Perry Doll 03.17.14. New pic of Dr and I

Hello girls, excited to be posting for the first...

Hello girls, excited to be posting for the first time, I am not much of a blogger or writer for that matter but I wanted to share my journey with someone, since nobody knows yet.

I chose Dr.Ghurani because I love, love, love his results and he was trained by Dr. salama, I get the nice results and c cheaper rate can't beat that.

A little about me; I am 29 , 5'9" 240 lbs(yikes, I know, but carry it well) and have always had a big butt. I have three kids so with each pregnancy my butt deflated and just looks square and wide :( .

I am hoping to round out my hips, cinch my waist even more and I want a BIGGG juicy booty. I want to get lipo of my arms, inner thighs, full torso(back fat, flanks, abdomen), inner thighs and chin and neck if possible.

I've gained 20 pounds since my wedding dat on Valentine's day and plan on losing that plus another 10 which will leave me at 210 which believe it or not is a perfect weight for me.
I like my figure, I just dislike the rolls and the loss of volume.

Many girls have had great results with Dr. Ghurani and don't realize that he to works at Vanity Miami for half the price of Elite Plastic Surgery, I am sure they will catch on soon.

I want to have this done before the summer, I have a consult with him next week and will keep you guys posted on surgery date, in the meantime I will begin paying for this CASH (ahhhh)

So excited!!

Here are my befores and some wish pics!!

Any comments, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Also, I want a "Huge" heart shaped butt with a nice shelf and s-curve(slope)

Here goes nothing, be nice , lol...


Welcome. Congrats on the date. You're going to look great!
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Hey gurly I'm the same height n weight we'll lil smaller do u hve wish pics
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Hi gurlies, Iam extremely sad today, my husband left (tmi, I need to vent) and I feel like my insecurities have destroyed my relationship. Need this surgery for me, to feel better about myself. Feeling worthless and ugly :(


Don't worry sweetie it will get Better, I was told that Dr G only does breast at vanity a couple of girls have tried to book bbl with him at vanity but only where given quotes for the other two doc's there. I asked Salama directly and he said according to Dr G he doesn't do bbl there, I just encourage girls who want Dr G to request contact DIRECTLY FROM HIM to clear it up so Far no one has received that I know dr Fishers clients seem to be very happy and the price is great
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hi yes he does do bbl there my surgery date with him is in May
Theres No Reason To Feel That Way About Your Hubby Leaving..We Have All Been Through Something..He Will Come back But You Should Have Self Confidence Before Anyone Else Will. Be Easy Take care
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Dr. Ghurani or Fisher???? Any advice.

Hi girls,feeling a lil better, trying to not get too depressed and forget what I want for a change, which is this. I 've been hearing lots of good things about Fisher, but I wonder if he can give me the butt that I want.
Has anyone gone to Fisher?

Confused !!!


Thank you guys, I wish all of us a speedy and awesome journey.
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Congrats girl on your new journey
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Hey I wish you the best on your journey. I will be at Vanity on January 31st for a in house consultation with both Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ghurani. I will make my decision after meeting the both of them... Best wishes Hunni..
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So I had my consult with Dr. Ghurani at Vanity this Morning

So I had my consult with Dr. Ghurani at Vanity this Morning (couldn't wait till my January 31st apt, :-) and I am confrming that yes he does the bbl there. I was told by him that I must lose 30 pounds and that my hemo must be at 13 blah blah. He said that my skin is elastic and that I can get away with 1800 cc in each check easy(whoaaaa!) lol..

Guys I have a lot of bottom butt volume now, wondering what I will look like after, str8 ghetto booty(exactly what I want)

Sooooooo I will begin my diet asap to lose the 30 or maybe 20, I think 20 should be fine, I like being thick, not trying to be a bean pole here, gotta have the thickness..

A shout out to WonderWoman83, girl he does do the bbl and I already gave my deposit today WOOT WOOT !

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Wish Pics


Congratulations. I am hoping to come down in March or the first of April also. My sister and I are both coming but do not want to stay at a recovery house. Do you know of any rooms around the area?
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Their are plenty of cheap hotels in the area, theirs one for $250 for a week and eventhough it's not in the ideal location it's ok distance. I live here so I will just recover at home.
They said recovery house is $7,000. 7 days 6 nights. No Ma'am that's ridiculous.
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Love this After Pic from Ghurani !

Love this After Pic from Ghurani ! It belongs to Mrs38.27.42, if this is a problem and you would like for me to remove it please let me know, I don't want to violate anyone privacy etc. I just thought it was awesome and exactly what I want.


1800 ccs girl you want a big ole booty huh? lol I cant wait to see the outcome. I was wondering about hotels too. when you say "not in Ideal location" does it mean that its not a safe area? I want to stay in a hotel but want something close to Vanity.
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@Body: No, what I mean is that it's not very close, it's about a 20 minute drive. I stayed there for a while while I waited for my house to be done. It's not fancy by any means but it serves its purpose. And yes, I do want the biggest booty possible,might as weel since I am paying all this $$$$$ for it.
I know thats right...I was confused when you said not in the ideal location. I dont want to have to be to far away or in the hood. Kool beans i guess i will look into rooms now . Thanks Gurly

before pics


Why can't u post on other peoples blog??
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Because some people are waaaay to sensitive...and they think their RS page is personal or something. Seriously, get off RS and keep your journey to yourself if you don't want anyone's input. LOL
Thank you and the truth is that I wasnt rude, please, anyone, read my comment and do let me know if I was out of line. I dont think I was

Going to See Dr. Ghurani Again today !

Hello ya'll, I will be going to see Ghurani again today, their are still a couple of things that I want to clarify with him. This time I will take lots of pics of the place, the girls and one with him.

That man is fine ! :) woot woot! lol

If you girls have any questions that you want me to ask, please do, for all of you out of towners I can get all of the infor that you need.

Let me know.

Will post pics later on tonight..


Yaas! Inboxing you a few questions now :)
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More Preop Pics

These were taken today, I already have a lot of lower butt volume, just need that bid bubble butt tho. :)


Thankssssss for this review.
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You so nice !
Wonder Woman 83 you looking good !

Wish Pics

If these are your wish pics and want them down, please let me know.


wishing you the best of luck on your journey he does amazing from what ive seen so know youll turn out great, you can lose the weight just stay focused!
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Thanks mama for the encouragement! I needed that today . :)

New Pics of Me !


hey grl i went to dr lagrasso not ghurani i originally was my pick but he didnt wanna work on my bc i have sickle cell but thats fine.
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oh wow, but everything happens for a reason,you look fantastic, he hooked you up! You're my wish pic :)

Ghurani has Raised his price to $9000 at Vanity !!!!

Holy sh*t, Ghurani just raised his prices to $9000 at Vanity, I guess I started this mess on here, gave him the spotlight there and he has risen the prices :( ...

I am very happy that I was able to look in my price a few weeks back, it looks like he's putting Vanity on the map, I like him and his work but I will admit that Vanity is very disorganized. I hope they don't f*ck up anything for any of us.

In the meantime I am going thru a lot of crap and dealing with the stress of having to lose all this weight, but oh well, it's what I want. I want to finally be able to feel good about myself, soooo I will continue with the Lean Cuisines, it works !



I Just Called And They Told Me The Price Is 4700 Also Now They Better Not Be CHanging Cause That Will Really Piss Me Off Cause I Meed My Booty By April :)
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What ???????????????????????????Are you serious?Wow
Jessica just told me his price is 4700. An hour ago. She's trying to talk me into going with fisher because ghurani is booked for march. And said that fisher will do it even though I only paid 4500 because Fisher is 5500. I said well isn't ghurani 9k now so that's not cheaper. And she said no he's 4700 his package is 9. These people are playing with us. I'm so confused.
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Lol! Now Vanity is saying that I can choose my date, that they're not booked.WTH !

I just spoke to my rep and I asked her when is Ghurani booked til and her response was " It depends, you decide the date!'s getting kind of comical.


I was told by the office today that ghuranis prices with no package is 9000 and that he upped his prices in January. They also told me to go with fisher
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Ok so who is from out of town, Outside Miami? Because I was emailed an out of town price package deal.
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how much was the out of town package they quoted u?

update! change from Ghurani to Cortes

Hey guys wanted to update, lots have happened, I moved to Texas and now going to Cortes , have a consult tomorrow and will be updating with how it. Bigbootytiny, sorry wont be able to make it to the greet but I hope you guys have fun. Vanity was too much anyways.


Great choice. My day is only 19 days away.
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Giiiiiiiiiirrrrllllll congrats I totally understand
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Cortes, way better choice :) looking good btw xoxo

Salama woot woot

Hey guys soooo its official I am going to Salama , I called Cortes and they never responded to my calls and didn't honor their price so I called Salama and their was a cancellation for March 11th my sons birthday. I am so happy, I will be flying back to Miami for a few days, I must lose 20 pounds and quick the cigarettes, its going to be tough Bigbootytinywaist, is the meet that weekend?

Also girls what are the essentials, I have nothing .

Please let me know.
woot woot !


beautiful face already, ur going to be sooo hott!!!
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Great news! Congrats!
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Can't wait to see your new booty!
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DONT GO TO VANITY !!! Scheduled with Perry 03/17/14

I havent updated in a while so I want to fill you guys in. So I came back to Miami on Thursday cause I had decided on Fisher, I went to see him and eventhough it was a good consult, Vanity is a wreck. I would not recommend for anyone to go to that disaster of a place. First of all, Lianet which is a coordinator there told me that my weight and pictures were fine but after I got there she lied and said that Fisher had seen them and it turned out that he told me that he never saw them. Those women make Commission and are in it for money and that's that, she made me fly out from Texas on the pretext that she had shown him those pictures and it all turned out to be a lie. She made me wait there for like 6 hours to get a consult with Fisher it was terrible. After seeing Fisher he told me that I needed to lose weight and I needed to be cigarette free for at least 4 weeks. I've then decided to give dr perry a call and even though he said that I was a bit overweight, he said that it give a nice result and that with a two week break from cigarettes he would be able to proceed with surgery. I am now scheduled with perry for the 17th and I am super excited. He are some new pictures.


I too am going to be a Perry Doll ok...Im going in June! Cant wait to see your transformation!
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Thank you, I loved him, hes great and girl I think hes soo adorable. Too bad hr's married. Hes going to hook me up. Woot Woot!
Sorry that you have been going through so much drama gorgeous. It was a pleasure meeting you at Dr. Perry's office today and I can't wait to see your transformation!
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My consult today

Hi guys so I saw Perry again today, hes so sweet and cute, luv him . Did my labs and off we go, hes going to hook me up.

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Your gorg but hopefully things work out with perry
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Hi sweetie! I just came across your page. How did everything go for you with your new doctor. I hope you are fine and I am sure you look great. Dont let these men and people bring you down because you are beautiful!
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How did it go
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