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Hi, I am feeling very fat and at times im so...


I am feeling very fat and at times im so uncomfortable i just want to run to the gym. i will have the lipo and butt life either mid August or September we are trying to fix dates that work for me. I am the biggest I have ever been and am very excited about this but, so so nervous about the pain - i am such a coward. Most of my life i have had the body i want, i work out hard and eat well (most of the time!!) although i go through phases. On the other hand i have never had the butt i wanted, its too flat and has never had that lovely feminine curve in the lower back.

I sometimes wonder how conceited and superficial i am doing this, spending this money and going throuhg this pain just to 'look good' but i have always been interested in maintaining my looks and love to look good! What can i say!!!

Just reaching out to other girls/women who've done this surgery. I have chosen Dr Mendieta. Here in London its enarly midnight and i cant sleep, just thining about it all. I dont know anyone personally who has ever had this surgery and really need support. Please give me a shout out or something...

So many of you recovered so well and quickly i ahve read reviews where girls have been out of bed the next day, i have also read some where 9 days post op girls are still suffering terribly OUCH. Hope im gonna be ok. Look forward to hearing from someone! anyone!!! ;)

Much love,

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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hey there! i'm an international too thinking about seeing Mendieta as well! How is everything working out for you at the moment? Have you booked your appointment and flights? I would love to hear how you're going, sometimes I feel the same way about going through with such a procedure, but I've been so uncomfortable with this part I've decided I will. Please keep in touch and all the best. :) :)
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Hey girl I am going to see Dr. M this Monday for my preop and surgery the next day. I can't write the sx because in the medical world that means symptoms...not surgery. I am so nervous and excited and know I will forget something!!!
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Hey London, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

I have moved your review over to the Brazilian Butt Lift community, as it sounds like this is what you're having and you'll get more interaction in that community. I hope this helps, but if you're not having a BBL, let me know and I can move it back for you.

Have you read through Dr. Mendieta's reviews? It might help you to get a better understanding of how his surgeries turn out and help calm your nerves a little.

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Hi mml, thanks I've been reading your responses. I'm starting to feel like chickenin out a this - seems like there's so much pain involved :(...
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The pain is controllable the things that happen after surgery tht they don't tell you is what is disconcerting. You are suppose to be given information so that you can make an informed consent. When doctors leave out information it is not informed consent. So ask him are there questions I haven't asked ? Are there issues that will affect me that you haven't shared with me yet regardless of how it may affect my decision to go through with the surgery. You need to know so you are sure you are making an informed decision. Good luck
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thanks mml, i'll be sure to be properly informed before i go forward.
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LondonT. Are you only having a Brazillian butt lift? That's a to ally different issue. Kristy moved you to Brazillian butt lift area here at real self from lower body lift.
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Hello London T. Please read more reviews. Lease read mine and the responses I've made to others. Look at lower body lifts, thigh lifts, you will find many that are pro and con. There is so much doctors don't tell you about this surgery and you don't always know what to ask so please read mine and others responses. Ood luck!
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