Jazzy Cutie's Transformation

Okay I guess it's finally time for me to begin...

Okay I guess it's finally time for me to begin documenting this journey. I have experienced trials, tribulations, & some minor set backs along the way! However we CAN do ALL things through HE who strengthens us.... Thus here I am counting down the days until this Jazzy Cutie is transformed into a Hasan Hottie! So sit back & come along for the ride ladies.

Surgery Buddies!!!

So I have two awesome surgery buddies, Wishfullthinkn & Bodified2014! We also have an honorary surgery buddy Bri'Bree! Ladies make sure u keep a paper trail (emails) of exchanges that occur between u and coordinators/schedulers/doctors/assistants/etc! Things are often not clarified and occasionally not mentioned. We've been through some changes with scheduling but we are still pushing forward!

Bri'Bree although u won't be there with us physically we'll keep u posted with tips & what to expect when ur time rolls around!


Hasan IS certified in COSMETIC Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body. Because treated areas function properly but lack aesthetic appeal, cosmetic surgery is elective.

Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is reconstructive in nature.

Understanding the difference between “cosmetic” and “plastic” surgery.

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are not the same thing:

Cosmetic surgery procedures enhance a person's appearance toward some aesthetic ideal.
Cosmetic surgery is practiced by doctors from a variety of medical fields including dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons, general surgeons, gynecologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, as well as doctors from other fields.
Unlike cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery focuses on repairing and reconstructing abnormal structures of the body caused by birth defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors or disease.

The link incase anyone cares to read on as I have...

Gonna be on CLOUD 9!!!!!

I gotta give a HUGE s/o 2 my homie/hun/my round/big sistah Robin..... She looked out for me on a whole 'nother level!!! I'll be higher than a hippie in a plane. Cloud 9 in more ways than one!


No Zzzz in sight until it wheels up!

Well its almost that time for wheels up! I've been up & at 'em all day! Its 12:13am & I have yet to lay it down. I still have to complete another check list, take a bath, & give my girl a bald fade!!! TMI yea my bad! Oh & dont 4get ladies... Shaving is a No-No! U must wax, trim with clippers, use a hair removal gel, or laser!!! Oh yea did I mention I have to pull out at 3am... So toodles 4 now back 2 my last min preps lol

Prayers up... Our Bday is today!!!

Lord God at this time we come to you with a sense of gratefulness! We are grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon thus far. Lord God we know that we arrived safely here not by chance but by your grace! And we give You all the glory and honor for we know love and continued mercy shall not waiver! We enter into surgery with open minds and hearts. We cast out any fears or frets for we know that fear is not of You Lord God! We bind satan for we know GREATER is HE that is in us. You said to ask and we shall receive, well at this time we name & claim surgical success! God we pray that you guide our surgeons, nurses, anestheologists, and assistants' hands, minds, skills, thoughts, and techniques that they may gracefully and willing be an instrument of You. We thank You in advance oh Lord for we know that through You, we will experience not only a successful/uneventful surgery but a speedy recovery as well. Lord God we call out to You for we know ALL things are possible through You oh God who strengthens us. We rebuke negative thoughts, negative energy, doubtful fears, and open our minds and hearts to success beyond our hearts imagination. In your darling son Jesus name we pray..... AMEN!!!! It is DONE for Lord you said it IS

NEW SURGEON!!! Siddharth Bass

As of yesterday... My surgeon, surgery time & surgery location all changed! As a result I MADE SURE that my surgery price did as well! Of course I experienced anger, frustration, doubtful outcomes, lack of enthusiasm, & amount faced a lack of determination thus willing to throw in the towel! I thought it through and realized that fear is NOT of God. He teaches us Ye though I walk through the shadow of dark I will feel NO evil! I interpreted that as my dark being the unknown about Dr Bass and my fear of evil to be doubtful outcomes. I stood firm on faith and told Satan to get thee beneath!!! Not behind but beneath me. I serve a God who is GREATER and MIGHTIER than thee... So there is no place for this fear in my heart, mind, nor thoughts. I am yet praying, naming, and claiming surgical success! I know ALL things are possible through GOD so I leave it in His hands for I know HE has HIS hands on me!

My songs of encouragement and motivation that guided my decision making yesterday....

James Fortune ft FIYA - Hold On

MS Mass Choir - It Is For Me

Marvin Sapp - He Has His Hands On You

The explanation....

This is basically everything sum'd up ladies....
B4 PAYING Vanity inquire about their refund policy and do so via email so that u have a papertrail!!!.....

Hasan didn't know that I had high blood pressure bcuz he said that they NEVER mentioned it nor showed him my records although it was in my chart! First they said I could just get a physical from a doctor there for an additional $100, then Yanais said no just go to Dr Bass he is willing to do ur surgery. I meet with him the next day but he said it wasn't explained to him when Yanais asked him if he would do my surgery. So they called my doctor but him & his nurse were on vacation & no other doctor at the practice could give the clearance. I kept being brushed off with no answers! I finally got tired and wanted my money back and then they wanna pull some BS about me having to file a claim for it & it taking 4 weeks to process! Plus.... Then they try to keep $1,500 if u cancel BE AWARE!!!

Marian.... Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Hello, we have the most affordable prices in Miami... We have special promotion for Lymphatic drainage... 3 sessions: $ 105.00 or 5 sessions: $ 150.00, individual session treatment $ 40.00. please visit our web site (copy and paste) www.medicalmassageprofessionals.com...best regards. Marian.

call Marian at 786-488 8805 to schedule your sessions. You can also email her at marian@medicalmassageprofessionals.com

She is GREAT!!! She is located at 752 W Flagler St. Suite #107 Miami, Florida. This location is close to Downtown Miami.

Be sure to mention you read about her on Realself & tell her Kassy (pronounced Cassie) sent u!

Massage Update....

Sorry for the delay with that info ladies.... But I did share it with anyone that previously inboxed me to inquire. But now that I've met with her in person & seen her technique, skill, & loving caring nature I feel more comfortable refer'n pple to her.

Oh yea ladies she was very intrigued at the idea of offering Recovery Care. Her son does transportation so she will be working on establishing a Recovery Residence in the near future. Be sure to inquire

Clearance Forms!

So Vanity presents a facade as though they follow precautionary protocol to the highest of standards. Well at their request of a pre-op clearance letter, I consulted a physician in Florida, as well as my PCP when I returned home. Both physicians inquired about the date of the surgery as well as the "Request For Clearance" forms. It appears as though the "SURGERY" MANAGER" as she referred to herself, was taken aback when I relayed the expiration date of a clearance form (30 days ladies be aware)!!!! She repeatedly said it doesn't matter as long as she gets it ...Wha tha Wha??? Next concern, Vanity DOES NOT provide u with a form specifying which exams they need performed in an effort to provide clearance! I had to ask numerous times for SOMETHING IN WRITING detailing exactly what concerns they have. Although I requested the form on letterhead, it was merely typed on white copy paper.

At this point its like do u all need a clearance from us or should we request from u!?!?!? There are various conditions to test pre-op. Since this is an elective surgery, insurance WILL NOT cover these exams, nor doctor's visit. Random test can be costly & unnecessary! Be sure to get the correct clearances upfront! I'm going to present these findings to the WELL INFORMED (ha) staff at Vanity. Perhaps they will adopt a form in an effort to have a uniformed process & more cohesiveness. Wasted trips get costly & I have YET to find the seeds that yield money bearing trees!

Blood pressure readings... Last night, then tonight

I'll be documenting these everyday until my doctor's appointment next week for a check-up. As I informed Vanity & provided them access to via the Follow My Health app, my blood pressure is monitored & controlled! The app gives records that are stored at the physicians office dating back to 2012. In that time frame my numbers have been cut in half & my medicine dosages have decreased as well!

Buddy space available!!!!

My surgery buddy, Bri'Bree and I welcome anyone looking to cut cost even further. If u r interested in saving some $$$$ around the end of May inbox either her or me!

Vanity BS!!!

Short update that more details are on the way... I went and obtained the clearance from MY PHYSICIAN as requested. My doctor even went a step further & sent over records PROVING the clearance. I was STILL declined for surgery with NO CLEAR reason as to why! I'm also still awaiting a refund. It exceeded 4 weeks so I had to involve my bank.

Finally!!!! A refund......

So I finally received a refund as a result of my bank performing a dispute! I guess Vanity didn't have time to reply yet so I'll give you all an update if anything changes in the next few days or weeks.

Anyone needing Ortega rate info....

Imagenes Cosmetics.... $3,500 including lipo, bbl, consultation, labs, anesthesia, follow-up visits, garment

CG Cosmetics.... $5,000 (4,500 special)
Includes lipo, bbl, anesthesia, consultation, labs, follow-up visits.

Spectrum Aesthetics.... $5,999
Includes lipo, bbl, 5-day stay at recovery house, garment, 2 post-op massages, anesthesia, consultation, labs, follow-up visits.

Miami end of June early July!!!

Sound off ladies.... Anyone headed to Miami end of June early July check in with ur date & surgeon.

Notice the changes ladies?

I'm HAPPY (in my Pharell voice) to report that I have secured a new surgeon and new date! I will now be undergo a magnificent transformation at the hands of Dr Mel Ortega on June 28th!! Whoop whoop and yes the price remained the same... $3,500 which includes lipo, fat transfer, labs, EKG, and a garment.

Skin Regimen

Okay ladies here a few products to assist in skin tighten and resurfacing pre and post op. I initially used the L'oréal Revitalift skin firming cream. I alternated between the day and night formulas but after comparison I personally found the night time formula produced better results. I now use the L'oréal Collagen cream at night and during the day, it was recently placed on the market. It restores collagen in the skin and aids in skin resurfacing. I will continue with the collagen formula and resume the revitalift post-op. It was suggested to use a skin firming cream pre-op to help the skin retract after liposuction if u skin has poor elasticity; since I developed stretch marks after my son's birth I fell into that category. I have also purchased palmer's cocoa butter to make sure my buns are ready and willing to accept some fat lol.

In regards to the revitalift, I'd recommend the nighttime formula!

Shaving Info (as requested timeforme3)

I found this online and COPIED this excerpt!!! Its from a NYtimes wellness blog. Below I will post a link directly from the C.D.C. Website regarding shaving pre-op.....

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, surgical site infections are a leading cause of complications among hospital patients, accounting for nearly one out of five health care-associated infections and thousands of deaths annually.

A study published in the journal Spine looked at a group of patients having spinal surgery and found that while postoperative infections were low over all, they were more common among patients who were shaved for surgery than among those who were not. The reason, experts say, is that shaving with a razor blade causes microscopic nicks in the skin that can become bacterial breeding grounds.

In its guidelines for preventing surgical site infections, the C.D.C. recommends that hair not be removed unless it will interfere with the operation. When shaving is necessary, electrical clippers should be used.

Our LOVELY Marian

Hello ladies Marian has some new pictures & business card she would like to share with u all! I'm uploading the pix 4 her....

Realself is tripping! I can't get them to upload I'll try again

Marian's new pix

I'm trying again. Here are her newest pix that she wants me to share with the RS community

Dr. Ortega is AWESOME!!!!

Ladies just let me say.... Dr. Ortega is amazing & awesome! He is so genuine & sweet. We chatted and discussed various things even aside from surgery. He marked me up without me giving any direction nor showing him a wish pic! He said ok now look in the mirror. I hesitated & said nah I'll pass lol! He walks me over to the mirror & shows me his vision & I was elated.... He vision has nailed my desires without a guide!

He also went further to find areas to open that were previous scars to prevent anymore. Plus he suggested that we use surgical tape instead of stitches. Ladies he is wonderful!!!

Oh yeah here are a few pictures of the clinic. I'll upload more pix later. Now I'm just lounging until surgery.

RS sisters in Miami....

Hi ladies I'm in pain outta this world. My roommate & I both had surgery (2 days apart though) so its nearly impossible to assist one another. If there are any RS sisters in Miami willing to make a few dollars let me know. Jist basic assistance nothing medical

Finally some pix!

Here u ladies go.... Here are a few pix of my progress so far! I haven't received a reply from Dr Ortega yet regarding my lift; so I'm unsure if he added fat or not. From our discussion however, I think only the muscle was lifted. But here ya go

3 weeks post-op

New pic... Still upset about this back fat but oh well
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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Happy healing
  • Reply
  • Reply
How's your healing..?
  • Reply
It is much better. I'm beginning to have lower back pains but I apply Biofreeze & I'm suddenly like... "What pain"? I have the ups & downs~> good days & bad days. How r u these days?
  • Reply
Stay positive, try not to look for any imperfections during healing time, I know it's difficult because we want to look amazing from day 1.. But sometimes It takes more time in others.. I was looking and looking in the mirror and I told my self.. Stop," your blessed that your shape is 80% better, no infections, no seromas, no complication.." be happy.. Lol So, I'm very happy overall...:-)
  • Reply
Yeah u'r right if I stay out of the mirror I might feel a little better about my results. I'll continue to give it some time though as see what happens. Thats y I haven't given my opinion on my surgery yet.
  • Reply
Nice, once theswelling go down you will look hot!!, keep your faja on. God Bless
  • Reply
The back fat is what aggravates me. I feel since the legal limit in Florida is 4,000cc for removal, then there is NO reason for my back to still look like it did pre-op! I'm wearing the faja, extra compression, & then a waist cincher on top! Idk perhaps it'll get better
  • Reply
Did he tell u how Much fat did he removed in total..? He did 3 1/2 lts on me. The back fat it will get better close to your 3 months. Keep applying compression it will look much better later I felt the same way.. I'm still wearing my garment and the epifoam On my back every day....:-(
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I know l feel the sme way too
  • Reply
Did you want more of a natural look? Or did you ask to go big but he gave you a natural look? I'm suppose to b sending my depoist this week but I haven't spoken to him yet only the coordinator Liz I don't feel comfortable sending any deposit without speaking to him so we can get a clear understanding on what look I want to achieve. I want a big bubble butt like the video vixens lol. Would you say he is aggressive with lipo?
  • Reply
I actually said I wanted a natural look nothing exaggerated but now I'm kinda wishing I would have asked for more. I think he lifted my muscle. I can't see an improvement overall but I'm kinda second guessing myself. I'll take some better pix. U can't really see a difference on those
  • Reply
I meant I can see an improvement overall.
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You could order somo epi foam at ebay or amazon. It will help a lot...:-)
  • Reply
I'm gonna order some today & a smaller Ann Cherry of Squeem to wear over my garment
  • Reply
Thanks for the pics! I can see you're much slimmer..once the swelling goes down, your gonna look great! Your bum looks very natural.
  • Reply
Thanx chica.... It looks smaller on pix than it does in person but I like it. Enough of a change for a compliment worthy improvement BUT not exaggerated enough for questions & raised eyebrows! Lol
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Happy healing hun..!
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Thanx a milli!
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OMG l am out of state, if not l will visit you guys, l now how bad you guys need a hand, take your medicine on time and A LOT vitamin C for tissue recovery and buildup,.happy healing girls God bless you
  • Reply
Thanx sweetie! We've made it back to our residences now but we appreciate the thought & consideration! Xoxo
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CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY HEALING! I am looking forward to your results.
  • Reply
Thanx hun! I just uploaded a few pix!
  • Reply
JazeQneedzABooty glad to read that you're doing good. It gets better so hang in there. Welcome to the big booty side :-) xoxo (did u find help?)
  • Reply
Thanx chica! I'm still pushing forward through the pain. Nah we didn't find anyone. Blair530 & I were like two golden girls trying to help one another. Dajourney's fiancé was there & he helped out some also
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