getting my round 2 in APRIL looking for roommate-- DR P

-- Ladies! A little about me. I live in the...

-- Ladies! A little about me. I live in the Washington DC area. I am 5'6, 135, and my measurements are 35,27,39.5. My ratios are not too bad and i do have a lot of "cheeks", but my problem is i have NO hips and if I gain any weight its right to my love handles!!!!

I have been considering a BBL for a LONG time! I would of rather stayed local, but reputable Dr's in this area charge 15k plus for the BBL! WAYYYY TOO MUCH! I am trying to stay below 8k!!!!

Anyway, so thanks to real self I found Dr. Perry. I choose him because he works with ALL shapes of women (and I am slim and muscular)... seriously I was so entertained looking at his page last night! BBL on women 100 lbs all the way to 300 lbs!!

I called Norma who is so nice and she set me up from APRIL 5th... CANT BELIEVE I GOT IN SO QUICK! it was a cancellation.

I am flying from DC that morning at 6am (my ticket was $305 round trip which is a little pricey)... I arrive in Miami around 9am... I have not booked my hotel yet, but I plan on staying at the Hyatt (I get good discounts thru a friend).

Brazilian Buttlift is a worthwhile investment for me, because it changes your body shape FOREVER! fat cells are removed from your love handles and back and placed into your butt !

IF anyone is in the MIAMI area for the procedure around April 5th, please PM me! I would love to room together and help one another!!!!! I am only staying 5 nights

My goal is to have butt and hips like Draya. She is skinny and defined, but has a nice butt, very small waist and nice hips! I like her body a LOT!!!

I attached some before pictures of myself..

I do not know if i should gain weight before?!? IN...

I do not know if i should gain weight before?!? IN 2 weeks i could maybe add 5-7 lbs>?!?! I usually eat so healthy and workout five times a week so Im slim with muscles.. (5'6 135). What do you girls think! Opinions!

So guys... new plan! my insurance will not cover...

so guys... new plan! my insurance will not cover my pre op since its cosmetic :. with that being said it would be over 1000 dollars here, so i am leaving Thursday now and having it done by Dr. Perry himself!
I will have it done Thursday 11 30 am! The procedure is Friday at 1! Cant wait!!!!!

Ok ive been eating bad for like 4 days and all the...

Ok ive been eating bad for like 4 days and all the definition in my stomach has disappeared ! i attached a few pictures...

I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. this procedure is going to be life changing... !!!!! without your support and advice I would of backed out by now.

Thank you alll!!!! You all are extremely kind.

I hope hoping for results like Draya! A little bigger maybe but her stomach and waist and NO love handles... I defiantly want!

I am full of up and downs... I am so grateful for...

I am full of up and downs... I am so grateful for my chinadoll who i am sharing an apartment and recovering with!!!!
I really want HIPS! I am going to tell him like add at least an inch on each side of my hips plus some projection on the top of my booty! I am hoping that when he lipos me I will have a 6 pack show thru (I already have a 4 pack)~~I am so nervous that im also too THIN!

I have been eating quite a lot the last few days... although he doesn't recommend gaining weight before, I assume I will be able to maintain this heavy weight after the surgery !! A sample of my binge eating: yesterday I ate 2 protein bars, 1 protein shake , 2 bags of chips, a full lunch at a Mexican resteraunt and drank a hot chocolate!! I NEVER EAT like that... In 4 days of eating bad I am only up 1.5 lbs...! (even though one of my clients asked me if I lost weight yesterday!!! I wanted to be like NO!!! I want to gain for THIS new ASS I'm purchasing)

a little info about care credit (since it can be somewhat confusing):
I wanted to inform my fellow BBL sisters... if you take out care credit and do the option of 0% for 12, 18 or 24 months, if for some reason you do not pay back the full amount (even if you have 20$ left), they will charge you 26% interest on original purchase value from day 1!!
For example... you took out 6 k at 24 months 0% promotional deal... for some reason you didn't pay back your full balance within the promotional period, you would be charged 26% on the full amount (6k) on the FULL promotional time (from day 1 (meaning you would receive "26% back interest on 6 k , 24 months ,that would be over 3000 dollars!!!!!!)... THATS CRAZY !! SO IF YOU DO choose to do the 0% promotional period special MAKE SURE YOU PAY ON TIME IF NOT THEY BACK TRACK YOUR INTEREST FOR THE FULL AMOUNT From day 1.. hope that makes sense..

I decided to go with the 36 month 14.9%... just in case for some reason I am unable to pay it off during the promotional time... this is a more secure option for me. I can afford to pay around 500 a month towards the bill so hoping to be done with the payments within a year.or a year and a half And i just filed my taxes so hopefully when I receive I can pay a large sum off.

I am really good about paying bills on time, I also have student loans out.. I try to pay at least 50$ (sometimes up to 150$) over the amount every month to lessen the interest and cut the payment time down

I haven't ordered my stage 2 garment yet... I am going to see what he recommends. I know he gives us two as part of a promotion (they are cut out in the hips and butt), but I am hearing for stage 2 you should wear something that covers your booty.. is this true?

Any recommendations for stage 2 garments.. A lot of people are talking about FAJAS... don't they compress your new expensive BOOTY?!?!?

I also heard mixed reviews on boopy pillows.... Ms China told me about cutting a yoga mat in half, rolling it up and placing it under your thighs... Any recommendations because I do have a 2 hour flight after 6 days of staying...

Hi my loves!! I emailed Dr. Perry last night and...

Hi my loves!! I emailed Dr. Perry last night and asked him if I need to gain weight... he replied

"dont try to gain weight for the surgery because it doesnt give a permanent effect when you gain weight before the surgery and go back to your normal weight after the surgery. your buttocks will shrink to the same size it would have been anyway (without the weight gain). Gaining weight doesnt work because fat cells dont replicate"

OK OK OK i get it.. basically im 135 normally, if I go to 145 for the procedure and then 2 months after the procedure I am down to 135 (normal weight) again, my butt will be the exact same augmented size it would have originally got at 135.

BUT for me I diet 85% of the time (cheat meals once in a while) and I exercise 5 times a week (to keep my weight at 135)... I enjoy doing it but if I could eat bad and stay around 145 and be sculpted and lean in the waist and have some nice hips and booty then I will gladly except that!!!!

So in conculsion I am going to gain a little weight for the procedure, because i have absolutely no problem keeping a little extra weight on and not restricted my self (post op) as much (as far as diet is concerned)!

Dr. P is also giving me a 100$ discount since I am not getting my arms or legs lipoed!!! (its our secret) lol but honestly you can bargain with these doctors they want your money....I am going to email him back and ask him to just cover my blood work and tests (I will have them the day before at his office)!

I like Norma she is so kind but she seems sometimes overwhelmed and clueless (no offense)! She was having such trouble sending me the lab work and giving me codes and telling me about the financing options.... Im assuming she is up there is age :)

I have no ordered my stage two garment yet. I am going to wear the two he gives me for a few weeks then measure myself and see what I need based on everyone else reviews.

So basically if you loose weight after the procedure, your ratios will still be the same.... if your waist is 25 and hips 42.... and if you loose 10 lbs you will still have that 17 inch difference!! (for me I loose weight in my breasts first! I hate these things LOL, cant beleive I considered implants two years ago) I did get a breast lift though my Dr. Micheal Horn in Chicago who is one of the best in the country.

Anyway I am so excited!!!!!!!

I can not beleive I'm under going my surgery in 11...

I can not beleive I'm under going my surgery in 11 days!!! OH and i ate three bagels today with cream cheese!!! Even though Dr P told me not to gain weight, because after my surgery when I go back to my normal pre weight gain weight, I will loose fat from all over, I still decided to gain weight. I am 100% fine maintaining a heavier weight, just means I dont have to restrict myself as much as I was before the srugery!!!!! (because only reason I was 133-135 before is because I work out 5 days away, watch my calories ect)... But if I gain up to 140 , have the surgery, I can easily maintain 140!! means I get to eat more desserts LOL

Cant wait to hang with my big bootie asian friend too LOL

I hope he lipos the shit out of me and makes me soo skinny!

I also like those corset type garments that are from the hips to the breast line and you can clasp tight... where are those from?

Wish pics updated... I like suelyn maderios......

Wish pics updated... I like suelyn maderios... SLIM, Nice HIPS nice booty- nothing huge but perky and round.... I hope to be lipoed soooo SKINNY lol..

How will my booty look at 3 weeks?!? Will it had...

how will my booty look at 3 weeks?!? Will it had fluffed at the three week mark?

So im looking up my wish pics measurements (draya...

So im looking up my wish pics measurements (draya and sulynne)

Draya has a 24 inch waist and 36 inch booty
Sulynne has 23 inch waist and 38 inch booty

My booty is already 39 inches so I probably want a 24-25 inch waist! I don't want to look manufactured!!! (currently my waist is 27 maybe 28 after eating shit the past 5 days (literally mcdonals, pizza, bagels)).

So really I am doing this all for the shape and the hips!!! I want to lipo 2-3 inches from my waste and give me hips and then the top part of my booty may need to be injected a little bit depending on how well he does my flanks!! CANT WAIT MY BBL SISTERS

Trying to gain a few pounds for sugery and I feel...

Trying to gain a few pounds for sugery and I feel sooo gross!!! yesterday I ate 2 bagels, nachos (qudoba) and a large slic of pizza and some chips... sooo gross

I am done gaining the unhealthy way.. i think instead of all the junk ill eat like 3 eggs in the morning with toast, maybe a subway sandwhich for lunch and maybe something cooked for dinner...

I feel soooo dehydrated and lazy its BAD

Just talked to Nedge for a half hour! Shes SOOOO...

Just talked to Nedge for a half hour! Shes SOOOO nice!!! her services are only 15$ an hour so after surgery she will be taking me home and staying with me a few hours! I will probably end up calling her that weekend as well if I need anything

I am scared Dr. Perrys bootys are kind of...

I am scared Dr. Perrys bootys are kind of flat?!?!?! what do you guys think??!?! I need a round but!!!!

Hey guys.... cant wait for my surgery!!! my...

Hey guys.... cant wait for my surgery!!!

my dream measurements are:

25-26 inch waist and 40 -42 inch BOOTY! I think its possible... currently I am 29 (I added 7 pounds the last 2 weeks) and 39.5 in the booty!! so i really want to be sculpted and add some hips and some volume to the upper BOOTY area!!

Hook me up Dr. Perry!!!!

OMG TOO GEEKED! went to Dr. Perry today and he is...

OMG TOO GEEKED! went to Dr. Perry today and he is going to hook me and Ms. Asian up!!! He is going to make me so tiny and sculpt out my abs, add some to my hips, and a little (not too much to my butt, mostly the top part).

We also met Goodz and Sexy RN and when I tell you there BOOTIES were huge I am NOT lying!!! they are super big and super sexy!!!! Also Goodz cousin was there ( I dont think she is on real self ,) but her butt was the BIGGEST ! Crazy booty! They were so sweet Im so glad I met them!!!

Anyway my surgery is 1 tomorrow and Asians is at 7!!! Nedege will be driving me and picking me up! SHE IS THE BOMB!!! I trust her and all Dr. Perry staff!


Surgery in a few hours... asian just left the...

Surgery in a few hours... asian just left the house!!!!!!! Pray for us both!!! I cant wait!

Surgery in less than an hour Im so hungry and...

Surgery in less than an hour

Im so hungry and thirsty!!! This sucks!!! Hurry up dr perry lol

Im sooo hungey i usually eat all day! Hopefully...

Im sooo hungey i usually eat all day! Hopefully nedege will stop for me at a drive thru after surgery !!
I am so crazy to get this surgery!! I already have a nice body lol.. too late now i already paid

Dr perry started late with asian tgats why im starting late but i spoke to nurse and she said shes ok and looking good!!

Hi my bbl sisters. I started my surgery at...

Hi my bbl sisters.

I started my surgery at 430 pm today and left the office at 930!! I was quick!!!!

Asain had hers this morning they started around 9 and she didnt get out til like 7-8 ( at leaat thats what the nurse said, she was slow to wake up from anestetia. She is sleeping and groggy but doing well

I am great lol. My pain is 2/10. Nedege brought me home and i have a lot of movement!!!! I ate fruit, chicken soup amd drank a lot! I also changed my self into pj pants from my bloody cold sundress!!! And peed by myself!!''

Im up and not sleepy so any questions inbox me and ill give u my number abd. we can talk further!!!!

When i was getting the iv they wwre like why are u doing this surgery? Lol im alreasy somewhat curvy and im in shape' guess im on the pursuet of perfection!!

Dr perry is so wonderful and kind. Love himf
Oh and he only took out 2600 ccs. Put back around 1500 total.

Still doing good. Bleeding all over. Its so gross....

Still doing good. Bleeding all over. Its so gross...

Had a massage with eric today.. they had to cut the size small garment off me!!!!!! I brought another one and and all three ladies there and eric could NOT get it on!!!!!!!

I told dr. Perry and he is meeting me at his office tonight to put a size medium on me!!!! So i have been without a garment for 8 or more hours!!!! That is NOT good!'''

I took a shower today and my incisions stung!! Cant wait to get my garment back on tonight. Other than that me abd asain are ok...
My pain is1/10 and she says hers is 6/10.

My skin feels numb!

I am in no pain, except when i massage.. i was...

I am in no pain, except when i massage.. i was able to shower and pit a size small garment on by myself...

My waist is 29 inches... which is bigger than when i started... very swollen!!!

I dont have a lot of fluid to drain ( eric said) but im swollrn..

Booty is not hard like everyone elses!!!! Its soft and jiggly and no pain at all in the butt,!

I am scared my booty meat is too LOW! i wanted...

i am scared my booty meat is too LOW! i wanted more up top, not at the bottom... does it look low and flat??!?! going to Dr Perry this afternoon..

My booty looks good! Dont mind the previous...

My booty looks good! Dont mind the previous picture, its the garment cutting it off! Its round and plump and i look so sexy!

My waist is fluctuating between 26-28-- i was a 28 pre surgery and would l
ike to be at least a 26 after

Booty is 41.5 ( started at 39). He injected 500 ccs per side and 100 per hip ( i haf low bpdy fat to start with)!!

I feel 100% fine, but still leaking like a mad woman from my incision sites ( 6 days post op) is this normal?!?
Dr perry garments are not supportibg this ass! Its shelfing it and making it look funny!! But when i take it off its nice and round!

And yes they call me jiggly booty bc my butt is already jiggling! He only put in 500 ccs and the less u put in, the less hard the butt.

Dr perrys garment

I am exactly one week post op today... when i saw...

I am exactly one week post op today... when i saw dr p for my check up onmonday i had a big lump around my belly button. He told me massage it... today i jist developed a mew hard firm lump on my waist.. is this swelling? It doesnt seem like fluid i cant move it.

Input please!!

Dr perry is truelly the best doctor i have ever...

Dr perry is truelly the best doctor i have ever encountered. I have called h twice in the last 4 days and he has replied within a few hours.

I am going garament shopping today. Bbrautiful2 knows a store in the area which she told me amd goodz about! Shout out to bbeautiful she has been beyond kind.

The store sells fajas and vadette. I want an ass out garament, but most ive seen compress the hips as well.... is that ok?!? Do not want to loose any of these hips!!!
Any recomendations for sizes.. according to the chart im between s and xs.. 32 under bust 27 inch wais and 41-42 inch hips/ booty... i want tight but not suffocating or damaging my hips!

Any input or advice is appreciated! Shout out to all my perry dolls asain, sexyrn, goodz, bbeautuful, nikki- u have all been beyond supportive and i appreciate it so much!!!

Yesterday i bought a new garament its a thong...

Yesterday i bought a new garament its a thong garament xs and yes its tight and uncomfortable , but i wore it over my maidenform ( dr p garment) to prevent creases and i woke up sooo smooth.. lumps r minimized!!!!

Now im scared one of my booty cheeks looks nice n round the other looks a little flatter... i know it changes and softens so im hoping after that ill be more even...

Im not sitting for at least 3 weeks!!!

My seroma got so.big on my stomach above my vagina...

My seroma got so.big on my stomach above my vagina... its big as my hand and it hurts ugh... what should i do.. i hate to call dr perry again.. it was small this morning amd has expanded probably three times in size

I spoke to DR. Perry this morning before he went...

I spoke to DR. Perry this morning before he went to surgery today.

He wants me to come back and get drained so I am headed back to Miami on Wednesday
My seroma looks like i have a gulf ball on the front of my right groin and when I push it up it goes into my love handle (on the right side) hurts SOOO BAD i mean its really beyond tender, it burns to touch.

I am so depressed but I got to do what i got to do...

I am wondering if I should stay over night or just go for the day... he told me one day would be fine but Im scared its going to fill back up... I cant be doing all this back and forth to MIAMI!

I still do not regret my surgery and still think Dr. P is the best.

Advice or input whether I should stay the night or not would be nice...

Well my seroma seems to be flat in the morning...

Well my seroma seems to be flat in the morning when I wake up and bigger as the day progresses.... (at night I sleep with the garment on which is tight AS SHIT!!!) it really helps push it in. I do not wear this garment during the day because it really creases and dents my skin (even over my tank or DR p's garament).

I found a DR in DC to drain me tomorrow! He charges 150 per visit, which to me is totally worth it.... I could of went to Miami for about 250 round trip, but sometimes drainage takes multiple times, so I would have probably had to stay a few days , hired Nedege for transportation (or rented a car), pay for a place to stay blah blah blah.. and since I am self employed, if I dont work-i dont get paid! No paid time off for me or FMLA!

i hope I can be drained only once or twice... for some people they have to consistently go back to be drained!! I am hoping to get drained then put on my extra tight garment and push that skin to my muscle and let it snap back! SNAP!

I finally had the chance to show my friend my body today and she said I looked amazing she was in shock!!! (i have not showed ANYONE except my BBL sisters). Waist is way down... 26 inches... booty is about 41 inches . Shes like you need to go to the stadium (popular strip club in DC)and get a job!! LOL

she said my seroma was not that bad and I was kind of over exaggerating but she agreed with me that I should get it drained and try to get rid of it ASAP!

I will update tomorrow after I get drained! Thanks for all the support and I love all my PERRY GIRLS!!!

Wish my booty was a little bit bigger..but over...

Wish my booty was a little bit bigger..but over all I look much better..

26 inch waste and 41.5 inch hips..

so 500 cc i n each cheek and 100 cc in each hip added about 2 inches total to my booty measurment...

Waist went down about an inch to an inch and a half... I look my shapely definitely...

Love my hips..

Getting drained at 1... Hallelijuah!

I juat got drained... 80 ccs.. no numbing.. i...

I juat got drained... 80 ccs.. no numbing.. i took it like a g!! It stung but wasnt to bad....

He reinswrted the needle four times. Going back next wednesday!

I woke up so nice and skinny and flat today, and...

I woke up so nice and skinny and flat today, and now Im at 28 inchs at 2pm!!! What gives?

I always expand a few inches thru out the day and then get back down nice and skinny...

I am so lipo-ed down... I have so much definition...

I am so lipo-ed down... I have so much definition in my stomach I think I am going to have a full blown 6 pack when I am done healing... (i had a 4 pack to begin with)... My skin feels sooo tight ... i have experienced no itching at all..

So far I love my results... Cant wait to get back into the gym and really build my ass up because I lost so much muscle not working out for a month UGH!

I want MORE ASS! LOL my booty only grew 1.5 inches...

I want MORE ASS! LOL my booty only grew 1.5 inches from this surgery I WANT MORE.. lol only 13 days post op... round 2 is NOT an option for me bc I am SKINNY! lol

Guess I need to hit my squats and hope my 500ccs stay in place!!!!

Still extremely happy with my lipo and hips and my booty i did get!!!! just being greedy

OK ladies... so I had 2600 (2.6 liters) removed...

OK ladies... so I had 2600 (2.6 liters) removed from stomach, and back...

He transferred 500cc to each cheek and 100 to each hip...

I know before DR Perry lipos he fills you with some fluid to make the fat come out easier...

SO when he says 500 cc per cheek, does that mean 500 cc of pure fat, or 500 cc of fat mixed with solution?!?!? Just wondering how much I really got...

He said of the 2600 cc taken out, only 1200 were "Useable", so im assuming the 500 cc is pure fat???!?!?!

After getting my seroma drained it flattened out...

After getting my seroma drained it flattened out and disappeared! YAY!

Now my stomach is still lumpy and uneven... which im told is normal... Im going to the gym tomorrow morning and lifting some weights - nothing too strenuous! Dr. P cleared me to workout last week, but I wanted my seroma to be drained before I really started...

Anyone else dealing with lumps and bumps and hard spots all over the stomach? I have been massaging non stop....

Booty is 41 inches.. waist is 26... wish I was at 43 or 44 because my shoulder girth is 39 inches BUT what can i say lol....

under my breast is 32 inches and i wear a c cup so my fullest part of my breast is 35...

And honestly DR P's garments make my booty look...

and honestly DR P's garments make my booty look RIDCULOUS!! People are starring and commenting left and right , I had to tie a sweater around my waist!! cant wait for my faja to arrive this week!

I worked out today and boy these compression...

I worked out today and boy these compression garments are so hot!!!!!! I was sweating like a pig i only lasted 20 minutes lol....

I dont think i swelled while working out but i havent measured...

Overall im still happy that i got the procedure i just cant wait til my stomach softens so i can weat sports bra and leggings to the gym lol .. most of the lumpiness is gone just one big one on my lower left side which appeared yesterday!!!!

Dr P Just called to check up on me! He is SO NICE!

Dr P Just called to check up on me! He is SO NICE!

Dr p called and I asked him if the 500 cc injected...

Dr p called and I asked him if the 500 cc injected was fat mixed with fluid or just fat... he said the 2.6 liters taken out was fat mixed with fluid (fluid they use to break up fat and stop bleeding) and the 1.2 liters he re-injected into the butt and hips was fat that he let separate from the fluid...

Im still lumpy in my tummy... 3 weeks post op...

Im still lumpy in my tummy... 3 weeks post op tomorrow...

Hopefully it gets better!!!

I have been working out and this compression garment is making me SWEAT!

I may get the foam even though Dr P told me I did not need it.. he just told me massage massage massage...

I am wearing my compression 25 /7 except 30 minutes when I shower!!!! UGH! One of my lumps in like a bulge in my lower stomach ... its not fluid but its more like a buldge vs a little hard quarter size lump... not sure what that is...

My best friend is going for breast augmentations consults next week so I am going to tag along and ask plastic surgeons if I look normal...

Anywho still happy with results just not these lumps n bumps n bulges!

Some man followed me arpund the airport then had...

Some man followed me arpund the airport then had the nerve to approach me like your figure is great but do u have implants.

Lol wow! Ita really not that big i swear its the garament making my booty a shelf!

Waist is 26 inches... booty is 40... one cheek is...

waist is 26 inches... booty is 40... one cheek is more round than the other... stomach still lumpy, it even looks like a spot may have been missed in the lipo...!! BUT IM STILL HAPPY! patience is so necessary with this surgery and im not judging my results for at least another month or so. overall im still satisfied!
picking up my new faja tomorrow...

breasts were done by DR michael horn in Chicago a few years back . (lift no implant)

Still haven't really sat down either.. ONLY...

Still haven't really sat down either..
ONLY AFTER 3 weeks post op, I briefly Sat down for 20 minutes when my client insisted on taking me out for lunch... we ate outside on a picknick bench and I let my ass hang off the bench... I also had to sit for a short period for take off and landing this past weekend when I had a flight (exactly 3 weeks post op).... Was in a car this past weekend also for about 10-15 minutes maybe 2 or 3 times..... I am 4 weeks on Friday!!!

When did you guys notice the waste shrinking more? I am 26 inches.. and have maintained it for about 2 and a half weeks.. hoping to at least go down another inch....

Pics are taken with my webcam on my computer in a...

Pics are taken with my webcam on my computer in a really bright room..

i think am going to have a 6 pack once my lumpiness goes down!! i dont think this is typical, but I had a 4 pack before surgery and i was lipoed down to a STICK! Also my left cheek is smaller and flatter than my right, it may be hard to see it in the pictures but it defiantly is... not too concerned about the unevenness yet! I will give it at least another 6 weeks !!!

I am considering a round 2 !! I would like more...

I am considering a round 2 !! I would like more projection and more hips... Hoping to get my thighs, upper back, above knee and chin lipoed and maybe that will be enough to put in?!?!?! either way I plan on visiting DR Perry in 2 months (after im 3 months post op and my results are about 90% complete) and seeing his opinion... I hope he is open to doing a round 2 for me... :)

Anyway, when I wear this garment I get soooo MUCH attention.. this garment makes my booty HUGE! this man at the club was like your waist isnt real you got a nicki minaj surgery, at least 8 girls came up to me like you look good as hell, your body is perfect, these younger girls at a resteraunt after the club were like is your butt is fake I never saw a white girl with a butt like that, i passed out like 10 buisness cards (wish I could write this off as tax deductible LMAO) and one man kept following me around and finally he got close enough to whisper in my ear to say I have a tear drop ass--- I wanted to be like THANKS to DR PERRY LOL... anyway I love this garment I just wish it looks as big when I took it off LOL!

Still lumpy on my stomach-- massages are helping temporarily but by night im a lumpy mess or when I sit (with my foam roller) I am still lumpy!

Still havent sat down yet! TORTURE!! waiting til 6 weeks.. and sleeping on my stomach I wake up every day and my eyes and lips are swollen

My booty has a few hard spots... one side is slightly larger like i mentioned before....

Waist has not shrunk any more and booty measurement is the same... I think most of my swelling is gone (especially since I am already down 2 lbs less than pre op weight)

Overall still very happy !

Called norma.. i am penciled in for round 2 early...

Called norma.. i am penciled in for round 2 early december. Lol. . Kind ofcrazy. . ( december is 8 months after first surgery)

I am going to visit dr p in july for an in person consult and follow up to see if this is realistic.

Any bbl sisters want to join me in july to see dr p let me know!!!!

ROund two

SO! I am getting round 2... unfortunately I was only able to get in 500 cc in each cheek and 100 cc in each hip... majority of it stayed and I am happy with my results! I just want more!

my hips arent very round - at all- Therefore I am going for a round two...

Still paying off my first surgery :) so once its paid off in full I will get the second. Hoping to be paid in December!! So january or so for round 2!! Cant wait!!! Any BBL sisters want to join (my perry girls from before) ?!?! I will pay for hotel, ticket ,and food ! I only plan staying for 4 days again (first surgery recovery was a BREEZE to me, very very easy, barely any pain) lol, especially since I am getting my fat in my hip area, I should be fine to sit!!

Im excited! Wish i could do it today lol


wishing for in round 2

right now I am 26, 40... Havent lost any butt but i need Hips!

Hoping to be 26, 42~~ dont care if waist goes down I am already pretty tiny...

Not sure where Dr P will get fat from.. I am going to ask if he can transfer from my breasts to my booty-- Heard this is a no go though from a fellow bbl sis because of the risk of spreading cancerous cells to other parts of the body...

I can gain a few pounds and maybe get my upper bra roll, love handles, arms, chin and thighs... last time just had abdomen and back extra areas.

spoke to norma

so I sent pics to Dr P a few days ago... he did view them but never called. He is out sick the last few days. I called Norma today for an update and Dr P, doesnt think I am a canidate for round 2 because I dont have a lot of fat.

I will gain weight and maintain the weight after surgery! Plus he never did my arms, thighs, or chin before so he can do those areas...

i am not taking no for an answer! LOL

I just want like 250-300 cc in each hip... im sure he can find the fat from somewhere for that!

ROUND 2 in APRIL DR Perry- LOOKING FOR BBL partner-- serious inquires only

Im going for my round 2 bbl in April. yes I am happy with my first procedure but I want ... greedy

I am looking for someone to partner with for company and emotional support.. I have a bed and breakfast I stayed at last time which was beautiful, I plan to stay there again-- maybe 10 minutes from DR. P office.
I plan to use Nedege again as a nurse (shes great). I have not scheduled an exact date yet but I am 100% sure promised a day in April by DR. P. I am calling Norma tomorrow.

If you are getting your surgery by Dr P in Miami in April let me know. I live on the East Coast.

april dr p round 2 looking for surgery buddy

april round 2 looking for surgery buddy- please inbox and we can discuss lol i am totally over real self

april dr p round 2 looking for surgery buddy

april round 2 looking for surgery buddy- please inbox and we can discuss lol i am totally over real self
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I am in if you need a surgery buddy
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I do when are u going to Perry.
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Wanna see pictures pleaseee
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Hi doll how are you? .
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Hi nikkinyce how r u I'm going back for round two with Perry
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Hey girl was wondering if u was still looking for company to go with cause I want mines done around January as well..just let me know
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sure my friend is coming with (just for a consultation) but yes come with! I know the perfect place to stay! You are going to perry>
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Yes I'm going to Perry to still waiting for my consultation date:/ what hotel u getting?
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He's sick! Uggh that's why he haven't email me back for consultation ...sounds more like he's out for the 4th of July mmhmm lol
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I'm going for a second round in Jan but I am sure I will be going back to Cali.
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Has he quoted you for round 2?
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no hes calling tonight! Ill let u know.. Im also recomended 2 girls who have appointments next year so hoping for a discount lol
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I'm trying to go for the BBL in December. I see no pics of you on your page though
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I took all of them down! Had some psycho stalker on my page!!!!
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Hey Mzzbbl- did you retain the volume in your hips? Would love to see your pix.
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Do you have to pay full price for round 2?
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No i don't.. not sure of the price. going to Miami in July to speak to the DR personally
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look like Dr. P did a good job nice frame and butt, however u have no before pics to actually compare the results to. Im a small girl so im just trying to see which doc gives good results on.small frames, So far im likn Dr. Salaman, but for now im going w/Dr. Duran
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Duran looks good... i will try and post some before pics today... booty gained an inch.. waist lost 2!!! Definatly look more shapely. Im happy i got it just want more :)
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Please do.cant wait to see thanks
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Girl you'll have to wait until 6 mo for r2. And by then your butt will fluff you will see!!
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Lol i know im still 95% sure ill be getting a round 2 probably in december :)
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Haraaaaam! lol j/k but seriously good luck i hope you get what you want in r2 !! You will look like damn hot haboub.
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Its official you have the booty greed lol
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Da booty greed is real!!!! Bbl u don't need a round 2 where u gonna get da fat from lol
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