Duran Doll September 15!! London Babyy! Cannot waaaiiit! Who wants to buddy up?!

New to realself! After years of wanting this...

New to realself! After years of wanting this procedure done, I've finally found and settled for a good doctor.

My surgerys a while away but I'm prepared to wait. Gives me time to save up and put in a bit of weight intime for the surgery. I'm from London in the UK so anyone from there, tips and advice will be much appreciated!

Excited! Can't wait to begin this journey with u guys! :) :) x

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Congrats on choosing your doctor and setting your date. Did you specifically choose a date so far in the future, to give you time to prep? I think you're one of our first 2014 people.

Please do keep us updated with your progress.


Recieved my quote from Dr Yily!! Confused. Net....

Recieved my quote from Dr Yily!! Confused. Net. Salama or Yily???!!!! :'(
Paid my deposit for Dr Salama. Now I'm leaning towards going with Dr yily. Seen SOME of her work and I think she can achieve what I'm looking for, not necessarily a fat ass but an overall shape and sculpting. After 10 days of contacting her (roll my eyes .. Long..lol) she finally gave me a quote which compared to Dr Salama's .... I'll be saving over $5,000! But will still be happy with it. I just really need to see some more of her results, there aren't enuff out there for me to be 100% sure. Any info will be great guys! Xx
Hey juat noticed you haven;t posted any pics which is why nobody has commented as with no pics your profile isn't visible on the main page. As you know im from London too what date are you scheduled for?
Hey. I'm scheduled for September 2014 I didn't put anything up because my date is soo faaar away and I'm actually thinkin of switching to another doctor. Still trying to decide :s. when is your date set for?
Oh wow that is very far away!! Lol Im scheduled for next week Theusday! I fly out from London to Miami this Sunday. xx


God is Good, won't he do itttt!!! So I've been in contact with ALOT of doctors and have received a lot of quotes but my heart is set on Duran for some reason. I loveeeee her work and I feel she can work wonders on small petite girls(As I'm only 4"11) I've been emailing Duran Endlessly since JULY, this is now the end of September and I've finally gotten a response. I had to add her on Facebook as I heard she responds to people there and I've got my quote of $3,500 with a whole lot of information about the procedure, flights, stay, medical insurance and medication.

She's told me to contact her assistant Elizabeth on Monday to find out an available date but I don't know how to *criiiiies* I'm from the UK and calling the DR is gonna be a tripppp on my phone bill. Anyone know Elizabeth's contact details to book a date??? Pleeease helllllppp!!!!

Wish pics...

Hello hun! im from the UK too. When it comes with contacting these doctors i would advise you to download rebtel on ur phone, tablet, or computer its a cheap way of making international calls. I wanted to know why you changed your mind from Salama and if you got you deposit back? If you are going to DO I think you should speak to Curvywervy to tell you what to avoid, shes also from London. good luck!!
Hey hun! I still have my date with Salama. I changed my mind because I don't think he can perform on petite girls (not any that I've seen) and I've seen a lot of girls going for Round 2's with him and I only want to do this once! I'm only 4"11 too so I don't want a massive butt I know he gives, I like the way Duran sculpts. I really hope I can get my deposit back though coz my date with Salama is not until September next year, I just hope I'm making the right decision :/ thanks for the info tho, I'll download rebtel and see how it goes.xxxx Have you chosen a Doc yet??
2 be honest with you I'm in two minds and i keep going between Dr Salama and Dr cortes IM SOO CONFUSED! lol. why is you date with salama so far away?? was that the earliest date available??


So I just emailed Duran via Facebook and asked about her anaesthesia procedure and she said she uses Epidural (eeek) Then I asked her will I wake up during surgery and she said 'YES FREQUENTLY' Wtttttttttttttttttfffffffff?!!!!!!!!! Any post op 'Duran Dolls' out there PLEASE HELP!!!! I need more info on this coz I doo notttt wanna be awake during this procedure nor feel any type of pain! HELP!
Am definitely going to be following your journey and all the best hun..., thanks for sharing.
Did u ave ur surgery already?
Hey did you cancel your Sept date with Dr. Salama. If so I would like to get that surgery date.
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