3 More Days Till BBL YAY! - Miami, FL

I am 5' and weight 130 lbs. The reason why I...

I am 5' and weight 130 lbs. The reason why I have chosen to do the BBL is because I am uncomfortable with my physical apparence. I seem to carry more of my weight in my mid section. I have a tiny, little ole booty and it isn't perky at all, it is drop and my butt isn't form correctly to me, i don't have any hips at all, I am real narrow. Well I am schedule for my surgery in 3 days, I'll post and tell you guys how it went, I have posted before pictures, and i'll be posting one day after surgery pictures also.

I'm so excited, I'll be flying into Miami on Thursday

I had my surgery 2 days ago, an it wet well. The...

I had my surgery 2 days ago, an it wet well. The first day of the surgery i was a little scared, but the nurses and doctors made me feel so comfortable. I was awake threw the whole suregry, it was a lil unomfortale but it was all worth it.

first day wet well, but that night was horiable, i barely slept, and i couldnt do anythin on my own.
We rented a mini van so i had alot of space, i had no vomiting, i felt really good after surgery, all i wanted to do was eat..lol

second day i felt back to normal, i was walkin around shoppin, just a little uncomfortable, but i sure slept like a baby the second night.

I only got 250cc in each checks, i already had a lil bootie, i just did bbl to shape it an to make it a lil higher.

i'll take after pic tomor an post it

Well today is four days after my BBL surgery and...

Well today is four days after my BBL surgery and I'm feeling great, I had my Surgery Friday morning at 10:30 and today is Monday and I'm to work, I work in and office so I'm able to sit down with a towel rolled below my thighs, I am quite comfortable, it feels so much better to sit than to be laying down all the time. I currently only have pain in my lower back, I am starting my massages Tomorrow.

Also, if you have plans on kneeling in the car after BBL, make sure buy some maxi pads or something soft and comfortable to wrap around the knee to avoid rug burns, or any uncomfortable feeling.

My incision marks are not noticeable at all.
I'll keep you guys posted

I am 3 weeks and 3 days post surgery, so far the...

i am 3 weeks and 3 days post surgery, so far the swelling in my butt, back in the upper tummy is gone, still have it in the love handles and lower tummy, so far i am please with my results, just wish i did ask for him to inject some fat into my hips, i am plannin on doin some touch ups in december becuz one of my butt cheek is more bigger and curvier than the other, i am scedule to see my PS on the 9th of july, for my check up.

I have done so far 3 session of massage, i must say, the massage helps alot, when i started my massage, that very same day, i saw an improvement in my swellin, and i had less pain. before my 1st massage i had a hard time gettin out of bed (lower back pain) after massage, the pain went away slowly.

TIP: this is very embarrassing but i must put you...

TIP: this is very embarrassing but i must put you guys on point with this because I did experience it and it wasn't fun. When doing a #2, make sure you have someone to help you to clean or you will be there for almost 45 mins trying to clean yourself good. I wasn't use to the big booty, plus the booty was swollen so it felt as if you have to go in deep to clean. So make sure you have someone there to help you.

I am 6 weeks out today an am feeling great, i have...

i am 6 weeks out today an am feeling great, i have 4 more sessions of massages and my swelling in my mid sections are almost gone

I am 12 weeks out and I'm still a little swallon...

I am 12 weeks out and I'm still a little swallon in my lower back, and on the lower right and left side of the tummy where the incision were made.

Hi everyone, i am 5 monts post my bbl. i am still...

hi everyone, i am 5 monts post my bbl. i am still lovin my results. i'll post more up to date pictures when i get back at home today.

happy thanksgiving everyone

I am currently 9 months into my surgery, I must...

I am currently 9 months into my surgery, I must say I am loving my results. If i had to do it all again i would. I do think it was worth the try, my $4,000 truly was used in the right way.


Dr. Daniel Careaga

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Does dr Pelayo work with Dr Careaga,I came over because u said your sx was with him. You can inbox me if u like
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Who was your Dr? Im confused
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Do dr Pelayo do grafting to the hips?
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You look great! I found you researching dr. Pelayo?
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hello just did an update . check out my profile and tell me what yall think ladys..
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U look great!!! Congrats!
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hello im so glad you posted i go to him in 15 days i cant wait
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you look wonderful, i love your results=)
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Hi there, your results look amazing, I have been going back and forth on this procedure for a year now and I ready so many mixed reviews mostly happy with immediate results but no real long term updates...I thank you for coming back after some time and posting your feedback. I read somewhere in your thread that the actual doctor who perfor your BBL was not DR Careaga. Is this true, was it someone else?...I apologize if you already answered these questions below the thread is pretty long haha...how long before you flew/returned to work?...how long before you were able to sit?...any tips on which hotels to stay?..also did you do massages right after the surgery..thank you so much for taking your time to reply ;)))
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Was your sugery really only 4000? Was everything included? I have been looking for months and the only othet places that have prices that low are out of country and air fare is expensive. Did u have any discounts or anything?
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@beauti1992, I am sure everything was included. That place is normally cheap. Just had my revision done few days ago too. But you will be fine
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That price didn't include the meds and the garment
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yea my price without meds garment and messagees is 3700 with its about 4200-4300
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You look great!!! I was reading your post and I got confused on who you actual doctor was ?
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Nice Body. It looks good
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You look great! I'm going Monday for lipo & BBL. What advice could you offer about the 'no sitting law'? Lol. I know it is recommended not to sit for 2-3 weeks. Did you follow this strictly? What techniques did you use? Thanks :-)
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Did you use arnica and bromelain
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Your results look great I feel better about my surgery thanks for being so positive it helped my spirits
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wow 9 months later awesooome, cant wait till I reach 9months
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You look great!
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thank you
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I know ur tired or hearing this but 250 cc made a huge diff. I'm also 5"0 but weigh 140 I'm thinking of 900 cc... I'm happy to see ur results since we r the same height frame so I have an idea of whT to expect..

I was wondering what size garment are u wearing In the pic? And is that one from the doctor or one u purchased? If you purchased it. Where did u buy?
Thanks in advance
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thanks, i had on a small at that time and i wore a xs after the swelling went down. i bought it from the doctors office for $120 each
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These docs kill me trying to rush you into a commitment... that is a complete turn off. You are not spending a few hundred dollars... you are spending thousands and these docs need to ease up and allow their patients to make informed and educated decisions.
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