dr hasan or dr fisher im sooo torn! anyone going end of summer begining fall??

Well hi im 19 years old will be 20 this july im...

well hi im 19 years old will be 20 this july im saving money to have this procedure done with salama i have been saving money do any of you ladies know how much it cost for salamas bbl????? and i have a little white girl booty ive always been big breasted but just have never had anything in the booty department!!

moises salama and burning???

Hi ladies im just new to this site and im still on the fence is it true that dr salama gives you burns????????// or is this rare???

first wish pic

Me before surgury

Flat bootay...


Heavy upfront...

Wanna get good results so prolly will gain 10 pounds?

Still thinking who I should go with

Dr salama or jimerson?? Ladies any ideas?

What do I need to buy before surgury

Ladies plz help is there a link of the items for pre op and do I need to buy waist clinchers?

Has anyone ever died from a bbl procedure???????

hi i was just wondering if anyone has ever died from a bbl procedure???????

ANYone going in march 2014????

any girls going in march of 2014??? just curious


okay sooo I called and the lady said hes booked until September??? and im on the waiting list and I have to send pics so hopefully they have a opening in march so confused

Got a date locked finally!!!

Scheduled for July 21 !! Put my payment down any July dates ladies???

New pix!!

Ladies this is what I'm working wit ughhhh!! :( and I have to gain 7-10 pounds

new wish pixsss

heres the size of the booty i want! might might have to do a round to and im taller than her and gotta longer waste but hopefully i can get a pretty good shape with round 1

Another pic


Chin lipo???

was wondering is there any risks associated with chin lipo??? does it leave a scar???

Ladies beware of certain dr doctors!!!

Ladies beware of certain doctors expecislly out of county just read this article about a young lady dieing make sure you do you research http://www.vladtv.com/mobile/detail/187410/

Looking to sell my July 21st date will salama!

Selling my July 21st date with salama inbox me I found out I was pregnant do I have to postpone my bbl

welll i guess its official ill be going in july!!!2014

ill be going to get my bbl done in july right before my 20th birthday !!!




Does anyone kno the process of selling ur surgury date??? without getting scammed

tthinking hard about getting surgury with DR ANthony hasan????

ladies I need ur opinion ive been looking at some reviews and it looks good only 4000$ for surgery but hes had a death before???? should I book a deposit =-( so confused
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I thought a woman died that was hasans patient
  • Reply
yea like 2 years ago im thinkin about dr fisher instead
  • Reply
I thought i heard a recent one
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I thought I just read about one this year too. Google it, it will show up!
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I thought you were pregnant!? What happened???
  • Reply
miscaridge 2 months ago sadly =-(
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Oh I'm so sorry :( good luck on ur surgery hun!
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Hi gorgeous , I just texted you
  • Reply
Good luck Hun..I'm trying to get my done in July as well(I'm on the waiting list)...do u know where you will be staying at?
  • Reply
no im still looking =-( and i dont even have a pre op list!! im so confused
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Need your date please inbox me
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Congrats on pregnancy
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Are you selling your date ? I have November 16? How much
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BBL will not kill u unless u have other complications like any other surgery but the burns from Liposuction can happen and I didn't know how bad they could be until I saw this one bad review on Dr Salama that scared me a lot and I am to go for a round 2 with him... Check it out for yourself... Just type " bbl bad review for Dr Salama"... Prepare yourself cus is awful
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Hey Whitney I inboxed you (: Hope to hear back from you soon!
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Lol whoops just noticed your not having the surgery congrats on the pregnancy!
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Hi idk about any risks with chin lipo but i had it and am very fair skinned i didnt put anything to fade scar and theres really hardly anthing there, very very faint mark.
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I was thinking about chin lipo as well, my friends keep saying I don't need it but my face is small and genetically I have a little drooping skin under my chin. Not really noticeable but I notice it and don't like it
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I have seen pics of the chin lipo and the scar is very minimal. You are fair skinned though so basically it depends on how you take care of it. Do you have any cuts or childhood scars? That will let you know how your body heals. Congrats on ur date also! :) I will be having sx in June but with Dr. Salzhauer
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thanks and i have like 2 childhood scars but they were deep cuts congrats on your date!
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Congrats girl he is gone hook you up. I needed to gain weight to. I already gained 6-7 i need to gain more
  • Reply
Yea thanks! I'm still deciding when I should start gaining I got until July
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Pretty nail designs!
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thanks didnt mean to put it on there lol hands all ashy, vday designs
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