Need To Switch July 15 For April-May Date 2013 #Team SALAMA

Hi Ladies .. Ok im 18 and i am really considering...

Hi Ladies .. Ok im 18 and i am really considering , a Brazilian Butt Lift I Have 1 Son He Is 7months And Ever Since His Birth I've Put On An Extra Few Pounds (which i am very uncomfortable with) .. I Have Been Doing Research On Each And Every Procedure From Tummy Tucks To Coolsculpting, Lipo And The Brazilian Butt Lift Before I Even Heard Of A Brazilian Butt Lift I Figured That Coolsculpting Would Be BEST For me .. & I've Already Put A Deposit Down To Have It Done .. Im Scheduled To Have The Pocedure Done 10/9/2012 Which I Am Now Having Second Thoughts About .. Ever Since The Brazilian Butt Lift Has Caught My Attention I Feel Like It Is Something That I Am Really Interested In & This Would The Best Decision For Me .. But Is My Deposit Refundable ?? Hmm I Am Really Confused At This Point I Dont Know What Im Going To Tell My Dr. But Whatever It Is .. I Hope That It Gets My Money Back Lol :) Seriously That Could Be Money Towards My Brazilian Butt Lift .. I Am Planning To Have My Procedure Done By Dr.Salama Reason Being I've Heard That He Is Very Good And I Would Be Happy With My Results Im Not Really Looking For Too Much Of Anything Just A Small Waiste And Nice Round Plump Full Buttocks To Match ..

Welcome!!. Have you scheduled your date yet with Dr S ??!
thanks Hun & no , actually i haven't I've been Hoping To Get The Right Questions To My Answer First Before I Go About Doing Anything ..

Hi Ladies & BBL Fans .. Im Back And Have Good News...

Hi Ladies & BBL Fans .. Im Back And Have Good News Ok Over The Past Week I Have Been Doing A Liitle More Research On The Whole BBL Procedure , Cost Transportation , Stay , Healing Processs & The Rest Of Those Things .. After My Research Being Much More Convinced Than Ever I Finally Picked Up The Phone Contacting Dr.Salama's Office "Elite Plastic Surgery" That Is .. I First Spoke With One Operater Than Transferred To Another By The Name Of Cynthia , Well Let Me First Start Off By Mentioning That Cynthia Was Very Nice , Respectful , And Last But Not Least Very Professional .. I Know I Asked Her About A Million And One Qustions Lol .. But She Answered Them With No Problem Even The Same Ones That I Would Ask Her Over And Over Again Just To Be Sure .. I Was Told To Send My Pictures In ( rear front side ) After Sending In My Photos I Was Later Contacted By Cynthia .. And Thats When I Was Told The Goods News It Was Everything My Ears Hoped To Hear .. Dr.Salama Thinks Im A Perfect Candidate For The BBL And He Also Stated That He Forsee's Giving Me Good Results .. Yaaaayyy :) Im Getting Closer .. So After All The Great News And Some More Hard Thinking I Decided To Put My Deposit Down .. In Order To Schedule My Date .. Dr.Salama Was Already Booked & The Soonest Date Would Be In 6 months Which Is Wayyyy NEXT Year Im Trying To Have This Body Back In Shape Before Christmas I Explained To Cynthia .. So She Told Me That She Could Work On That And Get Me Into Dr.Salama's Schedule By The Time Of My Desired Date!!!!
No I Haven't Spoke With The Doctor Yet &+ No One Has Returned My Call In Reguards To What Will Be Done With My Money ..
Np!! Well make sure you make the right decision because this stuff is pretty price and unlike some you would it to be done correctly the first go around..! Good Luck..! Were you able to get your money back??!

Paid More Than Half Of My Money For Salama Just...

Paid More Than Half Of My Money For Salama Just Waiting On My Date .. "EXCITED" .. cant wait To Hear From Cynthia :)

Locked In The Date With Salama , Nov 6th 2012 Will...

Locked In The Date With Salama , Nov 6th 2012 Will Be The Day Of My Procedure
Im 18 tooo and gosh im rally considering hope im not too young xxxx post pics please xx

Hi Bbl Sisters .. I know i havent updated in a...

Hi Bbl Sisters .. I know i havent updated in a minute but im back and Looking for an April Date My Last Date Was Scheduled For Jan 22nd But My Grandfather Died Of A Heart Attack That Same Week So I Ended Up Missing My Appt .. I Havent Heard From Cynthia Or Any Of The Coordinators Since Then So I AM NOW LOOKING FOR AN APRIL DATE IF THERE IS ANYONE WITH AN APRIL DATE & WILLING TO SWAP PLEASE INBOX ME ASAP PLEASE I AM WILLING TO PAY PLEASE THANK YOU

Need To Switch Dates July 15 For April Or May...

Need To Switch Dates July 15 For April Or May Please Inbox Me If Interested

Desperately in need of an April-May date ladies if...

Desperately in need of an April-May date ladies if you need to cancel let me know even if you want to Sell Inbox me Or We could switch for July 15 2013 Thanks Please Inbox If Interested
Salama WORST Ever
Hey I wrote you back about my date in June .i..havent heard back from you
April-May Date ... "WHERE ARE YOU"
Miami Plastic Surgeon I Am Very Pleased With What Everyone Has To Say About Him .. And Everyone Seems Happy And Satisfied With Their Results .. I've Also Seen Pics Of His Work And Absolutely Love Itt I Feel That It Is Now My Turn To Be On His Table :)

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