BBL scheduled with Ghurani at Vanity - Jan 23, 2014 -Miami, FL

After talking to several great PS, I've decided to...

After talking to several great PS, I've decided to go with Dr. Ortega. Even though I have not spoken with him directly...his before/after pictures spoke for themselves. Honestly, I've looked at soooo many doctors' BBL pictures that they all started to look the same. I emailed my photos along with some wish pictures, which are not too dramatic because I do not want an "in your face" booty...though it'd be nice. I just want small trim hips and a nice subtle sexy butt. His price is reasonable and patient's assistance is very nice and informative. Unfortunately I can't say the same about Dr. Perez's patient assistance...she does not provide any information at all...only answers my questions if I can think of any to ask. I didn't feel like Dr. Perez's assistance wanted my business.

I'm from Colorado so will be flying to Miami on Jan 22nd and staying for one week. My BBL sisters...Please, let me know what I need to prepare for this procedure. And those of you who are flying out of town for the surgery...let me know how you sit on the plane ride back home.
Congrats on your journey!!!! Best wishes
Thank you, MzEyez!

My Before pix...One word: UGH!!!

40 years old, 4 kids, and the butt's draggin!

My "Wish" Butts

I hope Dr. Ortega can perform a miracle on me....

Exactly 1 more month! Can't wait!

Plane tickets purchased. Hotel and car rental booked. Now just wait...
Can't wait to see your results. Looking for a good doctor to do my butt at a good price. I'm considering Dr Fisher, Dr Ortega, and Dr Frieman :)
Congrats.. I'm going to him in March. Where are you staying and how far from the office is it. How long will you be staying. Do you have someone going with you or are u hiring a nurse?
Hello and Thank you. Congrats to you too! My husband is going with me and we will be staying nearby at Extended Stay because they have kitchens in their rooms. We will be there for one week. Are you going to need a place to stay too? Or do you live there?

Less than 2 weeks to go for BBL!

Hello ladies! I've cancelled with Dr. Ortega and booked with Dr. Ghurani at Vanity instead. I saw a few BBLs done by Dr. Ghurani and fell in love, so hoping and praying that he can do the same for me. So Excited!! Cannot Wait!!
Congrats doll, you have a great foundation so you will look great. I'm scheduled with dr Ghurani with elite but seriously thinking about switching to vanity. How much is the bbl with dr Ghurani at Vanity? Thanks
Thank you lovemy2girls...I hope so! Sorry didn't see your question until after I updated with the costs. The total procedure alone is $4300. Garment $100. I also got 5 lymphatic massages ($350)...for a total of $4750.
Wow, that is an awesome deal. I would save over $3k switching.


My coordinator (Jessica) at Vanity said Dr. Ghurani's price actually increased to about $5000, but since I have spoken with her last month (I originally contacted Jessica regarding Dr. Salas, who is cheaper), my price will be $4500 with a $200 discount if paid in full today. Since I received that discount, my garment was $100. I also paid 5 sessions of lymphatic massages for $350. So my total is $4750; not too bad. I believe I would have paid more if Dr. Ghurani was at Elite.
Hey, you're getting close. I'll be at Vanity on Feb 4 to has BBL with Ghurani. I look forward to following your journey and seeing your wonderful results :)
I can wait to see ur results!!! Jessica said the price goes down in Dec for plastic SX bcus the demand is not that high. But the prices goes up in Jan, Feb for tax season. It's a cold game lol.
Great deal!! Wow dr g was $4500 last week and was told his prices weren't lkng up until next week cuz tax season but praying I can get that hookup

10 more days to go....

I'm getting anxious now...cannot wait to get it over with.
Height: 5'1'
Weight: 125
Current measurements: 36-32-36
Good luck can't wait to see your result!! Good thing you got in before the madness!!! I had been paid my deposit but have not choice an dr yet or date so now am finally ready I can't get anyone to answer... Smh vanity has got to do better
Thank you. I know they're busy but you are right, they need to get their act together and do better. Jessica took my payment last week and keep telling me everyday (when I call her) she'll email me the receipt but I still have not receive it. I just hope I have my surgery with Dr. G. when I fly there next week.
Wow...i haven't got my receipt neither. Tho I only paid $200 to lock n price. Im planning with Fisher n the spring.


Damn, after reading blogs from other RS girls, I'm getting concern about what will happen when I get to Miami next week. I will be flying to Miami next Wednesday to do my blood work and meet with Dr. G then have surgery on Thursday. I spoke with Jessica yesterday and confirmed all this but now getting worried. I just hope & pray that she is not going to tell me something else once I arrived...I will be out a lot of money and pissed off! For now I will just think positive...
Im also involved in the craziness. Im actually thinking of canceling after my date has been changed twice on me. I really hope all goes well, and ill be following your journey. keep us posted!
I am also with Dr. G but at EPS I booked my surgery back in September and let me tell you last week I was so confused I was hearing that he was switching to Vanity, then that he increased his cost to 9000.00 dollars and for that reason she wanted me to see doctor Bass or fisher. An after reading your review I am still confused because you are stating the he is only at 5000.00 smh but nonetheless I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK AND PRAY FOR YOU SAFETY AND BEST RESULTS. Keep us updated, I honestly can not wait to see your results my surgery is coming up in March..HAPPY HEALING DOLL
Good luck!

Flying to Miami tomorrow to meet with Dr. Ghurani and do my blood work for Surgery on the 23rd.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who have been sending me love and prayers. I really appreciate every one of you! My husband, two kids, and I will be flying to Ft Lauderdale first thing in the morning...since the husband is going might as well take the boys for a little vacation.
Jessica called me this past Friday and I confirmed with her my arrival tomorrow to meet with Dr. G and do my blood work. If all goes well surgery will be Thursday.
I've been eating a lot the past couple of weeks and not exercising so my current weight is 127 lbs.
Wishing you a speedy recovery
Hope all went well for you sweetie
hope all is well

One week post op

Hello Ladies. My apologies for not responding or updating. I had no internet access while in Miami. I finally got home last night. OMG...I don't even know where to begin. I have soooo much to say but afraid I may say more than I should. I arrived at Vanity last Wednesday 3pm (Jessica told me to be there before 4pm). She made me waited until 430pm and told me that Dr. Ghurani left at 4pm with no explanation. The waiting already ticked me off a little bit. She said a lot of "not good" things about Dr. Ghurani that I will not say because I've never met him. She asked if I would like to meet with Dr. Salas or Fisher instead. I was pissed off and confused but kept my composure. I decided to meet with Dr. Salas (He was the very first doctor that I contacted her about before I knew of Dr. Ghurani). Dr. Salas seemed alright; he told me what he can do and cannot do. He advised that I stay in Miami 10 days after surgery for my safety and will fax a not to the airline.

Had my blood work done after meeting with Dr. Salas and surgery as scheduled on Thursday Jan 23rd. Everything went smoothly. I did not get nausea or much pain. I only took pain medication on the 2nd day post ops.

I had 5 massages. The lady who massaged me was very punctual and good. It is sad to say that I did not get to see Dr. Salas during my 1 day follow up or the day before I was coming home. I decided not to extend my stay because I was feeling fine and I don't think the doctor care about my well-being as he had claimed to because he was not available to see me or call and check up on me. I'm looking on the bright side; I got what I paid for $3900 for BBL patient service or anything else.

As far as the result of my BBL so far...I'm ok with it. Not extremely satisfied but looks like he removed a lot of fat and give me a little bit of booty (like I have requested).

I have more to say but getting tired because I'm kneeling so will continue later. Here are some pictures that I took.
I was interested in going to ghurani but after reading reviews about not knowing if he's working here or there it just really turned me off. Also the doctors there dont seem to be concerned with clients afterwords. Staff talking down about the doctors are big red flags and a BIG NO NO. Professionalism is everything. If im gonna be paying someone all my hard earned money I want complete satisfaction. Happy healing.
Wow, unbelievable! I don't know what to even say to that. I'm sorry u went thru that. Safe recovery & god bless.
Sorry you had to experience this. I hope you have a smooth recovery and do get the results you expect.
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