Finally doing BBL before TT :) Change For Earlier Date/MommyMakeover (TT, Breast Lift with Implants and BBL)with Dr Salama?

Hi I'm a mommy who'd like to make a BIG change...

I'm a mommy who'd like to make a BIG change in my life... I've never liked my body and want to change it.. I wanted to start with a TT but after researching, i think it's better to start with the BBL (for the weight gain).
I'm sorry I'm not really good in English.. but I think I can make myself understood..
I'm 22 y.o., 5'1, 118lb and 34DD (sagging..).
I decided to go with Dr. Salama, after the before/after pictures, reviews and feedbacks, I really like him. Nancy just replied to me, and now i'm waiting for my sister to come and take pictures of me naked.. I warned you: my body is a desaster! I'm 22 years old but have the body of a not good looking 80years old! I'm really depressed with everything about me.. My twin sister asked me yesterday if I like anything about me and I said no. I've alway been the ugly one..

I'm so ready ..but still needs a lot of info and planing to do (cause i live in Canada).. I hope I can have your help ladies.

I've post pics of what i'd like my ass to look...

I've post pics of what i'd like my ass to look like.. But i did it with the iSurgeon app so it's not that good but it just an idea..

My boyfriend dont want me to do it because i have a lil butt and he like it.. But i dont! I dont feel sexy and I want to be sexy..
He even said he will dump me if I do it.. Oh well.. He cant understand how much I hate my body!

I was having second thoughts on going with Dr...

I was having second thoughts on going with Dr Salama.. So i've looked around again on RS to know more about other surgeons..

I clicked the 5 stars one.. It's kind of weird cause the one with 5stars, they have feedback from "patients" who somehow happens to have only write one review and it is something "too" good about the doctor ..the same day "she" join RS and never wrote again, didn't reply to other sisters's questions, NOTHING!..

Dr Salama doesn't have 5 stars, but i belive that it's because of if the patients liked him, the staff etc.. He's a human, not God (even if he do a real miracle on bodies)

Real patients! Not an employee giving "too good to be true" feedbacks..

Hahaha! Nothing to do with my BBL.. But it's weird, no?

Oh, and I don't know if I should do the BBL first.. What do you think? Cause the part of my body that I really want to do is my belly.. And i'm kinda scared to be in so much pain after my BBL that I will be "traumatized".. And dont know if you understand what i mean..
At the same time i think that even if i do it after, i hate my "jelly-belly" so much that i'll do it anyways..
Or is it possible to have like 3 surgeries the same day (TT, Breast lift and BBL)?
One last thing.. Haven't save my day yet, i wanted to pay everything cash, can we pay cash? Cause i dont have a good credit..

Hi! So i was thinking about after my BBL, i'll...

So i was thinking about after my BBL, i'll do my Mommy Makeover. I've found a Dr here in Canada and he charges 17 400$. I dont know why I didn't thought about Dr Salama doing something else then BBL..
So i went on his website and saw the before/after pictures and i love the results! But Dr Salama charges 7 999$ (well that's the price I saw on the website).
Honestly, I'm not cheap for my body, but there's a BIG difference in the prices!
So I wanted to know if there's ladies on RS who've done it with Dr Salama.. Want to see the pictures, know the prices, etc.
Thank you ladies

Ladiiiiies! I have a date!!! June 24th!!...


I have a date!!!

June 24th!! Well, i'm doing a Tummy Tuck and Breast lift with implants first. And three months later i'll have my Brazilian Butt lift, on september 23th!

I'm so excited!

Nancy is so sweet. Can't wait to meet her in person. And to meet Salama too...

Cant wait for the last look in the miroir and seing this body...

I'm really happy!

So like i said earlier, i'm excited about the date...

So like i said earlier, i'm excited about the date I have for my Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with implants. June 24th (in Quebec it's la Saint-Jean -a national day where you celebrate being quebecois and get drunk and high-). So it's during summer...
But how long do I have to wait after the procedures before going to the beach? Cause I know I'll want to go in a bikini for the first time in 5years(next year)...

Please answer me!

And i was wondering, cause in the best scenario...

And i was wondering, cause in the best scenario doing my TT and breast lift with implants would be better in March so I can have my BBL done in June and 6weeks letter it would be my birthday... My June 24th date is for a TT and BL/implants if I can find someone to change dates with, does the procedures matter?
(Like if the other person wants to change his date but it's for a BBL..)
And if I can get my TT and BL/implants earlier do I have to change my date for my BBL at the same time or I can reschedule?

Uuuuugh! I'm confuuuuuused! I think i should...

I'm confuuuuuused!

I think i should get my BBL before or i would "lose" my fat if i do the TT first..
But if i keep my date, June 24th i'll juste get my TT by December 2013 or January 2014... It's way too long!!

I just talked with Nancy.. And i'll do my BBL...

I just talked with Nancy..

And i'll do my BBL first.

If someone wants to change for june 24th for a earlier date i'm here :)

Miami Plastic Surgeon

After all the before/after pictures, I really like Dr. Salama's results! I want him to give me a new body...

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Dr. Salama would not do Bbl on me he said I was not a candidate for it tip I got a Tt he wanted to do that first and then 6 months later bbl but said I would have to gain 15-20 lbs. I just couldn't see myself gain weight after a tt.
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I dont think getting to much weight after a TT is good.. But if its only 15-20lb.. And if you get a BBL after a TT, can the Doctor take fat from the tummy?
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Hi Minni, I recently had a TT and breast reduction in Ottawa. Before making final plans please discuss the order of surgeries with a plastic surgeon. I am saying this because lipo is usually included in a TT and sometimes the BR also (underarm). You would not be able to use fat from previously lipoed areas for your BBL. For a BBL you need lots of fat. In my case I have very little fat for a BBL and would have to gain weight and take fat from my legs.
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I think i'll ask Salama. Because it makes sense to do the BBL first..
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Yes it is me, and I have make up on.. I dont think i look the same without it.. But thank you! No he didn't tell me that i need one, but I no I do! I had my daughter, on Dec 1st, three years ago.. Now i have stretched marks, sagging bellybutton (yuuck!) and loose jelly skin.. I hate it! Went to the gym, nothing! I really want my belly back (maybe it was one thing about me that i used to like) but with a new ass, new curves (really want some hips) and new lifted breasts!
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He would have told you off hand like he did me!
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oh and by the way did dr. s say you need a tummy tuck? it is possible that you may only need the bbl, he does very aggressive lipo.
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If that is you on your profile picture than you are BEAUTIFUL! :-) best of luck with your sx we are here for you. I do agree with Redbonz with that said ugly is a very unattractive word so just through it out the window all together; beauty in the inside will show on the out side this surgery will just tweak what we have and give us that extra boost to feel sexy and free :-))
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Hello welcome, I am happy to hear you found a surgeon and you decided to do this for you and not for your man. A man who truely loves you will be there for you and support you regardless. Its your body and you know what's best. Now about you not loving anything about yourself. I would hate for you to get this surgery with low self esteem and continue to use surgery as a way out. Although I cant see you, you are beautiful and you must love your self before anyone else can love you. We are our toughest critics, but know that you are beautiful now, but you will be fierce with your new body. Keep your head up girl. xoxo
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Thank you so much. About me not loving myself, my sister think the same thing.. I don't want to turn into Heidi Montag.. But I really want to be comfortable with my body.. And the tummy tuck and butt lift are something that I want/need.. My belly is destroyed by my beautiful daughter. And for my bf, I told him that it doesnt matter if he dumps me, i'll find someone else lol.. And to be honest and don't think i'm that ugly.. I just think that i'm not beautiful, pretty maybe.. But i've been called ugly before but my twin is always the prettiest (my nose is bigger)..
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Those that call you ugly are haters and jealous. Shoot I might not look like beyonce or rihanna but I know I am beautiful because I said so and thats how you need to think. I get looked at and asked for my number where ever I go because with or without make up, because I have confidence without being stuck up. I am also considering a TT, BBL, Labiaplasty, and Breast Lift because like you I have one kid and I am 28 and it is time for me to love my body instead of just like it. But one surgery at a time. Stop saying your twin in pretty, youre twins so if she is pretty so are you. As a man thinketh so is he. Start saying you are beautiful and you will feel it and believe it. Surgery isnt gonna make you beautiful, it just compliments your beauty.
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Sorry to sound like a preacher but I dont like when people put themselves down. You have a beautiful daughter and a man so you are beautiful. You dont want you low self esteem to rub off on your daughter so you need/have to get your confidence up.
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Yes I want my daughter to be confident, that's why every day i tell her she's beautiful. I want her to love her body and everything about her. I don't want her to be like me.. I really need to tell myself this, I need to gain confidence in me before having surgery so i'll be more happy with myself. Thanks :)
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Just look in the mirror everyday and say I am beautiful with all of my flaws. Listen to that song by beyonce, Flaws and all. I love that song. There are things I dont like about myself either but I know in order to be loved I must love my self, inside and out. So I have to learn to love myself cus I want a good man lol and I want my daughter to be a happy, beautiful, and confident girl as well.
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:) i want the same thing! A good man and my daughter to be happy and confident. Heard the song for the first time and i love it! And the video too (dont know if it's the official one) the silly faces she's doing! So cute! Thanks RedBonz
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lol Yes thats the video. Its so cute.
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