Surgery today to drain infection

I've had 3 kids and ready to get my body to look...

I've had 3 kids and ready to get my body to look they way I've always wanted it to look. I live in Michigan but I'm only interested in Dr. Salama or Dr. Mendieta in Miami, FL. Their work on the Brazillian Butt Lift is beautiful! If there is anyone scheduled with Dr. Salama that would like to push their surgery to a later date please let me know. Due to my work schedule and my kids, the best time for me to do this surgery would be in March or April of 2013. I currently have an October date on hold with Dr. Salama. Thinking of going with Dr. Mendieta if nothing becomes available since Dr. Mendieta has more availbility. Does anyone prefer one over the other?

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Ok so I booked Dr. Ghurani. Dr. Mendieta was...

Ok so I booked Dr. Ghurani. Dr. Mendieta was charging me over 10k and Dr. Salama couldn't schedule me until November. I heard really positive things from Dr. Salamas office on Dr. Ghurani. Has anyone used him? Do you have any pics?? I'll post my before pics before the weekend! Can't wait. April 4th is te big date!! Just would love some feedback on Dr. Ghurani and if he's as good as Dr. Salama....


I am also considering him so please keep us posted. I also would prefer not to wait until nov for Dr Salama. Best wishes!
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No but I'm strongly considering booking him late April so please keep me posted
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Have you had consultations with both doctors?

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18 more days for my BBL with Dr. Ghurani!!! I'm so...

18 more days for my BBL with Dr. Ghurani!!! I'm so excited!!! Just got all of my blood work done. Trying to lose a few more pounds before surgery. I was really nervous at first but I've been hearing great things about him and Nancy in his office has been AMAZING!!! So excited!!!


Almost your time! Good luck
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I know I'm so excited!!! 14 days!!!
When are you thinking about booking him. I'm experience with their office has been great so far!

So it's exactly 2 weeks away. I'm really excited...

So it's exactly 2 weeks away. I'm really excited and Dr. Ghurani's staff has been amazing! Special shout out to Nancy!!! So for any of you girls that have already had your BBL do u have any advice for me? What about anyone that went to Dr. Ghurani ??


Hi love. Ive been on Realself snooping reading looking and Dr Ghurani does a helluva job!! He is giving Dr salama a run for this $$$$ haha .. The projection he gives is ridonkulous !! Search his reviews on here you'll like what u see. Bigbutiez is one of my fav bbl transformations thus far. Part one of her journey: Part Two: Good luck!! & Take care
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Wow! I can't believe it!!! 11 more days!! I'm...

Wow! I can't believe it!!! 11 more days!! I'm so excited! If anyone has any helpful tips please let me know. I'm reading up on these massages and it sounds like I should have one before surgery and more than just the 2 that are included after the surgery. Is a deep tissue massage close enough? And are they supposed to massage the stomach too? I always get massages but never on my stomach. Just wondering since they will be taking fat from there.


Great questions about the massages. Wish I knew too. Lol... Oh & good luck! I will be following your progress.
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6 days left!!! I can't wait!!! I'm so excited!!! I...

6 days left!!! I can't wait!!! I'm so excited!!! I checked with Dr. Ghurani's office and they have everything they need so far except for one more test from my doctors office. Apparently my doctors office decided not to do a urine test even though they asked me to leave a sample. Seriously, the staff at my primary physicians office has to b dumb!!! Who does that??? Ya, leave your urine so we can just sit down and look at it. I have to go back tomorrow to do it again. Oh well! I'm excited regardless. I hope pain will be at a minimum. I would love to be able to walk around the resort while I'm in Miami. It'll suck if I'm in the room the whole time! Oye! Will the pain mainly be from around my torso or from my ass???


The pain will mainly be around ur tummy and lower back where they lipo!
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Aye!!! Ok! I hope I'll have the strength to at least walk around like a normal person. I can't handle being in the room all day ;-(
It depends on ur pain tolerance lol I stayed in the hotel room the whole time

Ok I'm really excited about my BBL on Thursday but...

Ok I'm really excited about my BBL on Thursday but I'm starting to get a little scared. I have 3 kids and I'm just starting to get a little paranoid. I'm sure the surgery will go smoothly but I can't help that I'm starting to get a little scared. How do you guys feel about the surgery happening in a doctors approved medical facility over an actual hospital? Is it just my paranoid mommy nerves coming in? Looking for some reassurance I guess...


Good luck girl. I will have mine April 15 with Salama so please post pictures OK.
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Yes! I will for sure post after pictures. I have really relied and appreciated everyone's photos. It helps make the decision. I will for sure be posting mine!!!
Good luck Hun:))
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The time has come! Tomorrow morning it is!!! I...

The time has come! Tomorrow morning it is!!! I took some more before pics. Will post all tmrw!!!


JAngel Praying for you Girl hope surgery went well ,cant wait to see your results :)
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Good luck!! Everything will turn out fine I will have you in my prayers and I know how you're feeling I have children also I'm sure everything will turn out just fine :) good luck and can't wait to see your results
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Thanks you so much. Dr. G reassured me yesterday and made it clear my safety was his number 1 priority. He was very serious when discussing my safety and it was nice to hear that. Helped make me feel better. He did say though that I'm gonna feel like crap for a few days. Lol

24hours post op. Give me until Monday to post some...

24hours post op. Give me until Monday to post some pics. Happy to say I made it out safe. But in a lot of pain. Keep you posted BBL sisters!!! I will tell u all this. Dr. Ghurani is the best surgeon I could have ever asked for. He's called to check up on me and I have his cell number in case I have any questions. He is number 1 in my book!!!


Just joined RS and looking forward in seeing your results. I know he hooked you up. #TeamGhurani
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wishing u a speedy recovery god bless u hun
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Thanks Joselyn! Just dealing with the first few days right now. I'm going for my first massage on Monday. I hope to post some pics then. My butt is in so much pain right now!!!

So I took a few pics today but will add more tmrw...

So I took a few pics today but will add more tmrw after my first massage. I'm 3 days post op. I feel great but my ass is in a whole lot of pain!!! Dr. G is the best most sincere caring and talented doctor I could have ever asked for. So blessed to have had him to my BBL.

As of right now my butt is huge. It's swollen like hell. I'm sure it's going to go down. Hopefully sooner than later. It's also as hard as a rock! The first thing I noticed is the dropped waistline. When did u girls start noticing a difference in your butt going down?


Your butt is talking :)
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Hey im glad everything went well hun in happy for u lookin great!
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You loooook sooooo great congrats you gotta a fatty girl fatty girl
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Lovin my results!!! Yay!!! I will b 8 days post op...

Lovin my results!!! Yay!!! I will b 8 days post op tmrw. I'm getting my drain removed by my OBGYN. He is so cooperative. My Primary Physician sucks! I just have to schedule my next massage. Kind of upset though. I was scheduled for my 2nd massage at the office on Tuesday and never got it. I waited for an hour and left. Noone even followed up with me. Was kind if surprised by that to b honest. Other than that everything has been great and Ghurani is heaven sent! Love him!!! I wish he could be my doctor for everything lol!


Nevermind. I see it.
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What's your pre op weight/height?
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Wrk that dress girl you lil hottie with a body :)
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Has anyone had any burning sensations on their...

Has anyone had any burning sensations on their butt? All of my pain bad been on my butt. I looked at it today and there is a round spot on each side that is red and it has a burning sensation. I was going to put Neosporin on it but wanted to see if any of u girls have experienced this too...


Not me just shooting pain out of no where, other than that how have u been ?
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You look great! How much did weigh post op? How many ccs did you get in each?
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Hi mltbrazillian! I actually gained 15 lbs before surgery. Not on purpose. I weighed 168. I'm 10 days post op now and I weigh 165 and I have a ton of swelling everywhere still. I hard 1000cc's in each cheek. Plus I already had a booty to begin with so now it's just way bigger! Lol!

So i havent had the energy to post or reapond to...

So i havent had the energy to post or reapond to comments because of whats happened to me thjs week. My biggest dilemma since day 1 has been the burning sensation on my butt. Imagine sitting on a hot stove. That's what it felt like. I started to put Neosporin on it and then I bought Arinka lotion and have been using that for the last few days. I highly recommend the Arinka lotion and pills for EVERYONE. It was able to give me an immediate relief for burning. I was getting worried because at 2 weeks post op I still walked like a penguin and couldn't get around much. Then really weird... What happened to me???? I woke up Saturday morning with my sheets soaked. I had a big red bump on my left butt cheek that was extremely burning me. Apparently it burst and I was leaking everywhere. It is Sunday and hasn't stopped. Thank God for Dr. Ghurani being as available as he is for his patients. He has such a quick and immediate response. I would have been lost if it wasn't for the way he has been helping me in this situation. He said that some of the fat gathered to close to the surface of the skin and anything draining is what I would have lost. It won't cause any change to the shape. Thank goodness cuz I love how he shaped me. He contacted my pharmacy for antibiotics. I'll be taking those for 10 days. I'm feeling a little better but when I stand or walk the break in the skin burns!!! It's easier to lay down but the leaking gets uncomfortable. Looking forward to see some improvements this coming week.


Good luck feel better
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I hope you've gotten better since your eruption! On the other hand, your results are amazing...please keep us updated!
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Hey girlie, how ya doing?
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I'm sorry for not posting anything in awhile or...

I'm sorry for not posting anything in awhile or for not responding to everyone's messages. Unfortunately, I have been in the hospital for the last 7 days and I'm not leaving anytime soon. In my last post I talked about the burning sensation I was experiencing and an infection I ended up getting. I wasn't getting any better and Dr. Ghurani said I had to go to the ER. Unfortantely, I don't live in Miami so I couldn't go to see him. Instead I've been in the hospital for a week and I'm not leaving anytime soon. They were able to determine some kind of bacteria that was found in both butt cheeks. Now both are being drained to remove the infection. This has been a very painful roller coaster ride for me both physically, emotinally, and mentally. I'm not trying to scare anyone from doing this surgery. I was really excited about having the surgery done but it looks like I just had some bad luck that came with it. Luckily, yesterday I was told I don't need another surgery to have to drain the infection. They are monitoring it daily and keeping me on strong antibiotics thru the IV. The pain is becoming more manageable and goodness knows the pain meds have been helpful.

I'm just really tired right now, I'm sad, and very emotional. Dr. Ghurani said this won't effect the overall shape of my butt. I hope it doesn't, but most of all I just want to come out of this healthy. I'm glad the infection didn't spread and that it was just in my butt. I just with my experience could have been different. I kept noticing a lot of girls on here talking about being back to normal after 2 or 3 weeks and back to work. Whereas for myself, I still have a hard time walking and i'm 3 1/2 weeks post OP. I just want to make sure that anyone getting this surgery pays attention to all the caution signs. If there is any redness make sure you contact your Doctor. If the pain and burning feels at an excess or if you are not getting better, contact your doctor. Even though Dr. Ghurani is not local he has been in contact with me everyday and has been talking to the doctors caring for me at the hospital I'm staying at. He's been very concerned and positive. I really needed that especially at points where I started falling apart. I'm not sure when I will be out of the hospital but when I do I'm going to take some more after pics. I'm hoping it will still look as good as before. We will see. This is has been a very tough ride for me.


Hello, girl. How you been doing.
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WOW!! i cant imagine how you feel but thank god you are getting better amd i hope this doesnt mess with your shape either!! stay positive :)
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Thank you :) Dr. Ghurani is confident that the shape will be fine. We'll have a better idea once the draining from my the infection has stopped. He's been amazing thru this whole experience.

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. I'm...

I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. I'm taking antibiotics by mouth now to help clear the infection. Dr. G also gave me great advice and had me talk to the hospital about have a Home Care Nurse come to my house everyday so that she can pack the wounds I'm draining from. I'm starting to feel better and walking around more. The hardest part is the draining. It is just so uncomfortable. Especially since we don't know when the draining will stop. Luckily however it is starting to slow down. I also want to let everyone know that this is the 2nd time I've had plastic surgery. The first time I had little to no follow-up from my plastic surgeon. He didn't care about how my results were going to turn out or what my experience was like. My experience with Dr. G has been completely different. I thought to myself today and I wondered how much worse things could have been for me if I experienced this with my previous surgeon. He would not have given me the same care that Dr. Ghuarni did. My previous surgeon never contacted me once for a follup and he is 2 miles away from me while Dr. G is out of state. Please keep this in mind when selecting your physician. Ask others that have gotten surgery about follow up care after their sx. If follow-up care was at a minimum then I would think twice about booking that surgeon. Im very thankful for Dr. G and everything he's done for me thru all of this.


Congrats on getting home you look great dr. G did a good job just start your after care regimen when you can you will be fine
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Hi hun u look great an ur butt i must say u r rite BAM...flont dat booty whn u gt well cnt wait for my sx. UNO THE SAYIN BEAUTY IS PAIN!! BTW I LOVE THAT DRESS!
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I'm so sorry to hear you went through all that. Having surgery should be something we do and then come out loving our results and recovering with no issues. But sometimes thing can get a bit complicated... Thank you for posting your story and sharing not Just the good but the bad too. I hope you are feeling better and recovering as we speak. I will keep you in my prayers and send get well wishes your way. Take it easy take care and happy to know Dr. Ghurani was there when you needed even being so far... God bless sweetie ;)
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So here is the update on my condition. The...

So here is the update on my condition. The infection is Celulitus. I was told it is common but the way I got the infection is very rare. Apparently the bacteria is from an ingrown hair. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said the infection isn't looking better so they are going to operate on me today. They are going to put in 1-2 drainage tubes on each side to help drain the infection. I may have the drains in 5-10 days. At that point I pray to God that they will tell me the infection is gone and that my body can start to heal. I just want my life back. I can't believe I need surgery again and I'm getting drains put back in. The happiest day I had was getting them out. I guess I have no choice but to suck it up, stop crying, and start to fight this thing. Here we go...!


hope you're feeling better!
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How is everything?I pray you are healing well.
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Hope all is going good with you Hun! Praying that you get better!
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Update on Infection - 2 months post op

It's been awhile since I've been able to update my posts. I have hesitated because I know most people log in here and are looking for really positive experiences. I feel bad because I don't want my negative experience to ruin everyone's excitement for their BBL procedure. I will say this, I wish I did not have this procedure done. Even if I had the perfect look and shape, not a bit of it is worth the suffering my family and I have had to go thru because of this infection. I had my original procedure on April 4th, and this past Friday I had to have a 2nd operation to drain out the infection. This doesn't include the 2 other procedures I had to have to help drain the infection. After my BBL procedure I had a 2nd operation where I had to wear 2 drains again for a week. The infection still isn't gone and now I am wearing a drain again for another week. I'm hoping this is the last of it. I apologize to everyone that has been messaging me and I haven't been able to respond. I'm trying hard to be strong but this infection has really taken over my life. I've been laying down for over 2 months because of the pain. I really hope this last operation is the last one I'm going to need. We'll know in a couple of weeks as long as the draining stops. So again, sorry for not responding to everyone. I've just been going thru a lot. It's been a horrible experience.


Lady, how are things going with you? Are you ok? Just read your entire story and I'm so shocked. I cannot believe an ingrown would do such horrible thing. Please keep us update. Realself is meant to be to know the good, the bad and the ugly. I am going with Ghurani this December, and I want to know for sure the bad and ugly side of this procedure. Sending you tons of love and hoping you recovered through this long ago
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How r u feeling?
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I will keep you in my prayers
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Dr. Ghurani

Dr. Salama had to long of a wait to schedule a surgery. His office recommended Dr. Ghurani and stated that Dr. Ghurani has been in practice longer but Dr. Salama has taught him his technique.

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