Brazilian Butt Lift With DR.FISHER!! (september 9th 2014)

Hi Guys!!! I have wanted this procedure done...

Hi Guys!!! I have wanted this procedure done FOREVER!!! i'm finally ready to do it! Everybody says why you don't need it don't do it its going to be a waste of money - i think otherwise. But i always wonder What happens if you get it & you start working out afterwards or start loosing weight? Has anyone had any real issues with loosing their butt after. I'm 5'5, 130LBS, i really don't have a lot of fat to begin with dr suggested i gain 15-20lbs! YIKES!!! Its fun eating everything & anything though! lol. I haven't made a deposit yet but I'm 99.9% sure its going to be DR.SALAMA!!! any tips on gaining weight?!? its harder than it sounds :-/

if any of you guys are in the same boat as me as far as height & weight go pls drop me a comment so i can check out your story & see your results

THANKS!!! :):)


been looking at so many reviews now i don't know who to go with!!!!

wish booty

wish hips

duran doll

Leaning more towards Duran. I feel that drsalama doesn't take enough fat and doesn't shape your body aswell as Dr Duran. She emailed me back a couple times but haven't heard back from her for may.15th.2014 surgery date. Anybody travelling to DR mid may????


I'm going to duran!!! i got a quote from her right away (3,500$) but been waiting to confirm surgery date!! ugh i hate that it takes her forever to reply!! waiting 3 days now, messaged her on Facebook, whatsapp & e-mail! ...... everybody wants duran she is probably booked solid. i hope she can squeeze me in mid may!!!

debating ...

debating on staying in toronto & going with dr. martin jugenburg!

anyone go to him??? please post a comment so i can check out your story thanks!!

momma knows!

soo ......i told my mom i was planning to go to DR for the surgery & she FREAKED! My brothers worried sick, they are not havin it. SO to make them happy & more at ease i booked a consul on june23rd with dr.jugenburg in toronto. BUT thats when i wanted to have the surgery done so now considering dr.fisher vs dr. salama! please give me your opinions! share your stories even though i think i have read almost every review on here!! i need to make a final decision & deposit by the end of this month!!! its a must!!!!


im so obsessed with the plastic surgery stimulator!! i hope i can get these results!!




dr fisher it is!!

so I went to see Dr.Jugenburg in Toronto he said that it would completely not be worth it for me to go through with this procedure because of my lack of fat. i disagree. so i have made my final decision to go with dr. fisher!!! making my deposit tomorrow!! :) apparently he is booked up until aug!! was hoping for a sooner date...




finally booked my date! SEPT.9TH!! AHHHHH!!!! 55 days!! LOL

as of right now...

I'm 5'5 133LBS was 130LBS, I gained 3lbs so far lol & have been at this weight for about 3 weeks now!! gaining the weight is harder than i thought!! i want to gain 10-15lbs.
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Were are you staying
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im not sure yet might just do hotel... how about you?
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The same when are u going
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Im going to leave early on sept8th surgery is booked for the
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Im not gona do it
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Why not
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Have a look at my before pics and see if its worth it, I was slim before and now my bum is bigger than I ever wanted, you can just pay for extra areas like upper back and arms to be lipoed if people say there isnt enough fat
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yeah girl you look so good!! how many c/cs did u get. what was your weight going in? & How tall are yoU?
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Hi! I read ur review and just answering to ur question about loosing the butt... It happened to me. I had little fat (I'm 5ft and weigh 105lb) and gained only 15lb for surgery. After 6 mths the booty was gone and loosing the weight defitely helped to loose it. Remember, is the same fat. I went to 107 after 6 mths so only kept 2 pounds for it. Now that I put on another 13lb it looks a little bigger but so does my entire body lol. I'm going for implants in 20 days and using fat I gained for hips. So my advice to you: " gain A LOT fat or it's not worth it. And get Lipo from ALL the places u don't want the fat after BBL bc if u loose weight to get rid of it ur butt will loose it too. Weight training work out will not harm bc it will bulk u up and grow ur muscles so it's great for supporting the IT... but cardio will kill the booty... It happened to me so just a word of advice... Everybody is different thou.
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ugh i need to gain like 20 lbs lolll thanks for the advice girl!! good luck!!!! can't wait to see your results!!
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Great choice! Best wishes !
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thanks girl you look great!!!
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Thank you luv! And ur welcome !
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Gd luck
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thankkks u too!
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Are you seeing Dr. Fisher tomorrow? I have a consult with him tomorrow.
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Hey girl no I'm in toronto I won't see him until day of my surgery!! I wish I could see him before hand! Good luck with your consul. I'll be following your journey :):)
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Looks like we are looking for the same outcome. I love the upside down heart shape. I just want to have a safe surgery & be super happy with results. Good luck with your journey. I will be following you :)
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SAME!! gd luck girl!! ill be following you aswell :)
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Welcome to rs..!!
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Good luck :)
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thanks :)
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If you're staying in the U.S. but you're on a budget, Dr Fisher is a decent choice for doctors on the lower price end. His work is one of the best when compared to doctors in a similar price range. But if you can afford Dr Salama, he's the best in the U.S. Just tell him what you want. If you're more concerned about curvy hips, tell him. If you're more concerned about having a rounder butt than a bigger butt, tell him. He's a perfectionist and gives patients what they ask.
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Have you had surgery yet? Who are you going with? Or who did you go with?
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