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I have be on realself a few months, and trying to...

I have be on realself a few months, and trying to save money fast. My 40 b-day is coming fast I have 6 kids and work full-time, and its not been about me for some time. But. this year will be different, so I need to have more love for my body. It's not nice right now even though my husband loves every part. I want to give him the real me, especially when I begun to love my body. I have a flat but, but cut lady with a mean swag. This surgery will be for me and my husband to enjoy for many years. I just need a lil more but, and to get some of my shape back.


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Have you had a consultation with Dr. Salama yet?

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I love M Salama work, and is looking forword to meeting him. I love the prices I see and the outcome of work.

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