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10-21-2012 I'm 25 yr old with a nice booty from...

I'm 25 yr old with a nice booty from the side but from the front and back not so cute. I have dents on each side of my hips and I don't have top booty like how I have in the middle or bottom. Hoping to get those nice round hips. I'm not looking to get a lot of cc's. just 350-400 cc in each hip and 600 cc's in each cheek. I want a super fluffy and a small waist.

My measurements
40-30-47 at lower hips
Wish measurements
40-26-47 all around

Also I'm 5"7 170lbs

DR. J is the man!!
I am between Jimerson and Wilberto Cortes. I don't think u need a tt...did someone tell u that? I was going with Dr. Lara in TJ but have to see if I can travel there first.
Hi samira4011. Good luck to you too on your journey. Have u Found a doc? I'm holding off the bbl and getting a t.t first. Once I heal up I'm hoping I will have my mind made up about a bbl doc.

Hey ladies decided to work on the tummy first then...

Hey ladies decided to work on the tummy first then get a bbl. I actually wish I can get both done at the same time! Some docs do some dont ! I posted a bbl wish pic I adore. Salama did his thing on that one. I can only pray for the same results. Any ladies that had a bbl and t.t with dr salama MSG me. any updates...have u made a decision on where u r u know why the doc wont do both procedures together?
Dr.azurin does a good bbl/t.t combo. He is on my top list of docs I picked
did you try dr Azurin? he does TT with bbl he's at Coral Springs
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