... i opted for my upper n lower stomach, flanks and lower back to be done... then getting my arms and upper back (kinda armpit area) and POSSIBLY inner thighs done another time aside from that hopefully you get the results you want.. im also doing my bbl in june x

Well, I got a June date, but need it earlier. LOL...

Well, I got a June date, but need it earlier. LOL - reasons: the 25th would make me stay in Miami over the 4th of July holiday AND more importantly, I'll be on my cycle. I don't think that I want to deal with that at the same time as dealing with healing, so I'm still trying for an earlier date closer to the 10th.

I have already began my vitamin regimen in preparation for the big day! I'm going to spend next month packing and preparing - sooooo excited!
Okay, so I've read over and over how addicting this site can be and its soooooooo true. I can't go to bed before I've searched the site for post op pics of ghurani's work. LOL. Thank you to all the BBL sisters who are posting. A special shout out to allthesecheekspoppin who just got Ghuranified on May 15th. Bless you girl! You're far, so good. Keep getting your beauty rest. So as you can see, I switched my doctor to Ghurani and my date to June 10th! I will be there getting all the beautification one body (and booty) deserves. I am excited but at the same time hesitant to spend all this money. Then I think...I deserve it. I work everyday and what truly have I done for myself. Well, this is it. My something for self! The surgery itself will prove worth its weight in gold (God willing) I booked a hotel on and ended up right on the boardwalk in Hallandale. However, it's looking like I need a caregiver/nurse for the first day or two. I'm looking into that now. Whatever it takes right? I bought the gauze, the tape, the bed covers, the you name it and I've been taking the onslaught of vitamins and iron (sheez!) and I just had the doctor take the six vials of blood for testing and an ekg last week. Once cleared, its just a few weeks from the big day. I'm a ball of emotions - nervous, excited, happy, anxious, concerned, ??? - i just roll through all these each day and then I see pics and say "Wow! Stop tripping." LOL. I love the results but the recovery looks like HELL! What price for beauty? In this case thousands of dollars and days of pain. I've already started packing and going out today to buy a few more t-shirts, a maxi dress, and the p cup :-). I'll keep you guys posted as the big day gets closer. If anyone will be there on June 10th surgery is scheduled for June 11th. If you're scheduled during this time, contact me. Let's take this journey together.

My LABS are back!

Just got my lab reports - it's all clear! June 11th is only a few days away. Been calling Nancy because I'm saving some $$$ by switching to Ghurani. He's only $7199! It's a no brainer. Come on BRAND NEW ME! I'm gonna start packing tonight.
Nancy can give you the names of a couple of care givers. They charge around $150 I believe. Good luck.
SeaDaze, I found a great nurse with experience in bbl caregiving. PM me when you get a chance.
So excited for you!



14 Days

In fourteen days, I will literally wake up with the body and booty of my dreams. I've got a few more things to buy on my list (a shower curtain, slippers, suction cups, hair bands) and I'll make a dollar store trip today. I'm going to have my prescriptions filled in Aventura at their local CVS. I'll have Nancy call them in. I plan on asking her to include a prescription for IBUPROFEN 800 mg. I'm not a big fan of western medicine pharmaceuticals so I plan on going with alternative medicine instead. I will see the herbalist this week for medicines that will help reduce bruising, swelling, scar tissue, and pain. I also will start acupuncture treatment when I get home to help speed up the healing process.

I hired a nurse who will help me out for only $15/hour. I called her two weeks ago and secured my dates 6/10 - 21 and she's booked. She will drive me to and from my appointments (dr visits and massages), take me shopping, wash my garment(s), and just plain - help me. She is a CNA and my blessing already.

I'm still rolling through my emotions but the strongest one is excitement. Each morning I lift up my stomach and say "in just a few weeks, you'll be gone." Then I look and my booty and say "and you'll be here." I'm putting my Nicki Minaj in the back - instead of the front. LOL

I really want more liposuction than booty. once most of the fat is removed, my booty will look bigger anyway. right?

Questions for the doctor include:

Can you give me back dimples?
What type of scarring is to be expected?
How will determine evenness?
If there is an emergency, which hospital is contacted?
Is the surgical insurance necessary if I have my own insurance?
Who will be in the surgery room?

Can I pick where he takes the most fat? I want it from my thighs, then abs, then flanks, then back - THIGHS FIRST!! LOL

Oh and I got my hotel on Okay, I'll keep you guys updated as time progresses.
Good luck boo! I'm going the 18th and I'm beyond nervous scared excited hell I can't call it! Lol
June 4th


Well ladies on top of all of my other emotions, I now have to feel frustration, anger, upset, irritation and just an overwhelming level of being pissed off!!!

As I mentioned to you all several weeks ago, my price was quoted as $7199. When I talked with Nancy she noted that I still owed $7224! WTF?! My call was escalated to Ruben who told me he was "personally offended" that I felt there was an overwhelming amount of competence in the caring and nurturing department, yet when it comes to the financial aspects of the office, there was a an equal amount of competence lacking. It seems to me no one knows the actual prices - even the people who quote the prices. It seems that no one knows which documents have been sent out, received, etc. - even the people who sent them out. Are they really that busy???

On the other hand, my doctor, Dr. Ghurani, spent 20 minutes on the phone with me in the morning prior to his surgery to answer any and every question I had. His care resonated through the phone. I'm glad he will be my doctor (once this price thing gets cleared up).

Anyway, the office says that Dr. G has not charged $7199 since NOVEMBER! I got the quote in March and again 3 weeks ago. SMH. I couldn't talk to Ruben "freely" today as I was at work. He was kind enough to give me his cell phone number but I still don't have the peace inside me to speak with him politely yet. I am just too upset. At this point, it is a question of principal and integrity. I cannot be so anxious for this surgery that I don't demand that from the place I have selected to have my elective, expensive surgery.

To quote my grandmother - If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. I take my stand tomorrow. I remain pissed tonight. Will try for a better day tomorrow. Good night ladies.
Hey girl how is everything? Any updates ?? Hope all is well :-)
I feel you on that some girls are so pressed to changebtheir shape that they will do n take anything from the office. Im glad your taking a stand, like you said and I totally agree you cant be so anxious that you dont demand principal and integrity. Totally how I feel. I hope it comes together for you. :)
Are you having sx today??
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