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Hey everyone :) no need to say I've been stalking...

Hey everyone :) no need to say I've been stalking the site because that's a common thing to do in the rs world, lol. I'm going to keep it real short because I wrote an earlier post and somehow it got deleted which express my everything, yeah I don't have the energy lol. My price expectation is based on a quote I received from Pazimo in May 2012 and I would say at that time I had no hesitation in paying that amount because I absolutely loved him and his aura; he was very knowledgeable about the procedure, what to expect and body image. I felt completely at ease with him and honestly he was my first and ultimately only consultation I had. I've wanted this procedure before this was even a procedure, so about 6-7 years. However fast forward a few years I don't see any reviews on Pazimo that's recent. The only doctors I see rs sisters talk about is Salama, Duran, Fisher and Hassan in that order. I like how Duran's patients post op look however I have a thing about out of the country procedures and I don't want the hassle of all that; everyone else is local for me. Salama prices are kind of steep; Fisher seems to be the underdog on a come up, lol; Hasan had some setbacks that I've read. Honestly, I don't know where/whom to begin with... how to prepare, what vitamins to start taking even before you're on doctor's orders (and brand). All this if anyone doesn't mind helping a girl out, I'll greatly appreciate it :)

that's me in my profile pic however I did use the plastic surgery app and that's how i want to look; that's my wish pic, you guys! Going to make this a reality okkaaaayyyy :) thanks in advance to everyone.

Tidbits of my bio :)

I'm 26, no kids... 5'4, 180lbs even though I do not look it. I have a very muscular build, with all the loving going to my tummy, breast and face (in that order, lol). I'm going to load some pics of myself, unedited. My legs have always been great, they're toned. My arms have seen better years however they're not something to stress (I'm going to get back on an arm challenge). Under all the loving I actually have a very very nice shape, small indented waist, I love my tatas, I've always had an arch in my lower back that gives off the illusion that my bum is plump ;). Now the dreadful part my bum is boxy, it has a dent in the upper region then it blahs, lol. I don't really care for hips, however if my doc gives me some I won't complain. I love thighs, especially my thighs so I truly hope my doc doesn't need to get some loving from them. I think my shape is ideal for this procedure, well I hope it is. I've measured my bmi and it's considered as overweight and I heard they won't do a surgery if your bmi is over 35; however being that I have a muscular build that shouldn't affect anything. Whelp, I'll leave it in His hands as I do everything else, all my questions will be answered in due time.

Evaluation with Vanity Miami on 9/12 setup

Whelp, today I woke up with bbl on my mind. I won't fib and say that I've been doing everything required to get a date and so on and so forth. I think it's more so I don't have my finances all put together for the procedure yet and that's the reason why I'm lagging, anyways that's neither here nor there. I do know absolutely positive of it that I want to get it done this year. I think with all the years that I've been wanting this I know at least the basics. So I decided to call the 3 doctors I've had in mind of course Pazmino is one of the 3. I loved his vibe, really I did; however the assistance told me the office is closed on Saturday so was Salama's (another 1 of the 3). Lastly, I called Vanity for Fisher and they transferred me to a coordinator named Elisa (I hoped I spelled that correctly) and I have an evaluation for Thursday, 9/12. She said that he usually charges $5,000 for bbl however it's not set in stone; it's best I come in. So come I will on Thursday; hoping that being local matters in cost :)

Soooo, I met the man...

... and he walked thru, Fisher that is, everybody. Well, really let me begin from the beginning. My evaluation was and always has been Thursday I think I got happy too fast for just getting one that I got the date confused, so my evaluation was for Thursday 9/11 at 4:30; however my happy behind got there well before 3:30 and that's with traffic and all. The inside is not bad at all compare to most clinic locations in Mia (I'm born and raised here, my city is better than yours lol); I waited a good hour or so to be seen with a coordinator I believe; her name is Lia; I liked her charisma and her body for such a petite frame aww lawd. We got down to the basic she suspected that I'll need the full body (12 locations lipo) with bbl, price range $5,000-$6,500. Now this is when my poker face came on because I've done my research for awhile now and every rs patient I've come across so far for Fisher is $5K or less, I think one girl got it done for $4,500. I believe a tug of war will come about for the price when the time comes for that, I'm ready though (doing the crip walk). Anyways, she stated if I wanted to meet Fisher and honestly that's the only reason why I drove all the way to the other side (the boondocks) of Mia is to see him, just so I could get a feel of him. Yeah, I listen to how I respond to someone's aura/vibe. Well, I waited another hour and in that hour, this somewhat really doesn't have to do with anything but... there was this one coordinator I think her name is Lisa/Jenny and sweet baby lamb the planet that was on her back was craaazzzzyyyyy, I was told that she had a fat transfer and mostly all of her fat survived however damn! yes, everyone it was that serious. I personally positively was happy that there's a big percentage of fat survival (in certain cases and based on one's body type); I don't need my bum too be a foreign on my body, I just want to enhance my lovely frame. So on that note I get ushered in to met the man yup he walked thru, he walked down that white hall and into one of those "meet me for a few" rooms. He was to the point, funny, easy going in a "I do this all day everyday except vacay days" way. I liked him. He stated the facts about my body, what to expect and not expect... I have a boxy bum and a natural shelf and I will always be boxy and have a natural shelf; he can't change my frame however he could fill it out and I knew that already, so he said everything I expected and I loved that. I told him I want a date for mid November and he was like good because he won't be there the first week or ending of November and that was okay with moi. The evaluation with him was short and precise, I had already hit the coordinator with most of my questions. When I get everything situated then I'll probably have more. I'm just taking everything in bit by bit and not to mention rs has been really helpful on a lot of things which makes it so easy for others and I, so really thank you to every ass ass ass assssssss ladies on rs who shares their story, I really appreciate it. I received a follow up call from Vanity this morning however I was in the cottonfield and missed it. I believe that won't be the last I'll hear from them, lol... well until next time, sugas!

That "lately" game...

So "lately" I've been thinking of my pockets and how DR doesn't seem that bad now lol. I know I know... I was talking all that talk of not going to the DR and what not however I've been looking at Duran's patients and lordie they look good. No hard feelings towards Fisher of course, I'm sure if I get the 5K I'll be knocking on his operating table. It's just "lately" I've been thinking its' all. :)

Low key lurking, here & there...

Idk what's been up with me lately I think it's just one of those "uggh" vibes lol. Well today I sent an email to Duran for quote, you know to test her DR waters and she responded very very very quick. Really I was expecting to wait a minute for her reply email she or one of her minions hit me up in like an hour; with a quote of $3900 for bbl with lipo to upper and lower back, sides/flanks and full abdominal area. It's a stack or so less than Fisher and if I was to add everything that I would need for the trip, stay and post op care it would probably amount around or bit more than Fisher's quote, probably like $5500... hmmmm that's not bad. What do you ladies think???????????

how to get this a** 101

I speak of the a** so much, that the a** really should of just been born with me; to save me all the oxygen I've used. However the dear amazing lord knew what He was doing when He blessed me with everything else except that a**, lol. Now my thing is once I've really decided to get the a**, saving for it has become close to nonexistent. Money is going to everyone else except the a**. I've asked for tips however now I'll asked the gen pop. How do you all save????

I'm in the process of getting a better job and once that's secured; I was thinking of getting a second one and maybe a part time one too based on how everything goes. My thing is I don't want to get caught up with the potentially high quotes that comes with the tax season. Any tips will greatly be appreciated, thank you guys...

well done top shelf, 2 cheeks and 1 a** coming up!!!

Consultation this Saturday with Fisher, I'm ready.

Change it up - Vanity play too much!

Soooo I haven't heard from my coordinator in 3 months I left voicemails left and right so finally I get a call today from someone and I'm like "You do know that you all play too much right?" The lady laughed however I was dead ass. I told her to tell me how does the commission work with them and if I can change to another coordinator, she said yeah she'll be happy to be my coordinator mind you I'm still waiting for the email with her information that she said that she was going to send me after we got off the phone and that was at 3pm. So that probably means the potential surgery date of August 28th is out the window. Hmmm, this is just me talking ish - it'll work out.

update: how I'm looking like

I will have my balance paid in full this month or early Sept. However I don't want to go thru the coordinator I have supposedly have now, Lia. I haven't heard from her in months she doesn't return any calls. I want to switch over to another coordinator that I met by chance in the photo room. She's young about late 20s to early 30s she's slim thick 5'7/5'8 with boobs, brunette and engaged with 1/2 kids... Its crazy how she and I talked about all this for me to know that info on her but I didn't ask her her name, smh! If this fits someone's coodinator or very close to it, please send her name my way. Oh, another thing she speaks crystal clear english, no discriminating business here, IJS!
Dr. Fisher

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