Surgery set for Nov with Dr Mendieta. Need some good post op tips - Miami, FL

What started out as a joke turned into a snowball...

What started out as a joke turned into a snowball or inquires and research. Although I have a small frame (5"1' and 118 lbs) I've wanted a sexy bottom with a bangin' waistline. My hubby convinced me that the BBL was the way to go. I've seen a lot of b4 and after pics that has encouraged me more :-).

With all the reviews on this site, I feel a bit...

With all the reviews on this site, I feel a bit more at ease going thru with this BBL. My friends think I'm crazy but after they see the results I hope that they will see what an improvement it does to my figure. I hope that I will feel the same way. I keep getting mixed emotions about it. Sometimes I'm super excited and other days I fear I'm making the wrong decision. With more reviews that I read and more beautiful b4 & after pics I see, I hope that this fear will subside.

Hi NBLV- I feel you on the "flip-flopness". I think we all go through it. The way I put it in perspective is that I can slip and fall in the shower (a daily activity) and "expire" just because this is something I "want" doesn't make it any less dangerous. Talk to your higher power and pray it all goes well. :)
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Ok, where to start? Well I had already chosen the...

Ok, where to start? Well I had already chosen the Dr I wanted based on his credentials. The next step was just to send in my wish pics and my b4 pics for Dr. Mendieta to review so he can evaluate whether I was a good candidate. This "back & forth" of info via email went on for a couple of weeks because I have 2 jobs and don't have a lot of free time to have phone conversations; Plus, I live in Nevada and my PS is in miami. I finally got to talk to Angel and she told me that althought Dr. Mendieta could contour my body, I may not get the projection I desired from my wish pics :-( I know this wasn't her intention, but I felt like she was trying to talk me out of doing a BBL. I don't know if it was the tone of her voice or just the feedback I had received, but it was a bit discouraging. I must admit that it did bum me out for a few hours after I got off the phone with her. My husband comforted me and made me realize that this evaluation was solely based on measurements and photos; that there are other variables involved that the Dr cannot see (ie skin condition, elasticity, fat deposits, etc). I decided to continue with the process & get the ball rolling on reserving my surgery date. I sent my down payment and my surgery is set for Nov. 28, 2012. I definitely wanted to get it done b4 the end of the year so I would be fully recovered in time for bikini season. That gives me roughly a month and a half to gain the weight I need for the BBL. Dr. Mendieta reccomended I gain 10-15 more lbs and I have been doing the necessary things to do so. As of today I am 125lbs and think I should probably get up to 130. (considering I started @ 118lbs). Gaining the weight is def not the hard part. I'm actually having a little bit of fun with it. My fear lies more with the recovery process. It really doesn't bother me if people recognize that I've had "work" done. I fear that I will be unhappy with the results or that I wasted A LOT of money on misery, pain, and unsatisfactory results. I'm sure everyone goes thru questioning your decision.
hi newbooty!! i wanted to tell you something to posibbly help u out a lil. my friend who works in the entertainment business she was 122 and got lipo with fat grafting with dr. campos in tj, mexico and all the us doctors told her the same things. dr.campos did lipo and did both fat grafting to her butt and hips and she looks amazing like the wish pic u have up the one u said it might be to big for yr frame. dont worry yr husband is right pictures are not u. u will have amazing results u will really!! i can tell with yr shape already yr shape is going to look amazing if u can find some one to sculpt u well. i would love to have yr body and be able to go into surgery with that. u will look great and im not just telling u that. just find the right Dr.
Thanks needdisbootay! I feel like the more research I do and the more "b4 & after" pics I see, the more calm I feel

Would anyone like to share their experience with...

Would anyone like to share their experience with sleeping on ur stomach and what things you did to be the most comfortable? Plus, I keep reading about swollen vaginas and that kinda scares me. What did you ladies do to alleviate discomfort or prevent/help with this common problem?
Hey there, checking in to see how your recovery is going. Are you pleased so far with your results?
Hi Seree007. As of today, I am 4 weeks post op. So far I am liking my results and am hoping my butt doesn't go down too much since I'm trying to lose a little weight. I was 138 pre op and that is not my ideal weight. I just have to wait & see. I can't wait to sit & sleep normal tho. That part is really annoying :-/
Glad to hear that you are pleased thus far. Don't worry so much about your weight, you should wait and see what size you are after your swelling goes down, then you can make a better estimate on the amount of weight you want to loose if any. Remember during this process of healing your body retains alot of water. As for the size of your butt, believe it or not the size of your butt will look even bigger over the next 4 weeks. You are still very swollen in your waist and back area right now and over the next month that will subside and continue to do so over the months ahead. So your waist will look tiny and butt bigger. I am so happy for you, you will soon be able to sleep and sit as normal, it just seems like forever now, but this time will pass.......Take care of yourself and enjoy your new a couple weeks you should be free of your garment.........Happy healing and happy holidays to you and your family.
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