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I Just recently had a consultation with Dr. Salama...

I Just recently had a consultation with Dr. Salama and it wet really well. Im looking forward to having a bbl done and tummy tuck. I dont have a tentative date as of yet but i really hope an available date would come open between the middle of March or end of April 2013. Ive been researching the procedure for over a year now and ive read numerous of reviews but would never see any results that made me say wow up until i found out about Dr. Salama. Ive read all the reviews seen pics and ive also seen other patients in person. I think Salama is the real deal could be imitated by many others but not duplicated. I feel that with my new transformation i would feel complete. A pretty face, Boobs that some would love i would like to have a reduction maybe in the future but depending on the look i get when i do procedure i may change my mind. I have a little butt but i think with some added i would really be the bomb thats really all i feel im missing. Overall I love my appearance how i am now but change is always good.

Finally scheduled bbl and im so happy.

Finally scheduled bbl and im so happy.
Thats awesome hun. I am thinking Salama too. I love his natural finished look and all the pics he puts on his websites! I like his price range--its not cheap but its realistic. I am living abroad now but when I get back I def wanna see him first.

So excited and ready for bbl procedure scheduled...

So excited and ready for bbl procedure scheduled April 1,2013. Im preparing myself getting ready to excercise and take supplements up until sx date so that by body will be ready for successful sx and successful recovery.
yay best of luck. salama does great work.
Thankyou bklynbeauty yes he does.
All i have been doing is researching on BBL procedures and to me Salama is a great choice. Looking at alot of his reviews and seeing actually results really helped me make my decision. Y.O.L.O. #TeamSalama all the way.

Im ready for a Jimmerson Experience

Team Jimmerson thats the best way to go!!!

After researching ive decided to change from Salama to Jimmerson. I have been looking at all of Dr. Jimmerson's work and it is awesome. Im going team Jimmerson all the date.

Team Jimmerson is the best research him for yourself ladies!!!

After researching and having a consultation with Dr. Salama ive decided to switch doctors and go with Dr. Jimmerson. Dr. Jimmerson's work is unbelievable and is definitely worth the wait. Team Jimmerson all the way!!!
Girl let me tell ya.. I'm so glad I went with Jcurves. My booty aka "Juicy" is an attention grabber. I'm very satisfied.
JL01 I cant wait hun I wish I could go tomorrow. I get alot of eyes now without the booty and I could imagine when I get it. I told my man he's not ready I surely hope he can handle it.
Well it takes time to adjust. My man thinks all my clothes r too tight now. I'm like these r all old clothes but it takes time to adjust to the new fat ass filling them out.

So ready to be bottylicious

JL01 Im sure it does take time to adjust im going to cover all mirrors lol. Certain clothes I wouldnt buy because I didnt have ass. Now I cant wait!!!

So ready to be bootylicious

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