Many Doctors to Choose From! Not Sure Which One:( - Miami, FL

I've been researching BBL procedure for over 3...

I've been researching BBL procedure for over 3 month, Thanks to this web site is being very helpfull to read all the reviews, I'm very undecided what dr to choose, there is a few doctors that I like Dr. Salama. Dr Azurin. Dr Jimerson. I not sure who to go with, I'm 5'5" 165lbs I submitted couple of pictures to two Drs and one of them told me that I need to gain at least 10-15lbs I just lost those lbs over a period of 7months is so hard to loose and then the dr tells you need to gain, I don't want an extreamely big butt but a little projection on my back specially when wearing jeans I'm not sure how many cc's is perfect for me. Need some help some sugestions. My husband does not agree with me having this procedure done, any other BBL ladies that the husband is not agree with your descisions on having this procedure done, and if you did it what did he say after you had it done?

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wow how did you find Dr. Azurin?? he just became one of my top picks (as of yesterday...haha) any links to post ops more than 2 months old? he seems good, but goes small.... and the back area looks the same after i have a few other top picks as well, inbox me sometime
I found him searching the web sent him my pic for a quote reasonable price but he won't do lipo on my stomach the reason it will shrink, so I sent them to Salama he said I needed to gain 10 to 15 lbs as you see I'am not that skinny I didn't wanted to hear that so now just waiting for Yily an see what she says.
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