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I have 2 kids, i am 35 years old 5'6 143 pounds. I...

I have 2 kids, i am 35 years old 5'6 143 pounds. I lost about 30 pounds along with my butt which is why I struggle with my weight, wanting to be lean but also wanting some booty!! About 3 years ago I start thinking about having the bbl done and in July of 2012 I decided I was going to do it and began my research. I have a consultation with doctor patzmino and doctor salama next month and I am super excited to be starting this journey. If there is anyone on here that had the bbl done by Dr. Patzmino or Dr. Salama please share your before and after pics with me.

Hi ther, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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Okay so I have seen both Doctors and I am most...

Okay so I have seen both Doctors and I am most impress with Doctor Salama, let me start my saying I did not like that they were over booked, my appointment was 12:30 and I wasn't seen until 2:40, however I loved how he took his time with me and was very informative and meticulous although he had sooo many ladies waiting to be seen. He appeared to be very knowledgeable and experienced with the bbl not to mention there were several ladies there who had there surgery within the past 5 days and they all look awesome which is why I patiently waited to be seen. I also really like Nancy, she has a great personality and was very helpful. From all the research I’ve done Doctor Salama was the one I felt would get the results I desire, after having consultations with others I feel completely confident that he’s the one.
Also two months ago when I became absolutely sure I want to have the surgery I began gaining weight because I knew I was too small, I went from 140 to 147 (I’m 5’7 not 5'6) and I felt confident that would be enough, well during my visit with Dr. Salama he informed me that I needed to gain 10 to 15 pounds….. I’m like what?!? You don’t see all the back and belly fat… lol Idk if I can do that by April 4th, it took me two months to gain 7 pounds, he said he like to use more than enough because some of the fat will not survive. I have posted my before pictures me @147 and a edit version using an app of what I may look like…lol although I didn’t do a good editing job.
Good luck boo...ill be following your journey
Thanks.... i haven't been on here in a while..... my surgery date is October, 23, 2014!!
Lol... I look a little crazy too.. Glade you found the app

Surgery getting close..... yay!!

My pre-op appt is 10/22/14 and my surgery date is 10/23/14. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. My medical clearance appt. is today and I’m hoping everything go well with that. I would be so disappointed if it didn’t : - (( .
Best wishes on your surgery see you on the big booty side. I'm going back tomorrow....omg it just got real.
***Best Wishes on Your Sugery*** #TeamSalama YAY LOL....I was at first really thinking about the recovery house now I don't know. I'm hearing some negative and my husband might stay in a hotel as well.....that's a good idea. $1800.00 is a lot of money not knowing for sure if your going to be truly comfortable.
I have my surgery a few days after you on the 27th, are u staying at the recovery house?

My weight though!!

When I decided to have a bbl I weighed 140 pounds and I'm 5'7 not 5'6 Dr. Salama told me to gain about 15 pounds which I did without working out and I looked a hott mess.. I felt I was too big... I see some ppl get it done and still have too much upper body fat left so I started working out again and got too small..... Then I decided to only do cardio twice a week for only 20 minutes and strength train 4 time a week... Which seems to be working... Allowing me to carry fat in all the lipo areas while keeping everything else toned..... Whew!!! Lol! And some days I still feel too fat and some days I feel too small.... The struggle is real... Lol.
I'm going to post my pre pics and measurements Saturday the 18th four days before my sx.
Lol oh, so hes a man haha.. I hear you, im sure he will take great care of you though considering the cirumstances... Not to mention the outcome benefits him just as much lol
Lol... RIGHT!!

Pre-Op Pics 5 days before surgery

Hello ladies... wanted to share my before pictures and measurements.

Height 5'7
Weight 154
Bust 36
Upper waist 29
Waist 34
Hips 41.5
Butt 42

Everything is done..... I'm just patiently waiting on the 23rd.

Pre-op Appointment

Just left Dr Salama office and he said he wants to lipo my inner thighs because I may not have enough fat..... The one good thing about it is I don't have to worry about him getting carried away and giving me a butt that's too big... I want it to be big enough to be seen but small enough to look natural. Anyway I'm scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30, we're prayed up, packed and ready to go.
Praying for u
Good luck hun!!

Surgery went well

Got out of surgery around 12ish. .. feeling good... just a Lil discomfort when lying on my sides. The hubby is doing an amazing job at taking care of me.... I truly hope this ass get smaller because it's too much for me right now... I know it's swollen and all.... so I'm hopeful ... I will post pics later.... thanks guys for your prayers I truly appreciate it...TTYL.
Happy Healing!!
Im glad hubby is steppin up his nurturing game as promised ;) ... Good luck healing!
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