Hello ladies, I have always struggled with my...

Hello ladies,

I have always struggled with my triangular shaped body my entire life. I have fairly large breasts that I was blessed with (36D) but with very wide shoulders, major bra fat rolls on my upper back and a little Asian booty! I want to have an hourglass shape and a plump booty to match my upper body. I am really excited and someone nervous on how I will fell post-op. My other concerns are also scarring-I have really great skin, and don't want permanent cars. I plan to stay at a air b and b somewhere in the area for approx. $85 for a week and plan to stay there for 7 days. Is there anyone else that will be down there for Dr. Perry the first week of April? I'd love to meet so we can support each other! I am from NYC and will be flying down.

I will submit my pre-op photos soon. Excited and nervous at the same time!

Hi ladies, I am all set for 4/5/2013 with Dr....

Hi ladies,

I am all set for 4/5/2013 with Dr. Perry for my BBL. I am very nervous and scared. Some of my concerns are the liposuction rippling on my stomach and the scarring of the little holes. I have to be in a bikini in two months after my surgery-wonder if I will be OK and look normal? I don't want to look like I got lipo!

Hi ladies, I just wanted your advice and I wont...

Hi ladies, I just wanted your advice and I wont get offended. Do you think I have enough fat to do a good BBL fat transfer? I dont want a shelf but a good nice medium sized, heart-shaped booty. What do you ladies think?

I am getting my list together and so nervous to tell my BF. I still haven't told him yet, I will tell him this weekend.

I forgot to note: I am 5'5' and 144 pounds. I am...

I forgot to note: I am 5'5' and 144 pounds. I am getting my chin, inner thighs, tummy, flanks and total back done. Hopefully I have enough!!! (Gosh, Im probably fatter than I think I am,haha!!)

Hi ladies, I am so excited. I finally told my BF...

Hi ladies, I am so excited. I finally told my BF about what I was going to get done. I was soooo scared and anxious to tell him, I wouldnt know what he would think. He was actually really excited! He said as long as your butt doesnt feel hard or fake, then great! He then started googling pictures and choosing butts and say hey can you look like this? I just laughed... he says he likes my booty but now he will love my booty after this! What a relief. Its a month away, and now starting to prep for it. I am excited!

Hi ladies, I have a scar question. I know its...

Hi ladies, I have a scar question. I know its really soon but I will need to be in a bikini 2 months after my surgery. Do you think that my scars can be hidden or at least a lot less noticeable? I would really appreciate if any of you 2 months post op can show me any pictures of your scars.... I am freaking out and dont want to look like a piglet with nipples on my back in my bikini. I am going to put a lot of sunbock on them and try not to tan my back.

Also-does anyone have Erics phone #?

I'm dying to go shopping for new clothes because I...

I'm dying to go shopping for new clothes because I have the urge to shop... but I know its stupid knowing my surgery is in two weeks. Do you think that we really change dramatically our size after surgery where we may need new clothes? Should I just wait?? I wonder if I will still remain 144 pounds.

OK ladies, I'm still being annoying and paranoid...

OK ladies, I'm still being annoying and paranoid that I may not get the projection that I want. I just uploaded new pics of myself and my large amount of back fat!! Its so weird because I think my thighs are not that fat but have like 3-4 backrolls, its kinda funny. Please take a look at my wish pics, I hope that Dr. Perry can make me look like Vida Guerra! I don't want a HUGE shelf booty, but I do want a medium-sized nice ass! I have 36D breasts so I want to make sure I have a bottom to match or at least be bigger than my top. I am seeing Perry in 2 weeks and hope that he can make me get an hourglass figure. I haven't packed yet but really ready to get this over with!!

Hi ladies- My BF is dyng to go away on vacation...

Hi ladies-

My BF is dyng to go away on vacation to a hot beach (we live in NYC) and he was thinking of meeting me a week after my surgery (the last day I am there, basically) and go to south beach. I know I wont be able to dance or go to clubs, but.... for my veterans, is it stupid for me to think I am able to... be in a bikini and walk around in a week? Heck no, right? I know I will have lots of scars I have to be careful of.. and i guess my stomach will look weird. possibly i can wear a one piece.

Hi ladies, I have a question. Do you know when I...

Hi ladies, I have a question. Do you know when I should start wearing a Faja after surgery?

HI ladies, I am dying to shop for new clothes...

HI ladies,

I am dying to shop for new clothes but know that I need to wait. For the ones that know, do you know how many sizes you typically go down in shirts, on average? Also, do your pant size increase since your butt grows, lol? And also what about bra size, since fat is typically taken out of the upper back? I want to get a new wardrobe but wanted to know how long to wait till our bodies get to normal again.

Hi ladies! Just want to let you know how excited I...

Hi ladies! Just want to let you know how excited I am, and I will be staying with a new friend on here as well. We are having the same surgery date together, I am in the morning and she is in the afternoon. I am excited to have the support...

I really hope that Dr. Perry can make me smaller, I want to be cute and tiny with a nice booty! I have everything ready. Told my Dad I am going down to Miami to get a small cosmetic procedure, liposuction on my back (didn't tell him about the BBL part) and he laughed at me and said OK lol. I am sooo excited and scared of recovery but am willing to stick it through. Pray for me ladies to have amazing results. I want to look slammin'! =)

Hi ladies, I am getting more and more excited as...

Hi ladies, I am getting more and more excited as my date is about 11 days away! I cannot wait. I think I have thought long and hard and think I am going to ask for a "medium" sized booty, not a huge booty since I have a smaller frame. I want to be slim with a nice booty. I added new wish pics-let me know what you ladies think, if you think its too big. The thing is my bf is slender, and I want to be slender too... almost like slim with a really nice Colombian/Brazilian butt. I am excited I am staying with mzbbl, she is awesome and am so grateful we have each other for support. we are staying at the same air b and b, and am excited to watch movies and be in pain together! LOL. this is what im going to ask dr perry: "Dr. Perry, please lipo the fucking shit out of me so I can look like I am hungry and starving but with a nice ass". LOL, JK. I do want him to make me look like I have hips, right now I am a 36D in bra size, I'd like for him to make me into a 34 bra size and a 38 hip size, I think that is good. Wish me luck ladies!!!

OK I deleted some older pics of me and added new...

OK I deleted some older pics of me and added new ones, not that much of a difference but feel like Im less bloated in these, haha. Sorry if I am showing too much I was completely naked lol.

OK I deleted some older pics of me and added new...

OK I deleted some older pics of me and added new ones, not that much of a difference but feel like Im less bloated in these, haha. Sorry if I am showing too much I was completely naked lol.

Urgh pics got

urgh pics got

I cannot wait to leave on Wednesday, I am so...

I cannot wait to leave on Wednesday, I am so anxious and ready to do this! I am so nervous at the same time though. Do you ladies think that Dr Perry can make my bra size (not the cup but the width) go down? So right now I am a 36D, do you think he can make me into a 34D? I really want to be small on top, really tiny and bigger on the bottom. I hope he can take all my top heavy fattiness and move it to the bottom or just remove it permanantly!!!

Hi ladies. Getting super nervous-flight is...

Hi ladies.

Getting super nervous-flight is later at 6pm today-wish me luck, will post more later! Pre-Op manana!

Hey ladies I have been so busy prepping for my...

Hey ladies I have been so busy prepping for my surgery. Going to bed so tired.. Surgery in the am. Please pray for me and mzbbl. Xoxoxo

Hi ladies I'm here recovering with mzbbl. She's...

Hi ladies
I'm here recovering with mzbbl. She's doing just fine. I had a real hard time with the anesthesia, yesterday was the worst day of my life. But I think I will look amazing. We went to Eric today and he was gentle on me. They are the best... Sorry ladies I don't have energy to post pics. I think my booty is kinda big now but it will go down I hope. I'm happy for all the support and my other real self sisters I got to see. Will update when I'm better. XO PS- perry Said he took out 4,000 CCs wtf!, and put in 2,200 total. Guess I was way fatter than I thought lol

Hi ladies, I have somewhat enough energy to...

Hi ladies,

I have somewhat enough energy to post a litlte bit right now. Today I am 4 days post-op, and am able to walk around straight up now. I do still feel very weak, my heart is beating fast when I walk slow, and its been a crazy recovery. Ladies, be prepared, this recovery is from MAJOR surgery. It is very very difficult, and not being able to sit down is really hard. It's frustrating and you need to be very strong. You need to know that this is the surgery you want, and that you really really want this. I do want this and that is why I do not regret it, however I would love to get better already.

My body does NOT like anesteshia, as I took almost 6-7 hours to wake up. I was very nausus and waking up from surgery was the worst day of my life. I am glad that as each day passes, I am getting a little stronger, but wish I recovered more quickly. It's very important to eat protein to make yourself stronger and recover faster. My Aunt has been with me and has been the greatest at taking care of me-I don't know what I would do without her.

I am extremely swollen and bigger than I was before surgery, so I do not want to post pics right now nor do I have the energy. So far, I do love my results though and Dr. Perry and his team are amazing. I do hope my butt goes down a little as its a little wide (hence what my other sisters say, lol). I hope that it fluffs up a little but also my hips need to go down a bit. Its all a waiting game. Please send your prayers over to me to make me feel better and recovery quickly. I am here in Miami until Friday, wish me luck going home. Its really hard to sleep on your stomach and try to find a comfortable position. I'm glad I got to meet my sisters, sexirn, goodz, nikki.. Speak to you later ladies, XO.

Hi ladies, I woke up today, this is my 6th day...

Hi ladies,

I woke up today, this is my 6th day of post-op. I am feeling so much better, I actually got some decent rest and sleeping is becoming somewhat more comfortable. I want to upload pics but my photo app is not working on my laptop, i will have to wait until i go home on my desktop to upload pics, sorry ladies. I know you are all anxious. I think I really love my results so far, i am still swollen and feel fat so it doesnt look as good as i like right now, i need to wait for it to go down. speak to you later!

Here they are ladies, I finally got to post-up...

Here they are ladies, I finally got to post-up some pictures. I hope they help you. Please keep in mind I am SUPER swollen and as you notice, I am larger than I am now than my pre-op pics. I still have a lot of bruising, patches of fluid on my stomach which doesn't make my body look very sexy.

Yesterday I had my last post-op visit with Perry and I somehow, built up a lot of fluid on my lower belly. He poked a hole (lidocaine) and drained a LOT of fluid. It built back up for some reason this morning a little, but he said it may happen and it goes away slowly. I will have to deal with it since I will be in NY. He gave me a foam to make my garment tighter.

I love my booty so far, however I do want it slightly smaller. Also, for those of you who think my booty is not big, I did not ask for a big butt. My wish pics were actually slightly different than the ones that I posted, but I love it! I think it suits my size and shape well. I can't wait to see the final results later on.

I fly back today, my flight is at 7pm. I have my rolled up towel (2) in a pillowcase and a doctors note from Perry to stand during the flight, just in case the attendants give me a hard time. I got a aisle seat in the back so I can try to go unnoticed.

Overall-I am so happy with Nadege, Perry and his team. They are amazing and treat you really well. Nadege is taking me to the airport today and I had a great experience here overall the pain and suffering I went through.

Ladies! Long travel day, flight was delayed three...

Ladies! Long travel day, flight was delayed three hours, had me roaming MIA for a bit.. But got to stand most of the flight.

Don't mean to be annoying but, will my butt still shrink? I think it's huge! Please tell me yes!

Sorry that all my pics have messy backgrounds-LOL....

Sorry that all my pics have messy backgrounds-LOL.

I posted up some new pics... I am still super swollen. I stopped by a Faja store in Queens, NY today. The garment that Dr. Perry gave us does not give us enough compression, and the fajate that I bought does not give any creases and is super smooth, its amazing! This place I went to has the most amazing customer service, it is owned by a lady named Annie. She will educate you on the best faja for you, how to wear one, why you should wear one, and the recovery process. I highly recommend calling her to speak to her on getting your own Faja delivered to your doorstep! She will ask you about your body weight, height, etc.. and the procedure you got done and will choose the faja most appropriate for you. Please keep in mind the faja is super super tight, but you need it to be tiny. Tell them Jennifer the chinita sent you!!! Seriously they are the best. They were also written up in the NYTimes:

They also referred me to a cheap and really excellent post-lipo massage therapist, Carlos in the NYC area (Elmhurst). His name is Carlos Arce.  I am going to him on Wednesday, I will let you know how it goes! I think he is $325 for 10 sessions, or so.

I am doing much better, starting to itch now.... sitting on my butt slowly with a towel and driving. I swear, last week I was totally incapacitated but sure enough as everyone said, it will get better... and it has.

Hola chicas, Today is 14 day post-op, almost...

Hola chicas, Today is 14 day post-op, almost making it two weeks, woot woot! I am feeling amazing, and I am able to pick things up from the floor and go about my daily life now. Things do get better =) I posted up two pics from the front and back, just a little sneak peak. I wanted to tell you ladies I had the most BEST AND AMAZING post-surgery lipo massage yesterday. He was referred to me by the amazing faja store as I stated above. Please all my NYC ladies, go to Carlos in Elmhurst-he is the bset. His info is above. He started with a ultrasound around my body and then massaged me so good I fell asleep! It felt soooo good!!!! By the time I was done, my waist was wayyy smaller and smooth! He is cheap and knowledgable, $325 for 10 sessions and has been doing this for 18 years. He is sooo nice too! Let me know if you have any questions I will be happy to answer. Happy healing, everyone!

Hi ladies. I feel super fat today. When will the...

Hi ladies. I feel super fat today. When will the major swelling be over? Its 17 days post-op today. Or is it just me that needs to work off the additional weight? I feel so heavy, big and bloated. I was 144 pre-op, and today I am 155 pounds. **Sigh**.. Veteran ladies, when does it get better? Or does it?

Hi ladies, Hope everyone is doing well and my...

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well and my BBL sisters are having a fast recovery. I am still super swollen, and got on the tightest faja right now!

I posted 2 new pics so far of my process...hope these help you.

XOXOX BBL sisters!~

Hi ladies, For those of you who are vets, can...

Hi ladies,

For those of you who are vets, can you tell me if this is normal? Before surgery I was 144 pounds, 5'5'. Today is approx 3 weeks post op and I am 149 pounds. Is this normal? I dont think I have been eating bad or a lot, so can you please tell me if I am at the average speed of losing weight? The Doctor took out 4,000 CCs of fat from me, which is equivalent to 8 pounds. So, should I be about 136 pounds soon? I still feel like a whale and my face is still bloated and chubby!

Hi ladies, I have posted up new pics.. I am...

Hi ladies,

I have posted up new pics.. I am still super swollen. Wearing a faja and getting massages 3x a week. I feel so fat still and need to be in a bikini in 1 month, hope I will be OK by then! Let me know if you ladies have any questions I can help you with. Good luck to those that are coming up and hope all of my Perry sisters are doing well!!! xoxoxxooxxo

Hi ladies, I am onemonth post op and just a...

Hi ladies,

I am onemonth post op and just a recommendaton, do not take your faja off for even one day. I wanted to be 1 day without my faja and boy was that a bad decision. I thought my body would be better and not swell at 1 month, but I walked around all day and my tummy swelled up like a balloon.. like literally a whale! It looked so weird and funny and with creases.... from sitting down. It looks so bad. Thankfully i put back my faja on and its better, but do you know when this swelling wont happen anymore? i have to be in a bikini in two weeks and so darn tired of feeling fat and swollen.

Added new side by side pics of before and afters....

Added new side by side pics of before and afters. Enjoy!

Hi ladies, do you know when my scars on my back...

Hi ladies, do you know when my scars on my back will lighten up? I have to be in a bikini in 1 month. I started using the silicon sheets.. I hope they work. I look like I have been shot all over =(


Hi all,

I know it's been a long time since I have updated realself, my apologies. Life goes on! I hope everyone has been doing well, all my BBL sisters. I have been trying to lose some weight, started going to the gym and working out with a trainer 2x a week, and doing cardio sculpting classes 2x a week as well.

I am trying to lose 16 pounds. Here are my measurements:
36D breasts
28 inch waist
41 inch booty
146 pounds

I'd like to get down to 130 pounds by eating super clean. When I lose weight, I hope I will have a better shape and my booty will pop out even more.

I think I still have a seroma or am still slightly swollen after 4 months-My stomach and back area are still sensitive and hurt a little when I take off a sports bra-I feel like I still have a little bit of fluid hanging around. Do any of my 4 month-post op sisters have the same issue, or are you totally flat and gone? I still feel like I have fluid as when I press down on my stomach or wear elastic band pants, it makes a indentation (goes away after an hour or so).

Anyways, I highly recommend wearing a faja as long as you can. I stopped wearing mine after 1.5 months, and now I regret it. I wish my stomach was smoother and tighter and smaller than it is now. However I put that thing back on now and hope its not too late to shape me up again.
Let me know if you ladies have any questions, please take a look at the new photos I put up. Hope you like them. Please remember I didnt ask for a big booty, only a medium size booty that fits me. I love it!!!

Now I have to give another shout-out to my masseuse, Carlos who is the bomb. He is in Queens and helped me so much through this journey, and also the best faja store. Please private message me if you'd like his information. I cannot give it out on here on the blog or else they will delete it. He helped me so much throughout the process and is also inexpensive!!!


Hi all,

It's been a long time since I posted a review, but thought I'd share two photos of mine. I am dong well, and trying to work out a lot to lose weight, but not lose my booty! I posted a few new pics up, as you can see I have my boobies and butt!

Unfortunately, the surgery left me with big scars that are not going away fast enough, and it looks like I have been shot 6 times on my back and or have little "piggy" nipples on the back. I am putting scar sheets on them everyday and I hope they go down. I also developed this hard lump after a few months on my lower abdomen. I contacted Perry and he said to keep massaging it with a medicine ball to make it go away. IT has gone down, but since I live in NY, I'm resisting going back to Miami to see him. I am going to wait it out another two months and if it hasnt gone away, I will go see him. You can see the lump in the photo.

Overall, I am very happy with my new body structure, however I still feel insecure because of my scars and my bump on my lower abdomen. I get so much attention from everyone, I even sometimes hide my butt because I get so many cat calls on the street! Hope my pics help you! xo


More photos-8 months

Best Massage Therapist for Post-Surgery Massage

Hi all,

I just want to let you know that I am still going to my massage therapist for once a month "maintenance" after 1 year of my BBL. I highly recommend him, his name is Carlos and since Realself won't let me provide his info here, please feel free to private message me and I can give you his information. He has really great pricing and is really good and nice. He is located off the 7 train on 82nd street in Queens.

He has packages of 10 massages for like $30 or $40 each.. what a deal! Anyways, hope all of you ladies are doing great. I am working out a lot to try to get slim into my bikini bod for the Summer!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Perry is an amazing doctor. He takes his time with you, makes sure you answers all the questions you have. He is so nice and you will feel very comfortable with him-not to mention funny as well! The facilities he is in is very clean and his team is also amazing. He delivers what you want-whether it be a big booty, a medium size booty or a shelf booty! I told him exactly what I wanted and I got what I wanted. He is an amazing "artist" and a great person. You won't go wrong with Perry!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey Sweetheart , you are looking great! Thanks for sharing your journey with us...Also can you please PM the contact info for Carlos, the massage therapist and the name of the Faja store you went to..thanks a lot
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Did you get any info on scars? I have the same issue. I'm 1 yr and 5 mo post and still have noticeable dark scars. Two in the front lower abdomen on hips and two below each butt cheek so I had to hide them when I went to the beach a couple weeks ago,I felt very insecure. I used mederma and silicone sheets and they are still there. I try to hide my butt with long or big shirts but it's no use, my butt is too big, which I don't like. It gets uncomfortable sometimes when people constantly look or talk about it especially at work. The scars are also kind of big when I expected them to be tiny and after 1yr 5mo I thought they'd be unnoticeable. Looks like I might have to shell out more money for scar laser therapy and a revision since I have irregularities, unevenness, dents, etc. Good luck with everything. Take care.
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Hi hun, I know scars really suck. Did you go to Perry?
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Hi, I went to salama. feb 2013. I plan to see a new doc, maybe Hughes, when I have the money I don't know yet.
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You look awesome!! Can you send info for Carlos your massage guy please
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PMed you!
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Does he do Lymphatic Drainage post Tummy Tuck and Lipo? Can you please PM in any info?
  • Reply
hi, yes he does! I will message you his info!
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I really wanna get massage therapist contact, could you send me detail?
  • Reply
Sent you a PM! =)
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Hi, i live in NY and 2 wks post pop and would love his information too. Thanks!
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Btw you look great ! I hope Carlos can make the swelling heal faster !
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hi can u send me your email i would like carlos # i jus came back from colombia and need massages please please please i jus areive 3 days ago and were i went for a massage its 90 for 1
  • Reply
Hi I would like to know the message therapist info please and thank you =)
  • Reply
Hi! I PMed you!
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Hi! You look amazing. My surgery date is in less than 2 weeks. I desperately need to get a faja. Can you tell me where you ordered yours? If you went to an actual store, do they have a website? Thanks! xoxo
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Hi! Its Caralinda Mis Fajas in Elmhurst! I did go to the actual store. It's very hard to get a good faja if you dnt try it on. Do you live in NY? Good luck on your surgery! Caralinda Mis Fajas 81-25 41 Avenue Elmhurst N.Y. 11373
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Hi doll! Thanks for the into. No, in in DE. I actually found a place online in northern NJ. They were able to help me over the phone with pictures and measurements... I hope that it fits. Thanks again!!!
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OK, good luck!
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Hello, I am beginning to collect my thoughts on sx and have been pouring over this site daily. I would appreciate if you could send me the info for the massage therapist and Faja store. Also were did you stay when you were in Miami. It looks like you were there for about a week. Thanks much!
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my scars look just like urs// i didn't know i keloided up until after surgery i noticed everyone else's scar just leave a mark mines stood like a purple n raised just like urs
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You look great! and you don't look fat at all lol I wish after surgery that we'd weigh less (being that we're being lipoed) but I hate how we remain the same weight or sometimes even heavier. It sucks!
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Hello. I am interested in massage therapist based in NYC, can you please pm his information, and also the place in NYC where you got your garment from. Thank you so much :)
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Hi! I will PM you now with this info. =)
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Oh wait I thought I saw his number but it's not there, can you pm me too?
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